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Pattern of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) pollution in communication air of Hangzhou, China
  WANG Jing,ZHU Li-zhong,LIU Yong-jian
  2002,14(2):145-150 [Abstract(2265)]  [View PDF]
Prediction of liquid chromatography retention factors for α-branched phenylsulfonyl acetates using quantum chemical descriptors
  LIU Xin-hui,WU Chun-de,HAN Shuo-kui,WANG Lian-sheng
  2002,14(2):151-155 [Abstract(1962)]  [View PDF]
Mesoscale meteorological modelling for Hong Kong-application of the MC2 model
  Dennis Y.C. Leung,Michal Niewiadomski,Robert Benoit
  2002,14(2):156-164 [Abstract(2004)]  [View PDF]
Quantification of the effects of management factors on maize(Zea mays L. ) and cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) residues decomposition rate
  JONES Chilima,HUANG Chang-yong,WU Ci-fang
  2002,14(2):165-172 [Abstract(1960)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption of chloroacetanilide herbicides on soil and its components Ⅲ. Influence of clay acidity, humic acid coating and herbicide structure on acetanilide herbicide adsorption on homoionic clays
  LIU Wei-ping,FANG Zhuo,LIU Hui-jun,YANG Wei-chun
  2002,14(2):173-180 [Abstract(1980)]  [View PDF]
Remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with membrane separation techniques
  ZHANG Lin,WENG Huan-xin,GAO Cong-jie,CHEN Huan-lin
  2002,14(2):181-187 [Abstract(2596)]  [View PDF]
Effects of common inorganic anions on the rates of photocatalytic degradation of sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate over illuminated titanium dioxide
  XIA Xing-hui,XU Jia-lin,YUN Ying
  2002,14(2):188-194 [Abstract(2113)]  [View PDF]
Description of adsorption of hydrophobic organic compounds on sediment using multi-component adsorption model
  QUAN Xie,LIU Zhen-yu,XUE Da-ming,ZHAO Ya-zhi,YANG Feng-lin
  2002,14(2):195-203 [Abstract(1942)]  [View PDF]
A novel technology for quick acclimation of an anaerobic microbial consortia used for biodegrading teraphthalic acid(TA)
  LI Xiao-ming,ZENG Guang-ming,CHEN Jian,LUN Shi-yi
  2002,14(2):204-209 [Abstract(1945)]  [View PDF]
Pulse cleaning flow models and numerical computation of candle ceramic filters
  TIAN Gui-shan,MA Zhen-ji,ZHANG Xin-yi1,XU Ting-xiang
  2002,14(2):210-215 [Abstract(2071)]  [View PDF]
Joint enhancement of lead accumulation in Brassica plants by EDTA and ammonium sulfate in sand culture
  XIONG Zhi-ting,LU Ping
  2002,14(2):216-220 [Abstract(1841)]  [View PDF]
Morphometric relationships and reproductive maturation of the mudskipper, Periophthalmus barbarus from subsistence catches in the mangrove swamps of IMO estuary, Nigeria
  2002,14(2):221-226 [Abstract(2390)]  [View PDF]
Effects of acid deposition on terrestrial ecosystems and their rehabilitation strategies in China
  FENG Zong-wei,MIAO Hong,ZHANG Fu-zhu,HUANG Yi-zong
  2002,14(2):227-233 [Abstract(2070)]  [View PDF]
Ecological and environmental water demand of the lakes in the Haihe-Luanhe Basin of North China
  LIU Jing-ling,YANG Zhi-feng
  2002,14(2):234-238 [Abstract(1901)]  [View PDF]
Numerical model of compressible gas flow in soil pollution control
  CHEN Jia-jun,WANG Hong-qi,ZHANG Zheng
  2002,14(2):239-244 [Abstract(2274)]  [View PDF]
Addition of anaerobic tanks to an oxidation ditch system to enhance removal of phosphorus from wastewater
  LIU Jun-xin,J.W. van Groenestijn,H.J. Doddema,WANG Bao-zhen
  2002,14(2):245-249 [Abstract(2038)]  [View PDF]
Start- up strategies of UASB reactor for treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater
  ZHENG Ping,HU Bao-lan
  2002,14(2):250-254 [Abstract(1848)]  [View PDF]
History, development and characteristics of lake ecological models
  XU Fu-liu,TAO Shu,Richard W. Dawson,LU Xiao-yan
  2002,14(2):255-263 [Abstract(2092)]  [View PDF]
Composting MSW and sewage sludge with effective complex microorganisms
  XI Bei-dou,LIU Hong-liang,ZENG Guang-ming,HUANG Guo-he,BAI Qing-zhong
  2002,14(2):264-268 [Abstract(2022)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption-desorption behavior of acetochlor to soils in the presence of some environmental substances
  YE Chang-ming,LEI Zhi-fang
  2002,14(2):269-276 [Abstract(1876)]  [View PDF]
Response of photosynthesis, morphology and growth of Hedysarum mongolicum seedlings to simulated precipitation change in Maowusu sandland
  XIAO Chun-wang,JIA Fu-ping,ZHOU Guang-sheng,JIANG Yan-ling
  2002,14(2):277-283 [Abstract(1793)]  [View PDF]
Environmental benefits of underground coal gasification
  LIU Shu-qin,LIU Jun-hua,YU LI
  2002,14(2):284-288 [Abstract(2025)]  [View PDF]

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