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Production of laccase by Coriolus versicolor and its application in decolorization of dyestuffs : (Ⅰ) Production of laccase by batch and repeated-batch processes
  LIN Jian-ping,LIAN Wei,XIA Li-ming,CEN Pei-lin
  2003,15(1):1-4 [Abstract(1912)]  [View PDF]
Production of laccase by Coriolus versicolor and its application in decolorization of dyestuffs: (Ⅱ) Decolorization of dyes by laccase containing fermentation broth with or without self-immobilized mycelia
  LIN Jian-ping,LIAN Wei,XIA Li-ming,CEN Pei-lin
  2003,15(1):5-8 [Abstract(2103)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metals in oysters, mussels and clams collected from coastal sites along the Pearl River Delta, South China
  FANG Zhan-qiang,CHEUNG R. Y. H.,WONG M. H.
  2003,15(1):9-24 [Abstract(2919)]  [View PDF]
Optimum operation conditions of nitrogen and phosphorus removal by a biofilm-activated-sludge system
  LIU Jun-xin,J.W. van Groenestijn
  2003,15(1):25-30 [Abstract(2259)]  [View PDF]
Numerical modeling method on the movement of water flow and suspended solids in two-dimensional sedimentation tanks in the wastewater treatment plant
  ZENG Guang-ming,JIANG Yi-min,QIN Xiao-sheng,HUANG Guo-he,LI Jian-bing
  2003,15(1):31-37 [Abstract(1974)]  [View PDF]
Micronutrient dynamics in some wetland soils of south-eastern Nigeria
  Aniefiokmkpong O. Okon,Emem Antia-Obong
  2003,15(1):38-42 [Abstract(2118)]  [View PDF]
Prediction of the amount of urban waste solids by applying a gray theoretical model
  LI Xiao-ming,WANG Ming,ZENG Guang-ming,LIU Jin-jin
  2003,15(1):43-46 [Abstract(2178)]  [View PDF]
Response of antioxidase in viscera of Pagrosuma Major larvae to water soluble fraction of hydrocarbons in No.0 diesel oil
  YU Qun,ZHENG Wei-yun,WENG Yan,WANG Chong-gang,CHEN Rong
  2003,15(1):47-54 [Abstract(2000)]  [View PDF]
Reaction mechanism of 3-chlorophenol with OH, H in aqueous solution
  ZHU Jie,CHEN Ye-fei,DONG Wen-bo,PAN Xun-xi,HOU Hui-qi
  2003,15(1):55-59 [Abstract(2044)]  [View PDF]
Electrically enhanced photodegradation of an azodye(Acid Orange Ⅱ) using a Pt/TiO2 film electrode irradiating with an UV lamp
  SU Jing,QUAN Xie,CHEN Shuo,ZHAO Ya-zhi,CHEN Guo-hua
  2003,15(1):60-64 [Abstract(2096)]  [View PDF]
Comparison of the thermal properties of clay samples as potential walling material for naturally cooled building design
  2003,15(1):65-68 [Abstract(1892)]  [View PDF]
Electrokinetic characteristic and coagulation behavior of flocculant polyaluminum silicate chloride (PASiC)
  YUE Qin-yan,GAO Bao-yu,WANG Bing-jian
  2003,15(1):69-74 [Abstract(1943)]  [View PDF]
Treatment and utilization of septic tank effluent using vertical-flow constructed wetlands and vegetable hydroponics
  CUI Li-hua,LUO Shi-ming,ZHU Xi-zhen,LIU Ying-hu
  2003,15(1):75-82 [Abstract(2250)]  [View PDF]
TiO2/beads as a photocatalyst for the degradation of X3B azo dye
  CHEN Shi-fu,CAO Geng-yu
  2003,15(1):83-87 [Abstract(1968)]  [View PDF]
QSBR study of substituted phenols and benzoic acids
  LU Guang-hua,WANG Chao,YUAN Xingx,ZHAO Yuan-hui
  2003,15(1):88-91 [Abstract(1958)]  [View PDF]
Desulfurizing absorbent for flue gas and its absorption mechanism
  LI Hua,CHEN Wan-ren,LIU Da-zhuang
  2003,15(1):92-96 [Abstract(1939)]  [View PDF]
Study on an environmental-friendly and high-efficient fuel cell energy conversion system
  YU Li-jun,CAO Guang-yi,ZHU Xin-jian,JIANG An-zhong,TIAN Zi-ping
  2003,15(1):97-101 [Abstract(2349)]  [View PDF]
Removal of lead from aqueous solutions by condensed tannin gel adsorbent
  ZHAN Xin-min,ZHAO Xuan,Akane Miyazaki,Yoshio Nakano
  2003,15(1):102-106 [Abstract(2078)]  [View PDF]
Capacity and degree of iodine absorbed and enriched by vegetable from soil
  WENG Huan-xin,WENG Jing-ke,YONG Wen-bin,SUN Xiang-wu,ZHONG Hang
  2003,15(1):107-111 [Abstract(2292)]  [View PDF]
Relation between some variations of soil and surface vegetation and desertization in agriculture-pasture interlacing zone--An example from Kangbao County, North Hebei, China
  SHENG Xue-bing,LIU Yun-xia,SUN Jian-zhong
  2003,15(1):112-115 [Abstract(2112)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metals in surface sediments from Minjiang Estuary-Mazu and Xiamen-Jinmen sea areas
  HONG Li-yu,HONG Hua-sheng,CHEN Wei-qi,WANG Xin-hong,ZHANG Luo-ping
  2003,15(1):116-122 [Abstract(2187)]  [View PDF]
Experimental and mechanism studies on seawater flue gas desulfurization
  ZHAO Yi,MA Shuang-chen,WANG Xiao-ming,ZHANG Qing
  2003,15(1):123-128 [Abstract(2199)]  [View PDF]
Cleaner production for continuous digester processes based on hybrid Pareto genetic algorithm
  JIN Fu-jiang,WANG Hui,LI Ping
  2003,15(1):129-135 [Abstract(2120)]  [View PDF]
Modeling of residual chlorine in water distribution system
  LI Xin,GU Da-ming,QI Jing-yao,M. Ukita,ZHAO Hong-bin
  2003,15(1):136-144 [Abstract(2526)]  [View PDF]

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