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Hydrological adjustment and flooding control of wetlands in the Liaohe Delta
  XIAO Du-ning,WANG Xian-li,LI Xiu-zhen,PEI Tie-fan,ZHAO Yi
  2003,15(2):146-151 [Abstract(2005)]  [View PDF]
Natural and artificial landscape change in a Dutch Estuary:Partially monitored with low budget method (a study in the fourth dimension)
  Isaak Zonneveld
  2003,15(2):152-154 [Abstract(1931)]  [View PDF]
Roles of urban vegetation on balance of carbon and oxygen in Guangzhou, China
  GUAN Dong-sheng,CHEN Yu-juan
  2003,15(2):155-159 [Abstract(2130)]  [View PDF]
River system in Japan from a landscape ecological aspect
  Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI,Masahito INOUEx
  2003,15(2):160-166 [Abstract(1967)]  [View PDF]
Comparing the soil quality changes of different land uses determined by two quantitative methods
  FU Bo-jie,LIU Shi-liang,LU Yi-he,CHEN Li-ding,MA Ke-ming,LIU Guo-hua
  2003,15(2):167-172 [Abstract(2104)]  [View PDF]
Ecological networks and greenways in Europe: reasoning and concepts
  Rob H.G.Jongman
  2003,15(2):173-181 [Abstract(1987)]  [View PDF]
Detecting forest landscape boundary between Mountain Birch and evergreen coniferous forest in the northern slope of Changbai Mountain
  CHANG Yu,BU Ren-cang,HU Yuan-man,XU Chong-gang,WANG Qing-li
  2003,15(2):182-186 [Abstract(1968)]  [View PDF]
Multifunctional landscapes--perspectives for the future
  Jesper Brandt
  2003,15(2):187-192 [Abstract(2013)]  [View PDF]
Study on the oasis corridor landscape in the arid regions based on RS and GIS methods--application of Jinta Oasis, China
  MA Ming-guo,WANG Xue-mei,CHENG Guo-dong
  2003,15(2):193-198 [Abstract(1896)]  [View PDF]
Landscape pattern and its effect on ecosystem functions in Seoul Metropolitan area: Urban ecology on distribution of the naturalized plant species
  Sun-Kee Hong,In-Ju Song,Hyun-Ok Kim,Eung-Kyong Lee
  2003,15(2):199-204 [Abstract(2401)]  [View PDF]
The impact of urban planning on land use and land cover in Pudong of Shanghai, China
  ZHAO Bin,Nobukazu Nakagoshi,CHEN Jia-kuan,KONG Ling-yi
  2003,15(2):205-214 [Abstract(2210)]  [View PDF]
Analysis on sensitivity and landscape ecological spatial structure of site resources
  LI Zhen,HE Fang,WU Qiao-jun,TAO Wei
  2003,15(2):215-221 [Abstract(2092)]  [View PDF]
Landscape dynamitic change in Mu Us Desert derived from landsat TM data
  GUAN Yan-ning,GUO Shan,XUE Yong,LI Rui,YANG Qin-ke
  2003,15(2):222-226 [Abstract(2061)]  [View PDF]
Spatial analysis of plant detritus processing in a Mediterranean River type: the case of the River Tirso Basin, Sardinia, Italy
  Maurizio Pinna,Franca Sangiorgio,Alessio Fonnesu,Alberto Basset
  2003,15(2):227-240 [Abstract(1928)]  [View PDF]
Landscape structure and bird's diversity in the rural areas of Taiwan
  2003,15(2):241-248 [Abstract(1887)]  [View PDF]
The effects of drainage basin geomorphometry on minimum low flow discharge: the study of small watershed in Kelang River Valley in Peninsular Malaysia
  Ahmad Jailani Muhamed Yunus,Nobukazu Nakagoshi,Khairulmaini Osman Salleh
  2003,15(2):249-262 [Abstract(2133)]  [View PDF]
The effects of land use and its patterns on soil properties in a small catchment of the Loess Plateau
  WANG Jun,FU Bo-jie,QIU Yang,CHEN Li-ding
  2003,15(2):263-266 [Abstract(2489)]  [View PDF]
Fragmented forest in tropical landscape--the case of the State of Selangor, Malaysia
  Saiful Arif Abdullah
  2003,15(2):267-270 [Abstract(2496)]  [View PDF]
Landscape ecological assessment and eco-tourism development in the South Dongting Lake Wetland, China
  HE Ping,WANG Bao-zhong
  2003,15(2):271-278 [Abstract(2113)]  [View PDF]
Hydrological setting of infertile species-rich wetland--a case study in the warm temperate Japan
  2003,15(2):279-283 [Abstract(2181)]  [View PDF]
Conservation for the landscape ecological diversity in Wulingyuan scenic area of China
  YAN Fu
  2003,15(2):284-288 [Abstract(2229)]  [View PDF]

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