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Propane oxidation and steam reforming over Pd/LaFe0.8Co0.2O3 catalyst: effects of the reactant composition and steam
  ZHOU Ke-bin,CHEN Hong-de,TIAN Qun,SHEN Di-xin,XU Xiao-bai
  2003,15(3):289-295 [Abstract(1841)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradability of terephthalic acid in terylene artificial silk printing and dyeing wastewater
  GUAN Bao-hong,WU Zhong-biao,WU Zu-ceng,XU Gen-liang,TAN Tia-nen
  2003,15(3):296-301 [Abstract(2332)]  [View PDF]
Phytoremediation and its models for organic contaminated soils
  GAO Yan-zheng,ZHU Li-zhong
  2003,15(3):302-310 [Abstract(1870)]  [View PDF]
Preparation of TiO2/Ti mesh photoelectrode and properties
  LIU Hui-ling,ZHOU Ding,LI Xiang-zhong,YUE Ping-tao,LI Xuan-dong
  2003,15(3):311-314 [Abstract(1946)]  [View PDF]
Conversion of organic carbon in the decomposable organic wastes in anaerobic lysimeters under different temperatures
  ZHAO You-cai,WANG Luo-chun
  2003,15(3):315-322 [Abstract(1747)]  [View PDF]
Colour and organic removal of biologically treated coffee curing wastewater by electrochemical oxidation method
  Rajesh S. Bejankiwar,K.S. Lokesh,T.P. Halappa Gowda
  2003,15(3):323-327 [Abstract(2088)]  [View PDF]
Uptake of copper ion by activated sludge and its bacterial community variation analyzed by 16S rDNA
  XIE Bing,KANG Kyoung-Soon
  2003,15(3):328-333 [Abstract(1834)]  [View PDF]
Micro-electrolysis technology for industrial wastewater treatment
  JIN Yi-zhong,ZHANG Yue-feng,LI Wei
  2003,15(3):334-338 [Abstract(2059)]  [View PDF]
Phosphine in various matrixes
  HAN Sheng-hui,WANG Zi-jian,ZHUANG Ya-hui,YU Zhi-ming,DIETMAR GLINDEMANN
  2003,15(3):339-341 [Abstract(2025)]  [View PDF]
Effects of chlorine content and position of chlorinated phenols on their oxidation kinetics by potassium permanganate
  ZHANG Jin,LI Gui-bai,MA Jun
  2003,15(3):342-345 [Abstract(2097)]  [View PDF]
Application of numerical simulation on optimum design of two-dimensional sedimentation tanks in the wastewater treatment plant
  ZENG Guang-ming,ZHANG Shuo-fu,QIN Xiao-sheng,HUANG Guo-he,LI Jian-bing
  2003,15(3):346-350 [Abstract(1744)]  [View PDF]
Photochemically enhanced degradation of phenol using heterogeneous Fenton-type catalysts
  HE Feng,SHEN Xue-you,LEI Le-cheng
  2003,15(3):351-355 [Abstract(1768)]  [View PDF]
Alpha -tocopherol supplementation on chromium toxicity : a study on rat liver and kidney cell membrane
  Sankar Kumar Dey,Prasunpriya Nayak,Somenath Roy
  2003,15(3):356-359 [Abstract(2011)]  [View PDF]
Effects of ground-level ozone (O3) pollution on the yields of rice and winter wheat in the Yangtze River delta
  FENG Zong-wei,JIN Ming-hong,ZHANG Fu-zhu,HUANG Yi-zong
  2003,15(3):360-362 [Abstract(2610)]  [View PDF]
Effects of lignin on nitrification in soil
  HUANG Yi-zong,FENG Zong-wei,ZHANG Fu-zhu,LIU Shu-qin
  2003,15(3):363-366 [Abstract(2033)]  [View PDF]
Effects of litter removal on plant species diversity: a case study in tropical Eucalyptus forest ecosystems in South China
  PENG Shao-Lin,REN Hai,WU Jian-Guo,LU Hong-Fang
  2003,15(3):367-371 [Abstract(1974)]  [View PDF]
Effect of CuO on the efficiency of sulfur capture of Ca--based compounds during coal combustion
  ZHENG Li-qing,LU Wen-ying,LIU Guo-guang
  2003,15(3):372-376 [Abstract(1884)]  [View PDF]
Decolorization of reactive Brilliant Blue KN-R by immobilized cells of Aspergillus ficuum
  DONG Xin-jiao,CHEN Zhu
  2003,15(3):377-382 [Abstract(1814)]  [View PDF]
Sorption of a triazol derivative by soils: importance of surface acidity
  WU De-yi
  2003,15(3):383-387 [Abstract(1754)]  [View PDF]
Impact of wastewater reuse on cobalt status in Egyptian environment
  M.F. Abdel-Sabour
  2003,15(3):388-395 [Abstract(1867)]  [View PDF]
Electrochemical remediation of copper contaminated kaolinite by conditioning anolyte and catholyte pH simultaneously
  ZHOU Dong-mei,ZORN Roman,Czurda Kurt
  2003,15(3):396-400 [Abstract(2005)]  [View PDF]
Marginal cost pricing for coal fired electricity in coastal cities of China:The case of Mawan Electricity Plant in Shenzhen City, China
  ZHANG Shi-qiu,DUAN Yan-xin
  2003,15(3):401-412 [Abstract(1831)]  [View PDF]
Removal of heavy metals through adsorption using sand
  M. Ali Awan,Ishtiaq A. Qazi,Imran Khalid
  2003,15(3):413-416 [Abstract(1987)]  [View PDF]
Laboratory scale studies on removal of chromium from industrial wastes
  M. A. Baig,Mohsin Mir,Shazad Murtaza,Zafar I. Bhatti
  2003,15(3):417-422 [Abstract(1625)]  [View PDF]
The integration of methanogenesis with denitrification and anaerobic ammonium oxidation in an expanded granular sludge bed reactor
  ZHANG Dai-jun
  2003,15(3):423-432 [Abstract(2304)]  [View PDF]

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