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Divergence of carbon dioxide fluxes in different trophic areas of Taihu Lake, China
  FAN Cheng-xin,Phillip W. Ford,HU Wei-ping,QIN Bo-qiang
  2003,15(4):433-442 [Abstract(2040)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption and correlation with their thermodynamic properties of triazine herbicides on soils
  YANG Wei-chun,LIU Wei-ping,LIU Hui-jun,LIU Guang-shen
  2003,15(4):443-448 [Abstract(2324)]  [View PDF]
A pilot scale anoxic/oxic membrane bioreactor (A/O MBR) for woolen mill dyeing wastewater treatment
  ZHENG Xiang,FAN Yao-bo,WEI Yuan-song
  2003,15(4):449-455 [Abstract(2241)]  [View PDF]
Spectroscopic study on variations in illite surface properties after acid-base titration
  LIU Wen-xin,COVENEY R. M.,TANG Hong-xiao
  2003,15(4):456-463 [Abstract(1768)]  [View PDF]
Optimizing the atmospheric sampling sites using fuzzy mathematic methods
  FANG Chun-sheng,WANG Ju,DONG De-ming,YU Lian-sheng
  2003,15(4):464-468 [Abstract(1905)]  [View PDF]
Coupled anaerobic/aerobic biodegradation of 2,4,6 trichlorophenol
  CHEN Yuan-cai,ZHAN Huai-yu,CHEN Zhong-hao,FU Shi-yu,ZHANG Xue-yong
  2003,15(4):469-474 [Abstract(2054)]  [View PDF]
2-chlorophenol oxidation kinetic by photo-assisted Fenton process
  XU Xin-hua,ZHAO Wei-rong,HUANG Yan-qiao,WANG Da-hui
  2003,15(4):475-481 [Abstract(2143)]  [View PDF]
Experimental study on combustion characteristics of municipal solid waste
  JIANG Fan,LIU Shi,WANG Hai-gang,PAN Zhong-gang
  2003,15(4):482-486 [Abstract(1912)]  [View PDF]
Watershed protection and landscape enhancement by utilization of river water
  ZUO Hua,PEI Yuan-sheng,HU De-zhi,LUAN Zhao-kun
  2003,15(4):487-493 [Abstract(2013)]  [View PDF]
Phosphorus limitation in biofiltration for drinking water treatment
  YU Xin,ZHANG Xiao-jian,LIU Xiao-ling,ZHAO Xiao-dong,WANG Zhan-sheng
  2003,15(4):494-499 [Abstract(2505)]  [View PDF]
Kachchh (India) earthquake 2001--causes, severity and impact on groundwater resources
  M.A. Khan,M.L. Sharma
  2003,15(4):500-505 [Abstract(2187)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of water-in-crude oil emulsions in oil spill response
  2003,15(4):506-509 [Abstract(2334)]  [View PDF]
Application of organic polymeric fiocculants in centrifugal dewatering of oil refinery sludge
  JIN Yi-zhong,ZHANG Yue-feng,CHEN Xiao-ping,GAO Hua-sheng
  2003,15(4):510-513 [Abstract(2470)]  [View PDF]
Environmental effect of vegetation restoration on degraded ecosystem in low subtropical China
  PENG Shao-lin,YANG Liu-chun,LU Hong-fang
  2003,15(4):514-519 [Abstract(2346)]  [View PDF]
Certainties and uncertainties of land cover statistics in China
  ZHAO Jing-zhu,SUN Yi,BAI Guang-xin,WU Gang,SHAO Guo-fan
  2003,15(4):520-524 [Abstract(2112)]  [View PDF]
Assessment of the environmental impact of artificial effluent lagoon in Jiayuguan City of China
  PEI Yuan-sheng,LUAN Zhao-kun,BARBER C.,WILLIAMSON D.
  2003,15(4):525-530 [Abstract(2022)]  [View PDF]
Urban garbage disposal and management in China
  JIANG Yuan,KANG Mu-yi,LIU Zheng,ZHOU Yan-fang
  2003,15(4):531-540 [Abstract(2192)]  [View PDF]
GHG emission reductions and costs to achieve Kyoto target
  CHEN Wen-ying
  2003,15(4):541-547 [Abstract(1848)]  [View PDF]
Effect of land-use and land-cover change on nutrients in soil in Bashang area, China
  SHENG Xue-bin,SUN Jian-zhong,LIU Yun-xia
  2003,15(4):548-553 [Abstract(2100)]  [View PDF]
Removal of adhesive dusts from flue gas using corona discharges with spraying water
  XU De-xuan,ZHAO Jian-wei,DING Yun-zheng,GE Wei-li
  2003,15(4):554-561 [Abstract(2268)]  [View PDF]
New emergy indices for sustainable development
  LU Hong-fang,LAN Sheng-fang,LI Lei,PENG Shao-lin
  2003,15(4):562-569 [Abstract(2279)]  [View PDF]
Major and trace elemental analysis in milk powder by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) and instrumental neutron activation analysis(INAA)
  A. Sroor,N. Walley El-Dine,A. El-Shershaby,A.S. Abdel-Haleem
  2003,15(4):570-576 [Abstract(2351)]  [View PDF]

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