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Predication of Fhhh potential in PTA wastewater treatment
  CHENG Shu-pei,SHI Lei,ZHANG Xu-xiang,YAN Jun,DING Zhong-hai,HAO Chun-bo
  2004,16(1):1-4 [Abstract(2122)]  [View PDF]
Phosphorus release from phosphate rock and iron phosphate by low-molecular-weight organic acids
  XU Ren-kou,ZHU Yong-guan,David Chittleborough
  2004,16(1):5-8 [Abstract(2708)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of metal enrichment in Deep Bay, Hong Kong
  LIU Wen-xin,LI Xiang-dong,LI Yok-sheung,WAI Wing-hong Onyx,O.W.H. Wai
  2004,16(1):9-12 [Abstract(2076)]  [View PDF]
Start-up of anaerobic ammonia oxidation bioreactor with nitrifying activated sludge
  ZHENG Ping,LIN Feng-mei,HU Bao-lan,CHEN Jian-song
  2004,16(1):13-16 [Abstract(2317)]  [View PDF]
Optimization of enrichment processes of pentachlorophenol (PCP) from water samples
  LI Ping,LIU Jun-xin
  2004,16(1):17-20 [Abstract(2263)]  [View PDF]
Application of TLSER method in predicting the aqueous solubility and n-octanol/water partition coefficient of PCBs, PCDDs and PCDFs
  HUANG Jun,YU Gang,ZHANG Zu-lin,WANG Yi-lei,ZHU Wei-hua,WU Guo-shi
  2004,16(1):21-29 [Abstract(2518)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of mixture of VOC's in a biofilter
  D. Arulneyam,T. Swaminathan
  2004,16(1):30-33 [Abstract(2208)]  [View PDF]
Pollution characteristics of the recent sediments in the Hangzhou section of the Grand Canal, China
  CHEN Ying-xu,LIU He,ZHU Guang-wei,CHEN Hua-lin,TIAN Guang-min
  2004,16(1):34-39 [Abstract(2257)]  [View PDF]
Automatic and continuous measurement of aerosol properties in Dunhuang,China
  XIA Xiang-ao,WANG Ming-xing,WANG Yue-si
  2004,16(1):40-43 [Abstract(2225)]  [View PDF]
Radarsat observations and forecasting of oil slick trajectory movements
  Maged Marghany
  2004,16(1):44-48 [Abstract(2056)]  [View PDF]
Rapid degradation of bensulfuron-methyl upon repeated application in paddy soils
  XIE Xiao-mei,LIU Wei-ping,ABID Subhani
  2004,16(1):49-52 [Abstract(2110)]  [View PDF]
Gas phase tricholoethylene removal at low concentration using activated carbon fiber
  LIU Jun,HUANG Zheng-hong,WANG Zhan-sheng,KANG Fei-yu
  2004,16(1):53-55 [Abstract(2065)]  [View PDF]
Surface microlayer enrichment of volatile organic compounds and semivolatile organic compounds in drinking water source
  HUANG Zhi,ZHOU Wen,YU Ya-juan,ZHANG Ai-qian,HAN Shuo-kui,WANG Lian-sheng
  2004,16(1):56-60 [Abstract(2312)]  [View PDF]
Benzene and lead exposure assessment among occupational bus drivers in Bangkok traffic
  2004,16(1):61-66 [Abstract(2018)]  [View PDF]
Determination of operational parameters of anaerobic phase for enhanced phosphorus removal in MBR
  HE Sheng-bing,WANG Bao-zhen,WANG Lin,JIANG Yi-feng
  2004,16(1):67-72 [Abstract(2059)]  [View PDF]
Identification of the bound residue composition derived from 14C-labeled chlorsulfuron in soil by using LC-MS and isotope tracing method
  YE Qing-fu,WU Jian-min,SUN Jin-he
  2004,16(1):73-78 [Abstract(2048)]  [View PDF]
Lead adsorption capacities of different components in natural surface coatings
  DONG De-ming,HUA Xiu-yi,LI Yu,JI Liang,ZHANG Jing-jing
  2004,16(1):79-85 [Abstract(2007)]  [View PDF]
An estimate on the rainout of atmospheric CO2
  LIU Chun-jiang,Hannu Ilvesniemi,Werner Kutsch,MA Xiang-qing,Carl J. Westman,Pekka Kauppi
  2004,16(1):86-89 [Abstract(1987)]  [View PDF]
Using a zeolite medium biofilter to remove organic pollutant and ammonia simultaneously
  TIAN Wen-hua,WEN Xiang-hua,QIAN Yi
  2004,16(1):90-93 [Abstract(1987)]  [View PDF]
Neutron activation analysis of ceramic tiles and its component and radon exhalation rate
  A. El-Shershaby,A. Sroor,F. Ahmed,A.S. Abdel-Haleem,Z. Abdel
  2004,16(1):94-99 [Abstract(2324)]  [View PDF]
Life cycle assessment of mobile phone housing
  YANG Jian-xin,WANG Ru-song,FU Hao,LIU Jing-ru
  2004,16(1):100-103 [Abstract(2520)]  [View PDF]
Bubble performance of a novel dissolved air flotation(DAF) unit
  CHEN Fu-tai,PENG Feng-xian,WU Xiao-qing,LUAN Zhao-kun
  2004,16(1):104-107 [Abstract(2278)]  [View PDF]
ORC-GAC-Fe0 system for the remediation of trichloroethylene and monochlorobenzene contaminated aquifer: 1. Adsorption and degradation
  LIN Qi,CHEN Ying-xu,Plagentz V.,Sch(a)fer D.,Dahmke A.
  2004,16(1):108-112 [Abstract(2361)]  [View PDF]
Management of process performance at low water temperatures in respect of filamentous organisms
  WANG Zeng-zhang,NIU Zhi-qing,PELKONEN MARKKU
  2004,16(1):113-116 [Abstract(2203)]  [View PDF]
Preparation and characterization of mixed hydroxy-Fe-Al pillared montmorillonite with large basal spacing
  ZENG Xiu-qiong,LIU Wei-ping
  2004,16(1):117-119 [Abstract(2326)]  [View PDF]
A grey multi-objective programming approach for sustainable land-use in the Miyun Reservoir Basin, China
  GUO Huai-cheng,ZHANG Zhen-xing,YU Yong
  2004,16(1):120-125 [Abstract(2795)]  [View PDF]
Optimum municipal wastewater treatment plant design with consideration of uncertainty
  ZENG Guang-ming,LIN Yu-peng,QIN Xiao-sheng,HUANG Guo-he,LI Jian-bing,JIANG Ru
  2004,16(1):126-131 [Abstract(2250)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of fungal potentiality for bioconversion of domestic wastewater sludge
  Md. Zahangir Alam,A. Fakhru'l-Razi,Abul H. Molla
  2004,16(1):132-137 [Abstract(2236)]  [View PDF]
Residential environmental evaluation of local cities considering regional characteristic and personal residential preference-a case study of Saga City,Japan
  GE Jian,HOKAO Kazunori
  2004,16(1):138-144 [Abstract(2655)]  [View PDF]
OH radicals generated by DC corona discharge for improving the pulsed discharge desulfuration efficiency
  LI Jie,LI Guo-feng,WU Yan,WANG Ning-hui,HUANG Qiu-nan
  2004,16(1):145-148 [Abstract(2444)]  [View PDF]
Distribution of endocrine-disrupting PCBs in hard roes of loaches and their potential ecological effects in Weishanhu Lake, China
  KUANG Shao-ping
  2004,16(1):149-152 [Abstract(2111)]  [View PDF]
Influence of packing media on nitrogen removal in a subsurface infiltration system
  ZHANG Jian,HUANG Xia,SHAO Chang-fei,LIU Chao-xiang,SHI Han-chang,HU Hong-ying,Liu Zhi-qiang
  2004,16(1):153-156 [Abstract(2053)]  [View PDF]
Valuing health effects from the industrial air pollution in rural Tianjin, China
  YANG Zhi-feng,XU Lin-yu
  2004,16(1):157-160 [Abstract(2679)]  [View PDF]
Long-term temporal-spatial dynamics of marine coastal water quality in the Tolo Harbor, Hong Kong, China
  XU Fu-liu,K. C. LAM,R. W. Dawson,TAO Shu,Y. D. CHEN
  2004,16(1):161-166 [Abstract(2329)]  [View PDF]
Ecological footprint of Shandong, China
  CUI Yu-jing,Luc Hens,ZHU Yong-guan,ZHAO Jing-zhu
  2004,16(1):167-172 [Abstract(2101)]  [View PDF]
Effects of temperature on UV-B-induced DNA damage and photorepair in Arabidopsis thaliana
  LI Shao-shan,WANG Yan,BJ?RN Lars Olof
  2004,16(1):173-176 [Abstract(2372)]  [View PDF]

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