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Effect of organic/inorganic compounds on the enzymes in soil under acid rain stress
  LIU Guang-shen,XU Dong-mei,WANG Li-ming,LI Ke-bin,LIU Wei-ping
  2004,16(2):177-180 [Abstract(1868)]  [View PDF]
Health implication among occupational exposed workers in a chromium alloy factory,Thailand
  S. Muttamara,Shing Tet Leong
  2004,16(2):181-186 [Abstract(1880)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of dust activity and climate effects in North China
  XIA Xiang-ao,LIANG Feng,WANG Ming-xing
  2004,16(2):187-190 [Abstract(1858)]  [View PDF]
Effect of additive on the formation of polyacrylonitrile membrane
  YANG Sen,LIU Zhong-zhou
  2004,16(2):191-193 [Abstract(1983)]  [View PDF]
Performance evaluation of up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor for treatment of paper mill wastewater
  M. Mahadevaswamy,B.M. Sadashiva Murthy,A.R. Girijamma
  2004,16(2):194-198 [Abstract(2412)]  [View PDF]
Assessment of China' s economic loss resulting from the degradation of agricultural land in the end of 20th century
  HAO Fang-hua,CHANG Ying,NING Da-tong
  2004,16(2):199-203 [Abstract(2219)]  [View PDF]
Predicting physico-chemical properties of polychlorinated diphenyl ethers (PCDEs):potential persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
  HUANG Jun,YU Gang,YANG Xi,ZHANG Zu-lin
  2004,16(2):204-207 [Abstract(1938)]  [View PDF]
Removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution by carbon nanotubes:adsorption equilibrium and kinetics
  LI Yan-hui,DI Ze-chao,LUAN Zhao-kun,DING Jun,ZUO Hua,WU Xiao-qing,XU Cai-Lu,WU De-hai
  2004,16(2):208-211 [Abstract(2009)]  [View PDF]
Chemical characteristics of aerosols at coastal station in Hong Kong.Ⅱ.Environmental behavior of trace elements during the April 1995 to April 1996
  K. S. Lam,L. Cheng,S.C. Kot,C. W . Tsang
  2004,16(2):212-221 [Abstract(2153)]  [View PDF]
Sorption of BTEX mixtures to organobenonites
  SHEN Xue-you,LU Ying-ying,ZHU Li-zhong,LU Shu-yu
  2004,16(2):222-225 [Abstract(1990)]  [View PDF]
Vertical distributions of COS and CS2 in Beijing City
  MU Yu-jing,WU Hai,WU Peng-zhang,WANG Yue-si
  2004,16(2):226-229 [Abstract(1959)]  [View PDF]
Effect of preozonation on improvement of settleability of solid in highly concentrated organic wastewater of Japanese wheat and sweet potato spirit-distillery
  Masafumi Tateda,Masanori Fujita,Michihiko Ike,QUI Yen-feng,Satoru Kokubo
  2004,16(2):230-233 [Abstract(1987)]  [View PDF]
Degradation of 4-CP in an internal electrolysis system
  BIAN Wen-juan,SHEN Xue-you,LEI Le-cheng
  2004,16(2):234-237 [Abstract(2175)]  [View PDF]
Kinetics of aniline oxidation with chlorine dioxide
  FAN Zhi-yun,HUANG Jun-li,WANG Peng,SU Li-qiang,ZHENG Yong-jie,LI Ying-jie
  2004,16(2):238-241 [Abstract(2252)]  [View PDF]
Occurrence and volatility of several trace elements in pulverized coal boiler
  HUANG Ya-ji,JIN Bao-sheng,ZHONG Zhao-ping,XIAO Ruix,TANG Zhi-yong,REN Hui-feng
  2004,16(2):242-246 [Abstract(2171)]  [View PDF]
Effects of seawater salinity on nitrite accumulation in short-range nitrification to nitrite as end product
  YU De-shuang,PENG Yong-zhen,ZHANG Kui
  2004,16(2):247-251 [Abstract(2322)]  [View PDF]
Effects of pesticides on soil biochemical characteristics of a paddy soil
  XIE Xiao-mei,LIAO Min,HUANG Chang-yong,LIU Wei-pingx,ABID Subhani
  2004,16(2):252-255 [Abstract(1696)]  [View PDF]
Long-term impacts of land-use change on dynamics of tropical soil carbon and nitrogen pools
  YANG Jing-cheng,HUANG Jian-hui,PAN Qing-min,TANG Jian-wei,HAN Xing-guo
  2004,16(2):256-261 [Abstract(2260)]  [View PDF]
Bioavailability of bound residue derived from 14C-labeled chlorsulfuron in soil and its mechanism of phytotoxicity
  YE Qing-fu,WU Jian-min,SUN Jin-he
  2004,16(2):262-267 [Abstract(2028)]  [View PDF]
Separation of chlorinated hydrocarbons and organophosphorus,pyrethroid pesticides by silicagel fractionation chromatography and their simultaneous determination by GC-MS
  WANG Li-gang,JIANG Xin,WANG Fang,BIAN Yong-rong,Stephan Forster,Dieter Martensx
  2004,16(2):268-271 [Abstract(1874)]  [View PDF]
UV-catalytic treatment of spent caustic from ethene plant with hydrogen peroxide and ozone oxidation
  YU Zheng-zhe,SUN De-zhi,LI Chang-hai,SHI Peng-fei,DUAN Xiao-dong,SUN Guo-rong,LIU Jun-xin
  2004,16(2):270-275 [Abstract(1855)]  [View PDF]
Remote sensing of the urban heat island and its changes in Xiamen City of SE China
  XU Han-qiu,CHEN Ben-qing
  2004,16(2):276-281 [Abstract(2076)]  [View PDF]
Study on aqueous two-phase systems of the mixture SDS/CTAB surfactants
  LI Ying,CHEN Yah-ming,ZHAO Kong-shuang,Takumi HIKIDA
  2004,16(2):282-284 [Abstract(2023)]  [View PDF]
Catalytic degradation of methylene blue by Fenton like system:model to the environmental reaction
  Sanjay R. Thakare
  2004,16(2):285-287 [Abstract(2527)]  [View PDF]
Growth and phosphate uptake kinetics of Microcystis aeruginosa under various environmental conditions
  SHI Xiao-li,YANG Liu-yan,WANG Feng-ping,XIAO Lin,JIANG Li-juan,KONG Zhi-ming,GAO Guang,QIN Bo-qiang
  2004,16(2):288-292 [Abstract(2294)]  [View PDF]
Numerical model of flow and pollutant transportation in non-orthogonal curvilinear coordinates
  WU Xiu-guang,SHEN Yong-mingx,ZHENG Yong-hong,YANG Zhi-feng
  2004,16(2):293-296 [Abstract(1981)]  [View PDF]
Physicochemical interaction and its influence on deep bed filtration process
  GUO Jin-long,MENG Jun,LI GUI-ping,LUAN Zhao-kun,TANG Hong-xiao
  2004,16(2):297-301 [Abstract(2173)]  [View PDF]
Construction utilization of foamed waste glass
  Jiang LU,Katsutada ONITSUKA
  2004,16(2):302-307 [Abstract(2015)]  [View PDF]
Eco-environmental benefit assessment of China's South-North Water Transfer Scheme--the middle route project
  DUAN Guang-ming,ZHAO Jing-zhu,LIU Guo-hua,KE Bing,XIAO Han,WU Gang,DENG Hong-bing
  2004,16(2):308-315 [Abstract(2027)]  [View PDF]
Preparation and catalytic properties of ZrO2-Al2O3 composite oxide supported nickel catalysts for methane reforming with carbon dioxide
  HAO Zheng-ping,HU Chun,JIANG Zheng,G. Q. LU
  2004,16(2):316-320 [Abstract(2121)]  [View PDF]
Organochlorines in sediments and mussels collected from coastal sites along the Pearl River Delta,South China
  FANG Zhan-qiang
  2004,16(2):321-327 [Abstract(2288)]  [View PDF]
Photodegradation mechanism of two dyes:the influence of adsorption behavior on the novel TiO2 particles
  LI Wei,WANG Yi-zhong
  2004,16(2):328-331 [Abstract(1854)]  [View PDF]
An analysis on spatial variation of urban human thermal comfort in Hangzhou,China
  WANG Wei-wu,ZHU Li-zhong,WANG Ren-chao
  2004,16(2):332-338 [Abstract(2035)]  [View PDF]
Performance of Anammox granular sludge bed reactor started up with nitrifying granular sludge
  ZHENG Ping,LIN Feng-mei,HU Bao-lan,CHEN Jian-song
  2004,16(2):339-342 [Abstract(2022)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of a strain of Sphingobacterium sp.and its degradation to herbicide mefenacet
  YE Yang-fang,MIN Hang,DU Yu-feng
  2004,16(2):343-347 [Abstract(2382)]  [View PDF]
Sterilization of Escherichia coli cells by the application of pulsed magnetic field
  LI Mei,QU Jiu-hui,PENG Yong-zhen
  2004,16(2):348-352 [Abstract(2709)]  [View PDF]

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