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Characteristics of Cd uptake and accumulation in two Cd accumulator oilseed rape species
  RU Shu-hua,WANG Ji-qing,SU De-chunRU Shu-hua, SU De-chun, WANG Ji-qing
  2004,16(4):294-298 [Abstract(2213)]  [View PDF]
Electrokinetic removal of chromium and copper from contaminated soils by lactic acid enhancement in the catholyte
  ZHOU Dong-mei,Alshawabkeh Akram N,DENG Chang-fen1,CANG Long1,SI You-bin1Alshawabkeh Akram N, CANG Long1, DENG Chang-fen1, SI You-bin1, ZHOU Dong-mei
  2004,16(4):529-532 [Abstract(2081)]  [View PDF]
Observations on carbon and nitrogen content of suspended matter in a headwater stream in Hong Kong
  M.R. Peart,GUAN Dong-shengGUAN Dong-sheng, M.R. Peart
  2004,16(4):533-538 [Abstract(1907)]  [View PDF]
Photochemistry of insecticide imidacloprid: direct and sensitized photolysis in aqueous medium
  ZHENG Wei1,LIU Wei-ping,WEN Yue-zhong,Sang-jin LeeLIU Wei-ping, Sang-jin Lee, WEN Yue-zhong, ZHENG Wei1
  2004,16(4):539-542 [Abstract(2210)]  [View PDF]
Decomposition characteristics of toluene by a corona radical shower system
  WU Zu-liang,GAO Xiang,LUO Zhong-yang,NI Ming-jiang,CEN Ke-faCEN Ke-fa, GAO Xiang, LUO Zhong-yang, NI Ming-jiang, WU Zu-liang
  2004,16(4):543-547 [Abstract(2208)]  [View PDF]
Effect of carbon source and nitrate concentration on denitrifying phosphorus removal by DPB sludge
  WANG Ya-yi,PENG Yong-zhen,Wang Shu-ying,PAN Mian-liPAN Mian-li, PENG Yong-zhen, Wang Shu-ying, WANG Ya-yi
  2004,16(4):548-552 [Abstract(2069)]  [View PDF]
Determination of methyl tert-butyl ether(MTBE) in Chinese fuels by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and gas chromatography/flame ionization detector
  LIU Jie-min,CHENG Wei,WEN Mei-juan,JIANG Gui-binCHENG Wei, JIANG Gui-bin, LIU Jie-min, WEN Mei-juan
  2004,16(4):553-555 [Abstract(2184)]  [View PDF]
Kinetics study on catalytic wet air oxidation of phenol by several metal oxide catalysts
  WAN Jia-feng,FENG Yu-jie,CAI Wei-min,YANG Shao-xia,SUN Xiao-junCAI Wei-min, FENG Yu-jie, SUN Xiao-jun, WAN Jia-feng, YANG Shao-xia
  2004,16(4):556-558 [Abstract(2075)]  [View PDF]
Incorporating sorption/desorption of organic pollutants into river water quality model
  LOU Bao-feng,ZHU Li-zhong,YANG KunLOU Bao-feng, YANG Kun, ZHU Li-zhong
  2004,16(4):559-563 [Abstract(2085)]  [View PDF]
Sorption of biodegradation end products of nonylphenol polyethoxylates onto activated sludge
  Nguyen Viet Hung,Masafumi Tateda,Michihiko Ike,Masanori Fujita,Shinji Tsunoi,Minoru TanakaMasafumi Tateda, Masanori Fujita, Michihiko Ike, Minoru Tanaka, Nguyen Viet Hung, Shinji Tsunoi
  2004,16(4):564-569 [Abstract(2231)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of fine organic particulate matter from Chinese cooking
  HE Ling-yan,HU Min,WANG Li,HUANG Xiao-feng,ZHANG Yuan-hangHE Ling-yan, HU Min, HUANG Xiao-feng, WANG Li, ZHANG Yuan-hang
  2004,16(4):570-575 [Abstract(3387)]  [View PDF]
A new approach of drawing airport noise contours on computer based on Surfer
  ZHANG Bang-jun,GUO Chun-yan,Di Guo-qingDi Guo-qing, GUO Chun-yan, ZHANG Bang-jun
  2004,16(4):576-580 [Abstract(2008)]  [View PDF]
Diversity surveys of soil bacterial community by cultivation-based methods and molecular fingerprinting techniques
  LUO Hai-feng,QI Hong-yan,ZHANG Hong-xunLUO Hai-feng, QI Hong-yan, ZHANG Hong-xun
  2004,16(4):581-584 [Abstract(2203)]  [View PDF]
Coagulation of micro-polluted Pearl River water with IPF-PACls
  XU Yi,SUN Wei,WANG Dong-sheng,TANG Hong-xiaoSUN Wei, TANG Hong-xiao, WANG Dong-sheng, XU Yi
  2004,16(4):585-588 [Abstract(2203)]  [View PDF]
Characterization and phylogenetic analysis of a phenanthrene-degrading strain isolated from oil-contaminated soil
  XIA Ying,MIN Hang,LU Zhen-mei,YE Yang-fangLU Zhen-mei, MIN Hang, XIA Ying, YE Yang-fang
  2004,16(4):589-293 [Abstract(2938)]  [View PDF]
Overview of surface ozone variability in East Asia-North Pacific region during IGAC/APARE(1994—1996)
  K.S. Lam,T.J.Wang,T. Wang,J. Tang,Y.Kajii,C.M. Liu,S.G. ShimC.M. Liu, J. Tang, K.S. Lam, S.G. Shim, T. Wang, T.J.Wang, Y.Kajii
  2004,16(4):599-609 [Abstract(2033)]  [View PDF]
Adopting an ecological view of metropolitan landscape: the case of “three circles" system for ecological construction and restoration in Beijing area
  ZHANG Feng,ZHANG Xin-shiZHANG Feng, ZHANG Xin-shi
  2004,16(4):610-615 [Abstract(2060)]  [View PDF]
Control of diffuse P-pollutants by multiple buffer/detention structures by Yuqiao Reservoir, North China
  WANG Xia-hui,YIN Cheng-qing,SHAN Bao-qingSHAN Bao-qing, WANG Xia-hui, YIN Cheng-qing
  2004,16(4):616-620 [Abstract(1910)]  [View PDF]
Catalytic dechlorination of o-chlorophenol by nanoscale Pd/Fe
  WEI Jian-jun,XU Xin-hua,WANG Da-huiWANG Da-hui, WEI Jian-jun, XU Xin-hua
  2004,16(4):621-623 [Abstract(2051)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of aerobic granules grown on glucose a sequential batch shaking reactor
  CAI Chun-guang,ZHU Nan-wen1,LIU Jun-shen,WANG Zhen-peng,CAI Wei-minCAI Chun-guang, CAI Wei-min, LIU Jun-shen, WANG Zhen-peng, ZHU Nan-wen1
  2004,16(4):624-626 [Abstract(2092)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption of zinc on manganite(γ-MnOOH): particle concentration effect and adsorption reversibility
  QIN Yan-wen,PAN Gang,ZHANG Ming-ming,LI Xian-liangLI Xian-liang, PAN Gang, QIN Yan-wen, ZHANG Ming-ming
  2004,16(4):627-630 [Abstract(2037)]  [View PDF]
Impact of some chlorinated pesticides on the haematology of the fish Cyprinus carpio and Puntius ticto
  Shanta Satyanarayan,Rajesh S. Bejankiwar,P.R. Chaudhari1,J.P.Kotangale,Ahana SatyanarayanAhana Satyanarayan, J.P.Kotangale, P.R. Chaudhari1, Rajesh S. Bejankiwar, Shanta Satyanarayan
  2004,16(4):631-634 [Abstract(1925)]  [View PDF]
Volatilization of heavy metals during incineration of municipal solid wastes
  SUN Lu-shi,S. Abanades,J. D. Lu1,G. Flamant,D. GauthierD. Gauthier, G. Flamant, J. D. Lu1, S. Abanades, SUN Lu-shi
  2004,16(4):635-639 [Abstract(2259)]  [View PDF]
Immobilization study of biosorption of heavy metal ions onto activated sludge
  WU Hai-suo1,ZHANG Ai-qiang,WANG Lian-shengWANG Lian-sheng, WU Hai-suo1, ZHANG Ai-qiang
  2004,16(4):640-645 [Abstract(2161)]  [View PDF]
A distributed non-point source pollution model: calibration and validation in the Yellow River Basin
  HAO Fang-hua,ZHANG Xue-song,YANG Zhi-fengHAO Fang-hua, YANG Zhi-feng, ZHANG Xue-song
  2004,16(4):646-650 [Abstract(2543)]  [View PDF]
Influence of osmotic distillation on membrane absorption for the treatment of high strength ammonia wastewater
  WANG Guan-ping,SHI Han-chang,SHEN Zhi-songSHEN Zhi-song, SHI Han-chang, WANG Guan-ping
  2004,16(4):651-655 [Abstract(2021)]  [View PDF]
Biological removal of air loaded with a hydrogen sulfide and ammonia mixture
  CHEN Ying-xu,YIN Jun,FANG ShiCHEN Ying-xu, FANG Shi, YIN Jun
  2004,16(4):656-661 [Abstract(2202)]  [View PDF]
Microbiological indication of municipal solid waste landfill non-stabilization
  ZHOU Qi-xing,SYLVESTER Runyuzi,YU Ji-yu,ZHANG Qian-ruSYLVESTER Runyuzi, YU Ji-yu, ZHANG Qian-ru, ZHOU Qi-xing
  2004,16(4):662-665 [Abstract(1983)]  [View PDF]
Responses of chlorophyll fluorescence and nitrogen level of Leymus chinensis seedling to changes of soil moisture and temperature
  XU Zhen-zhu,ZHOU Guang-sheng,LI HuiLI Hui, XU Zhen-zhu, ZHOU Guang-sheng
  2004,16(4):666-669 [Abstract(1985)]  [View PDF]
Responses of Sesbania rostrata and S. cannabina to Pb, Zn, Cu and Cd toxi-cities
  YANG Zhong-yi,CHEN Fu-hua,YUAN Jian-gang,ZHENG Zheng-wei,WONG Ming-hungCHEN Fu-hua, WONG Ming-hung, YANG Zhong-yi, YUAN Jian-gang, ZHENG Zheng-wei
  2004,16(4):670-673 [Abstract(2033)]  [View PDF]
Experimental study on the simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification by duct injection
  ZHAO Yi,FU Yan-chun,MA Shuang-chen,HUANG Jian-junFU Yan-chun, HUANG Jian-jun, MA Shuang-chen, ZHAO Yi
  2004,16(4):674-677 [Abstract(2039)]  [View PDF]
Clomazone dissipation, adsorption and translocation in four paddy topsoils
  LI Lian-fang,LI Guo-xue,YANG Ren-bin,GUO Zheng-yuan,LIAO Xiao-yongGUO Zheng-yuan, LI Guo-xue, LI Lian-fang, LIAO Xiao-yong, YANG Ren-bin
  2004,16(4):678-682 [Abstract(2135)]  [View PDF]
Effect of pyrolysis temperature and hold time on the characteristic parameters of adsorbent derived from sewage sludge
  ZHAI Yun-bo,WEI Xian-xun,ZENG Guang-mingWEI Xian-xun, ZENG Guang-ming, ZHAI Yun-bo
  2004,16(4):683-686 [Abstract(2018)]  [View PDF]
Determination of hydroxyl radicals with salicylic acid in aqueous nitrate and nitrite solutions
  YANG Xi,ZHAN Man-jun,KONG Ling-ren,WANG Lian-shengKONG Ling-ren, WANG Lian-sheng, YANG Xi, ZHAN Man-jun
  2004,16(4):687-689 [Abstract(2187)]  [View PDF]
Straw bio-degradation by acidogenic bacteria and composite fungi
  ZHANG Ke-qiang,CHEN Xiu-wei,JI Min,NING An-rong,FAN Huan,ZHOU KeCHEN Xiu-wei, FAN Huan, JI Min, NING An-rong, ZHANG Ke-qiang, ZHOU Ke
  2004,16(4):690-693 [Abstract(2120)]  [View PDF]
A method to extract algae toxin of microcystin-LR
  ZHANG Ming-ming,PAN Gang,YAN Hai,CHEN HaoCHEN Hao, PAN Gang, YAN Hai, ZHANG Ming-ming
  2004,16(4):694-696 [Abstract(2265)]  [View PDF]
Spatial and temporal variability of agricultural pollutants in an agricultural headwater stream within a multipond system, southeastern China
  MAO Zhan-po,YIN Cheng-qing,SHAN Bao-qingMAO Zhan-po, SHAN Bao-qing, YIN Cheng-qing
  2004,16(4):697-704 [Abstract(1915)]  [View PDF]

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