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Cadmium adsorption in montmorillonite as affected by glyphosate
  WANG Yu-jun,ZHOU Dong-mei,LUO Xiao-san,SUN Rui-juan,CHEN Huai-man
  2004,16(6):881-884 [Abstract(2301)]  [View PDF]
Chemical speciation and mobility of heavy metals in municipal solid waste incinerator fly ash
  LIU Feng,LIU Jian-guo,YU Qian-feng,NIE Yong-feng
  2004,16(6):885-888 [Abstract(2208)]  [View PDF]
Pyrolysis of EVA and its application in recycling of photovoltaic modules
  ZENG De-wen,Manfred Born,Karsten Wambach
  2004,16(6):889-893 [Abstract(2628)]  [View PDF]
Screening of flocculant-producing microorganisms and flocculating activity
  CHENG Jin-ping,ZHANG Lan-ying,WANG Wen-hua,YANG Yi-chen,ZHENG Min,JU Su-wei
  2004,16(6):894-897 [Abstract(1990)]  [View PDF]
Investigation of factors on a fungal biofilter to treat waste gas with ethyl mercaptan
  ZHU Guo-ying,LIU Jun-xin
  2004,16(6):898-900 [Abstract(1757)]  [View PDF]
Nitrogen removal influence factors in A/O process and decision trees for nitrification/denitrification system
  MA Yong,PENG Yong-zhen,WANG Shu-ying,WANG Xiao-lian
  2004,16(6):901-907 [Abstract(1654)]  [View PDF]
Sediment distribution pattern mapped from the combination of objective analysis and geostatistics in the large shallow Taihu Lake, China
  LUO Lian-cong,QIN Bo-qiang,ZHU Guang-wei
  2004,16(6):908-911 [Abstract(1977)]  [View PDF]
Spatial distribution of heavy metals of agricultural soils in Dongguan, China
  XIA Yun-sheng,LI Fang-bai,WAN Hong-fu,MA Jin,YANG Guo-yi,LUO Wei,ZHANG Tian-bin
  2004,16(6):912-918 [Abstract(1910)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption mechanism of phenolic compounds from aqueous solution on hypercrosslinked polymeric adsorbent
  WANG Xue-jiang,ZHAO Jian-fu,XIA Si-qing,LI Ai-min,CHEN Ling
  2004,16(6):919-924 [Abstract(2213)]  [View PDF]
Rapid treatment of atrazine-contaminated water by nickel/iron bimetallic system
  WEI Hong,TONG Shao-ping,WANG Hong-yu,LIU Wei-ping
  2004,16(6):925-927 [Abstract(1756)]  [View PDF]
Binding of pyrene to dissolved organic matters: fractionation and characterization
  DAI Jing-yu,ZHOU Jiang-min,QIN Shu-ping
  2004,16(6):928-933 [Abstract(1834)]  [View PDF]
Effects of nutrients on Microcystis growth more easily forming bloom
  OU Ming-ming,ZHOU Bao-xue,XIE Wei-jie,JIANG Ju-hui,CAI Wei-min
  2004,16(6):934-937 [Abstract(1762)]  [View PDF]
Photocatalytic remediation of γ-HCH contaminated soil induced by α-Fe2O3 and TiO2
  ZHAO Xu,QUAN Xie,ZHAO Ya-zhi,ZHAO Hui-min,CHEN Shuo,CHEN Jing-wen
  2004,16(6):938-941 [Abstract(1841)]  [View PDF]
Fenton treatment of olive oil mill wastewater--applicability of the method and parameters effects on the degradation process
  Bensalah Nasr,Bedoui Ahmed,Gadri Abdellatif
  2004,16(6):942-944 [Abstract(1778)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of α, β, γ-hexachlorocyclohexanes in water by novel activated carbon fiber-solid phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography--mass spectrometry
  SUN Tong-hua,FANG Neng-hu,ZHU Nan-wen,WANG Ya-lin,JIA Jin-ping
  2004,16(6):945-949 [Abstract(1793)]  [View PDF]
Use of two-surfactants mixtures to attain specific HLB values for assisted TPH-diesel biodegradation
  Luis G. Torres,Neftalí Rojas,Rosario Iturbe
  2004,16(6):950-956 [Abstract(2073)]  [View PDF]
Application of ultrasonic to speciation analysis of heavy metals in soil
  SUN Fu-sheng,ZHAN Zhong-ying,ZHANG Kun-song,WANG Yi
  2004,16(6):957-961 [Abstract(1624)]  [View PDF]
Cadmium uptake by different rice genotypes that produce white or dark grains
  CUI Yu-jing,ZHU Yong-guan,F. Andrew Smith,Sally E. Smith
  2004,16(6):962-967 [Abstract(1694)]  [View PDF]
Aerobic dechlorination of cis- and trans-dichloroethenes by some indigenous bacteria isolated from contaminated sites in Africa
  Ademola O. Olaniran,Dorsamy Pillay,Balakrishna Pillay
  2004,16(6):968-972 [Abstract(1599)]  [View PDF]
Catalytic oxidation of calcium sulfite in solution/aqueous slurry
  WU Xiao-qin,WU Zhong-biao,WANG Da-hui
  2004,16(6):973-977 [Abstract(1832)]  [View PDF]
Influence of the Haizhou Open Pit Coal Mine on the atmospheric flow over Fuxin, China
  CHEN He,YANG Zhi-feng,WANG Xuan
  2004,16(6):978-980 [Abstract(1744)]  [View PDF]
Assessment on the pollution of nitrogen and phosphorus of Beijing surface water based on GIS system and multivariate statistical approaches
  LI Lian-fang,LI Guo-xue,LIAO Xiao-yong
  2004,16(6):981-986 [Abstract(1715)]  [View PDF]
Microbial changes in rhizospheric soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons after bioremediation
  LIN Xin,LI Pei-jun,XU Hua-xia,ZHOU Qi-xing,ZHANG Hai-rong
  2004,16(6):987-990 [Abstract(1950)]  [View PDF]
Treatment of anthraquinone dye wastewater by hydrolytic acidification-aerobic process
  YANG Jian,WU Min,Li Dan
  2004,16(6):991-993 [Abstract(1766)]  [View PDF]
Projection pursuit cluster model and its application in water quality assessment
  WANG Shun-jiu,YANG Zhi-feng,DING Jing
  2004,16(6):994-995 [Abstract(1775)]  [View PDF]
Modification on the conventional procedure to measure AOC in drinking water
  LI Fu-zhi,SANG Jun-qiang,ZHANG Xi-hui,WANG Zhan-sheng
  2004,16(6):996-1000 [Abstract(2086)]  [View PDF]
Ammonium removal by modified zeolite from municipal wastewater
  ZHAO Ya-ping,GAO Ting-yao,JIANG Shang-ying,CAO Da-wen
  2004,16(6):1001-1004 [Abstract(1863)]  [View PDF]
Model-based evaluation on the conversion ratio of ammonium to nitrite in a nitritation process for ammonium-rich wastewater treatment
  LI Xiao-ming,YANG Qi,ZENG Guang-ming,A. Cornelius,K. H. Rosenwinkel,S. Kunst,D. Weichgrebe
  2004,16(6):1005-1010 [Abstract(1875)]  [View PDF]
Desulfurization of dibenzothiophene by a newly isolated Corynebacterium sp. ZD-1 in aqueous phase
  WANG Miao-dong,LI Wei,WANG Da-hui,SHI Yao
  2004,16(6):1011-1015 [Abstract(1766)]  [View PDF]
Intensification of adsorption process by using the pyrolytic char from waste tires to remove chromium(Ⅵ) from wastewater
  ZHOU Jie,YANG Yong-rong
  2004,16(6):1016-1019 [Abstract(1597)]  [View PDF]
Modelling the biological performance of a side-stream membrane bioreactor using ASM1
  TIAN Ke-jun,LIU Xin-ai,JIANG Tao,M.D. Kennedy,J.C. Schippers,P.A. Vanrolleghem
  2004,16(6):1020-1023 [Abstract(1647)]  [View PDF]
Biogenic VOCs emission inventory development of temperate grassland vegetation in Xilin River Basin, Inner Mongolia, China
  HE Nian-peng,HAN Xing-guo,SUN Wei,Pan Qing-min
  2004,16(6):1024-1032 [Abstract(1865)]  [View PDF]
Volatilization behaviors of diesel oil from the soils
  LI Yu-ying,ZHENG Xi-lai,LI Bing,MA Yu-xin,CAO Jing-hua
  2004,16(6):1033-1036 [Abstract(2013)]  [View PDF]
Biological nitrogen removal with enhanced phosphate uptake in (AO)2SBR using single sludge system
  JIANG Yi-feng,WANG Lin,WANG Bao-zhen,HE Sheng-bing,LUI Shuo
  2004,16(6):1037-1040 [Abstract(1744)]  [View PDF]
Anammox transited from denitrification in upflow biofilm reactor
  ZHANG Shao-hui,ZHENG Ping,HUA Yu-mei
  2004,16(6):1041-1045 [Abstract(2110)]  [View PDF]
Use of rural energy resources and eco-environmental degradation in Tibet
  WANG Ya-jun,XIE Zhong-kui,WEI Xing-hu,YANG Ping
  2004,16(6):1046-1050 [Abstract(2104)]  [View PDF]
  2004,16(6):1051-1056 [Abstract(1271)]  [View PDF]

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