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Organic carbon stock in topsoil of Jiangsu Province, China, and the recent trend of carbon sequestration
  PAN Gen-xing,LI Lian-qing,ZHANG Qi,WANG Xu-kui,SUN Xing-bin,XU Xiao-bo and JIANG Ding-an
  2005,17(1):1-7 [Abstract(2084)]  [View PDF]
Investigation of natural VOC emitted from tropical vegetations in China
  WANG Zhi-hui,BAI Yu-hua,LIU Zhao-rong,WANG Xue-song,LI Qing-jun and L. F. Klinger
  2005,17(1):8-13 [Abstract(2021)]  [View PDF]
Phytoremediation for phenanthrene and pyrene contaminated soils
  GAO Yan-zheng and ZHU Li-zhong
  2005,17(1):14-18 [Abstract(1873)]  [View PDF]
Synergistic effect of palladium and oxygen vacancies in the Pd/perovskite catalysts synthesized by the spc method
  ZHOU Ke-bin,CHEN Hong-de,TIAN Qun,ZHU Bao-wei,SHEN Di-xin and XU Xiao-bai
  2005,17(1):19-24 [Abstract(2263)]  [View PDF]
Absorption of phosphorus from wastewater by aged refuse excavated from municipal solid waste landfill
  ZHAO You-cai and SHAO Fang
  2005,17(1):25-29 [Abstract(1959)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption of Pb, Cd to Fe, Mn oxides in natural freshwater surface coatings developed in different seasons
  DONG De-ming,YANG Fan,LI Yu,HUA Xiu-yi,L(U) Xiao-jun and ZHANG Jing-jing
  2005,17(1):30-36 [Abstract(1943)]  [View PDF]
Effects of cracks and some key factors on emissions of nitrous oxide in paddy fields
  HUANG Shu-hui,LU Jun and TIAN Guang-ming
  2005,17(1):37-42 [Abstract(1867)]  [View PDF]
Interaction of humic substances and hematite: FTIR study
  FU Hong-bo,QUAN Xie,CHEN Shuo,ZHAO Hui-min and ZHAO Ya-zhi
  2005,17(1):43-47 [Abstract(1856)]  [View PDF]
Distribution, sources and potential toxicological significance of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) in Guanting Reservoir sediments, China
  HUANG Sheng-biao,WANG Zi-jian,XU Yi-ping and MA Mei
  2005,17(1):48-53 [Abstract(1980)]  [View PDF]
Spatial variations in daily average CO2 concentrations above wetland surface of Xianghai National Nature Reserve, China
  BAI Jun-hong,OUYANG Hua,WANG Qing-gai,ZHOU Cai-ping and XU Xiao-feng
  2005,17(1):54-58 [Abstract(1995)]  [View PDF]
Synchronous municipal sewerage-sludge stabilization
  Godefroid Bukuru and Yang Jian
  2005,17(1):59-61 [Abstract(1919)]  [View PDF]
Designing principles of an ecological water storage basin on coastal saline: a case study
  LIU Ping-ping,YIN Cheng-qing,QU Jiu-hui,ZHANG Guang-yun,FENG Wen-qing,LIU Jun-xin and ZHONG Zhi
  2005,17(1):62-66 [Abstract(1811)]  [View PDF]
Effects of methyl-CD and humic acid on hydrolytic degradation of the herbicide diclofop-methyl
  CAI Xi-yun,WEN Yue-zhong,ZHONG Tian-xiang and LIU Wei-ping
  2005,17(1):67-71 [Abstract(1888)]  [View PDF]
Effect of free-air CO2 enrichment on nematode communities in a Chinese farmland ecosystem
  LI Qi,LIANG Wen-ju,JIANG Yong,ZHU Jian-guo and KONG Chui-hua
  2005,17(1):72-75 [Abstract(1905)]  [View PDF]
Visible light induced photodegradation of organic pollutants on nitrogen and fluorine co-doped TiO2 photocatalyst
  WANG Zheng-peng,XU Jun,CAI Wei-min,ZHOU Bao-xue,HE Zheng-guang,CAI Chun-guang and HONG Xiao-ting
  2005,17(1):76-80 [Abstract(2073)]  [View PDF]
Role of nitrification inhibitor DMPP( 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate) in NO3--N accumulation in greengrocery(Brassica campestris L. Ssp. Chinensis )and vegetable soil
  XU Chao,WU Liang-huan,JU Xiao-tang and ZHANG Fu-suo
  2005,17(1):81-83 [Abstract(2106)]  [View PDF]
DNA damage of germ cell of rat induced by nitrotoluene chemicals
  YANG Li,XU Jing-bo,ZHEN Lin,SUN Zhi-wei,SHI Long,JIN Ming-hua and LIU Xiao-mei
  2005,17(1):84-90 [Abstract(2003)]  [View PDF]
Investigation on activated semi-coke desulfurization
  SHANGGUAN Ju,LI Zhuan-li and LI Chun-hu
  2005,17(1):91-94 [Abstract(1950)]  [View PDF]
Evolution of nutrient structure and phytoplankton composition in the Jiaozhou Bay ecosystem
  ZHAO Shu-jiang,JIAO Nian-zhi,WU Chang-wen,LIANG Bing and ZHANG Shu-yi
  2005,17(1):95-102 [Abstract(1915)]  [View PDF]
Effect of Mo contents on properties of Mo/ZSM-5 zeolite catalyst for NOx reduction
  LI Zhe,HUANG Wei and XIE Ke-chang
  2005,17(1):103-105 [Abstract(2570)]  [View PDF]
Variations of dominant microbial populations in groundwater in response to the leachate from Laogang Landfill
  TIAN Yang-jie,YANG Hong,LI Dao-tang and LIN Zhi-xin
  2005,17(1):106-109 [Abstract(1885)]  [View PDF]
Combined effect of US/PFS on the black liquor of making paper
  SHEN Zhuang-zhi,LAN Cong-qing and SHEN Jian-zhong
  2005,17(1):110-112 [Abstract(2036)]  [View PDF]
Levels of polychlorinated biphenyls in 1,4-dichlorobenzene mothballs
  LIU Wen-bin,ZHENG Ming-hui,XING Ying,WANG Dong-sheng,ZHAO Xing-ru and GAO Li-rong
  2005,17(1):113-114 [Abstract(1781)]  [View PDF]
Leaching of metals on stabilization of metal sludge using cement based materials
  Carmalin Sophia A and K. Swaminathan
  2005,17(1):115-118 [Abstract(2069)]  [View PDF]
Natural organic matter(NOM) removal from surface water by coagulation
  GAO Bao-yu and YUE Qin-yan
  2005,17(1):119-122 [Abstract(2240)]  [View PDF]
Streptomyces avermitilis from marine
  XIONG Li-xia,LI Jian-zhong and WANG Hui-li
  2005,17(1):123-125 [Abstract(2072)]  [View PDF]
Comparison of Pb and Cd adsorption to the surface coatings and surficial sediments collected in Xianghai Wetland
  LI Yu,WANG Xiao-li,WANG Yue,DONG De-ming,ZHANG Hua-peng,LI Qing-shan and LI Xing-chun
  2005,17(1):126-129 [Abstract(1751)]  [View PDF]
Changes in soil microbial community structure associated with two types of genetically engineered plants analyzing by PLFA
  XUE Kai,LUO Hai-feng,QI Hong-yan and ZHANG Hong-xun
  2005,17(1):130-134 [Abstract(2026)]  [View PDF]
Subjective annoyance caused by indoor low-level and low frequency noise and control method
  DI Guo-qing,ZHANG Bang-jun and SHANG Qi
  2005,17(1):135-140 [Abstract(2169)]  [View PDF]
Investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from coal gasification
  ZHOU Hong-cang,JIN Bao-sheng,ZHONG Zhao-ping,HUANG Ya-ji,XIAO Rui and LI Da-ji
  2005,17(1):141-145 [Abstract(1880)]  [View PDF]
Structural and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 films fabricated on silicon substrates by MOCVD method
  YANG Jia-long,LI Ying,WANG Fu,ZUO Liang,Gu-Chul Yi and Wong Yong Choi
  2005,17(1):146-151 [Abstract(2258)]  [View PDF]
Biological formation of 5-aminolevulinic acid by photosynthetic bacteria
  LIU Xiu-yan,XU Xiang-yang,MA Qing-lan and WU Wei-hong
  2005,17(1):152-155 [Abstract(2071)]  [View PDF]
Determination of arsenic in air particulates and diesel exhaust particulates by spectrophotometry
  S. M. Talebi and M. Abedi
  2005,17(1):156-158 [Abstract(2039)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption of Direct Green B on mixed hydroxy-Fe-Al pillared montmorillonite with large basal spacing
  ZENG Xiu-qiong and LIU Wei-ping
  2005,17(1):159-162 [Abstract(2009)]  [View PDF]
Chemical and biological flocculation process to treat municipal sewage and analysis of biological function
  XIA Si-qing,YANG Dian-hai,XU Bin and ZHAO Jian-fu
  2005,17(1):163-167 [Abstract(1937)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metal concentrations in redeveloping soil of mine spoil under plantations of certain native woody species in dry tropical environment, India
  Anand N. Singh,ZEHG De-hui and CHEN Fu-sheng
  2005,17(1):168-174 [Abstract(2414)]  [View PDF]
Comment on "Removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution by carbon nanotubes: adsorption equilibrium and kinetics" by Li, Y. H., Di, Z.C., Luan, Z.K., Ding, J., Zuo, H., Wu, X.Q., Xu, C.L. and Wu, D.H.
  Yuh-Shan Ho
  2005,17(1):175-176 [Abstract(2040)]  [View PDF]
Response to comment on "Removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution by carbon nanotubes: adsorption equilibrium and kinetics"
  LUAN Zhao-kun
  2005,17(1):176 [Abstract(1971)]  [View PDF]

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