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Release behavior of copper and zinc from sandy soils
  ZHANG Ming-kui and XIA Yi-pingXIA Yi-ping, ZHANG Ming-kui
  2005,17(4) [Abstract(2936)]  [View PDF]
Pretreatment of apramycin wastewater by catalytic wet air oxidation
  YANG Shao-xia,FENG Yu-jie,WAN Jia-feng,LIN Qing-ying,ZHU Wan-peng and JIANG Zhan-pengFENG Yu-jie, JIANG Zhan-peng, LIN Qing-ying, WAN Jia-feng, YANG Shao-xia, ZHU Wan-peng
  2005,17(4):523-626 [Abstract(3064)]  [View PDF]
Competitive and cooperative adsorption behaviors of phenol and aniline onto nonpolar macroreticular adsorbents
  ZHANG Wei-ming,CHEN Jin-long,PAN Bing-cai and ZHANG Quan-xingCHEN Jin-long, PAN Bing-cai, ZHANG Quan-xing, ZHANG Wei-ming
  2005,17(4):529-534 [Abstract(2347)]  [View PDF]
Comparison of zinc complexation properties of dissolved organic matter from surface waters and wastewater treatment plant effluents
  2005,17(4):535-539 [Abstract(2559)]  [View PDF]
Application of chemometrics methods for the estimation of heavy metals contamination in river sediments
  WANG Ya-wei,YUAN Chun-gang,JIN Xing-long and JIANG Gui-binJIANG Gui-bin, JIN Xing-long, WANG Ya-wei, YUAN Chun-gang
  2005,17(4):540-544 [Abstract(2240)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of azo dyes by genetically engineered azoreductase
  WANG Jing,YAN Bin,ZHOU Ji-ti,BAO Yong-ming,LU Hong and YUAN Xiao-dongBAO Yong-ming, LU Hong, WANG Jing, YAN Bin, YUAN Xiao-dong, ZHOU Ji-ti
  2005,17(4):545-550 [Abstract(2369)]  [View PDF]
Preliminary studies on nitrous oxide emissions from the ornithogenic soils on Xi-sha atoll, South China Sea
  ZHU Ren-bin,SUN Li-guang,ZHAO San-ping,XIE Zhou-qing,LIU Xiao-dong and YIN Xue-binLIU Xiao-dong, SUN Li-guang, XIE Zhou-qing, YIN Xue-bin, ZHAO San-ping, ZHU Ren-bin
  2005,17(4):551-556 [Abstract(2050)]  [View PDF]
Biological pretreatment of Yellow River water
  XIE Shu-guang,TANG Xiao-yan,WU Wei-zhong,WEN Dong-hui and WANG Zhan-shengTANG Xiao-yan, WANG Zhan-sheng, WEN Dong-hui, WU Wei-zhong, XIE Shu-guang
  2005,17(4):557-561 [Abstract(2559)]  [View PDF]
Preparation and characterization of visible-light-active nitrogen-doped TiO2 photocatalyst
  HUANG Xian-huai,TANG Yu-chao,HU Chun,YU Han-qing and CHEN Chu-shengCHEN Chu-sheng, HU Chun, HUANG Xian-huai, TANG Yu-chao, YU Han-qing
  2005,17(4):562-565 [Abstract(2753)]  [View PDF]
Distribution of cadmium in oilseed rape and Indian mustard grown on cadmium contaminated soil
  WANG Ji-qing and SU De-chunSU De-chun, WANG Ji-qing
  2005,17(4):572-575 [Abstract(2364)]  [View PDF]
Catalytic wet air oxidation for the treatment of emulsifying wastewater
  ZHAO Jian-fu,CHEN Ling,LU Yi-cheng and TANG Wen-weiCHEN Ling, LU Yi-cheng, TANG Wen-wei, ZHAO Jian-fu
  2005,17(4):576-579 [Abstract(2563)]  [View PDF]
Phytotoxicity assessment of phenanthrene, pyrene and their mixtures by a soil-based seedling emergence test
  SONG Yu-fang,GONG Ping,ZHOU Qi-xing and SUN Tie-hengGONG Ping, SONG Yu-fang, SUN Tie-heng, ZHOU Qi-xing
  2005,17(4):580-583 [Abstract(2332)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption of catechol from aqueous solution by aminated hypercrosslinked polymers
  SUN Yue,LI Xiao-tao,XU Chao,CHEN Jin-long,LI Ai-min and ZHANG Quan-xingCHEN Jin-long, LI Ai-min, LI Xiao-tao, SUN Yue, XU Chao, ZHANG Quan-xing
  2005,17(4):584-588 [Abstract(2383)]  [View PDF]
Isolation and characterization of heterotrophic nitrifying bacteria in MBR
  LIN Yan,HE Yi-liang,KONG Hai-nan,LIU Bin-bin,LI Yan and INAMON YuheiHE Yi-liang, INAMON Yuhei, KONG Hai-nan, LI Yan, LIN Yan, LIU Bin-bin
  2005,17(4):589-592 [Abstract(2482)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of imazapyr in typical soils in Zhejiang Province, China
  WANG Xue-dong,ZHOU Su-mei,WANG Hui-li and FAN De-fangFAN De-fang, WANG Hui-li, WANG Xue-dong, ZHOU Su-mei
  2005,17(4):593-597 [Abstract(2031)]  [View PDF]
Direct photolysis of nitroaromatic compounds in aqueous solutions
  CHEN Bing,YANG Chun and GOH Ngoh KhangCHEN Bing, GOH Ngoh Khang, YANG Chun
  2005,17(4):598-604 [Abstract(2675)]  [View PDF]
Effects of UV-B radiation on the growth interaction of Ulva pertusa and Alexandrium tamarense
  CAI Heng-jiang,TANG Xue-xi,ZHANG Pei-yu,DONG Dong and QU LiangCAI Heng-jiang, DONG Dong, QU Liang, TANG Xue-xi, ZHANG Pei-yu
  2005,17(4):605-610 [Abstract(2417)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of phosphate-accumulating organisms cultivated under different carbon sources with polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis assay
  YU Shui-li,LIU Ya-nan,JING Guo-lin,ZHAO Bing-jie and GUO Si-yuanGUO Si-yuan, JING Guo-lin, LIU Ya-nan, YU Shui-li, ZHAO Bing-jie
  2005,17(4):611-614 [Abstract(2371)]  [View PDF]
A novel thermal biosensor based on enzyme reaction for pesticides measurement
  ZHENG Yi-hua,HUA Tse-chao and XU FeiHUA Tse-chao, XU Fei, ZHENG Yi-hua
  2005,17(4):615-619 [Abstract(2138)]  [View PDF]
Cooperation between ligninolytic enzymes produced by superior mixed flora
  WANG Hai-lei,LI Zong-yi,GUO Wei-yun,WANG Zhen-yu and PAN FengGUO Wei-yun, LI Zong-yi, PAN Feng, WANG Hai-lei, WANG Zhen-yu
  2005,17(4):620-622 [Abstract(2313)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of NO reduction with non-thermal plasma
  YU Gang,YU Qi,JIANG Yan-long and ZENG Ke-siJIANG Yan-long, YU Gang, YU Qi, ZENG Ke-si
  2005,17(4):627-630 [Abstract(2139)]  [View PDF]
Predicting herbicides concentrations in paddy water and runoff to the river basin
  PARVEEN Sultana,KOHGUCHI Testuyuki,BISWAS Moloy and NAKAGOSHI NobukazuBISWAS Moloy, KOHGUCHI Testuyuki, NAKAGOSHI Nobukazu, PARVEEN Sultana
  2005,17(4):631-636 [Abstract(2502)]  [View PDF]
Effect of combined pollution by heavy metals on soil enzymatic activities in areas polluted by tailings from Pb-Zn-Ag mine
  CHEN Cheng-li,LIAO Min and HUANG Chang-yongCHEN Cheng-li, HUANG Chang-yong, LIAO Min
  2005,17(4):637-640 [Abstract(2634)]  [View PDF]
Influence of new town development on the urban heat island - The case of the Bundang area
  SONG Young-baeSONG Young-bae
  2005,17(4):641-645 [Abstract(2165)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption of β-naphthalenesulfonic acid/sulfuric acid from their solution by weakly basic resin: equilibrium
  LI Chang-hai and SHI Peng-feiLI Chang-hai, SHI Peng-fei
  2005,17(4):646-649 [Abstract(2155)]  [View PDF]
A field experimental study of lignin sand stabilizing material (LSSM) extracted from spent-liquor of straw pulping paper mills
  WANG Han-jie,LI Jing,LU Xiao-zhen and JIN Yong-canJIN Yong-can, LI Jing, LU Xiao-zhen, WANG Han-jie
  2005,17(4):650-654 [Abstract(2307)]  [View PDF]
Re-activation characteristics of preserved aerobic granular sludge
  ZHANG Li-li,ZHANG Bo,HUANG Yu-feng and CAI Wei-minCAI Wei-min, HUANG Yu-feng, ZHANG Bo, ZHANG Li-li
  2005,17(4):655-658 [Abstract(2177)]  [View PDF]
Degradation of crude oil by indigenous microorganisms supplemented with nutrients
  XIA Wen-xiang,ZHENG Xi-lai,LI Jin-cheng,SONG Zhi-wen,ZHOU Li and SUN Hao-fenLI Jin-cheng, SONG Zhi-wen, SUN Hao-fen, XIA Wen-xiang, ZHENG Xi-lai, ZHOU Li
  2005,17(4):659-661 [Abstract(2290)]  [View PDF]
Integrated numerical model of nitrogen transportation, absorption and transformation by two-dimension in soil-crop system
  WANG Hong-qi,SHU Yan,QI Yong-qiang and ZHANG JunQI Yong-qiang, SHU Yan, WANG Hong-qi, ZHANG Jun
  2005,17(4):662-666 [Abstract(2251)]  [View PDF]
Effect of Cd on GSH and GSH-related enzymes of Chlamydomonas sp. ICE-L existing in Antarctic ice
  DING Yu,MIAO Jin-lai,LI Guang-you,WANG Quan-fu,KAN Guang-feng and WANG Guo-dongDING Yu, KAN Guang-feng, LI Guang-you, MIAO Jin-lai, WANG Guo-dong, WANG Quan-fu
  2005,17(4):667-671 [Abstract(2481)]  [View PDF]
Heavy-metal contents in suspended solids of Meiliang Bay, Taihu Lake and its environmental significances
  ZHU Guang-wei,CHI Qiao-qiao,QIN Bo-qiang and WANG Wen-minCHI Qiao-qiao, QIN Bo-qiang, WANG Wen-min, ZHU Guang-wei
  2005,17(4):672-675 [Abstract(2346)]  [View PDF]
Upstream-downstream cooperation approach in Guanting Reservoir watershed
  YANG Zhi-feng and ZHANG Wen-guoYANG Zhi-feng, ZHANG Wen-guo
  2005,17(4):676-680 [Abstract(2086)]  [View PDF]
Immobilized reactor for rapid destruction of recalcitrant organics and inorganics in tannery wastewater
  A. Ganesh Kumar,G. Sekaran,S. Swarnalatha and B. Prasad RaoA. Ganesh Kumar, B. Prasad Rao, G. Sekaran, S. Swarnalatha
  2005,17(4):681-685 [Abstract(2288)]  [View PDF]
Simulation of temporal and spatial change of N2O emissions in the Yangtze River Delta
  LIU Jian-dong,ZHOU Xiu-ji,CHEN De-liang,OUYANG Zhi-yun,WANG Xiao-ke and Achberger ChristineAchberger Christine, CHEN De-liang, LIU Jian-dong, OUYANG Zhi-yun, WANG Xiao-ke, ZHOU Xiu-ji
  2005,17(4):686-690 [Abstract(2146)]  [View PDF]
Response of CH4 emission of paddy fields to land management practices at a microcosmic cultivation scale in China
  SHAO Jing-an,HUANG Xue-xia,GAO Ming,WEI Chao-fu,XIE De-ti and CAI Zu-congCAI Zu-cong, GAO Ming, HUANG Xue-xia, SHAO Jing-an, WEI Chao-fu, XIE De-ti
  2005,17(4):691-698 [Abstract(2269)]  [View PDF]
HCl emission characteristics and BP neural networks prediction in MSW/coal co-fired fluidized beds
  CHI Yong,WEN Jun-ming,ZHANG Dong-ping,YAN Jian-hua,NI Ming-jiang and CEN Ke-faCEN Ke-fa, CHI Yong, NI Ming-jiang, WEN Jun-ming, YAN Jian-hua, ZHANG Dong-ping
  2005,17(4):699-704 [Abstract(2129)]  [View PDF]

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