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Ultrasound enhancement of the reduction of the Basic Green dye in wastewater by cast iron
  SHEN Zhuang-zhi and SHEN Jian-zhong
  2006,18(1):1-3 [Abstract(1988)]  [View PDF]
Effect of chlorpyrifos on soil microbial populations and enzyme activities
  SHAN Min,FANG Hua,WANG Xiao,FENG Bo,CHU Xiao-qiang and YU Yun-long
  2006,18(1):4-5 [Abstract(2104)]  [View PDF]
Effects of thermally pretreated temperature on bio-hydrogen production from sewage sludge
  XIAO Ben-yi and LIU Jun-xin
  2006,18(1):6-12 [Abstract(1771)]  [View PDF]
Decomposition kinetics of dimethyl methylphospate(chemical agent simulant) by supercritical water oxidation
  Bambang VERIANSYAH,Jae-Duck KIM and Youn-Woo LEE
  2006,18(1):13-16 [Abstract(2053)]  [View PDF]
Dyes wastewater treatment by reduction-oxidation process in an electrochemical reactor packed with natural manganese mineral
  WANG Ai-min,QU Jiu-hui,LIU Hui-juan and LEI Peng-ju
  2006,18(1):17-22 [Abstract(1987)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption removal of thiocyanate from aqueous solution by calcined hydrotalcite
  LI Yu-jiang,YANG Min,ZHANG Xiao-jin,WU Tao,CAO Nan,WEI Na,BI Yan-jun and WANG Jing
  2006,18(1):23-28 [Abstract(2018)]  [View PDF]
Advanced treatment of oil recovery wastewater from polymer flooding by UV/H2O2/O3 and fine filtration
  REN Guang-meng,SUN De-zhi and Jong Shik CHUNK
  2006,18(1):29-32 [Abstract(1888)]  [View PDF]
Mechanism study of electrochemical oxidation in the terylene diaphragm cell
  YU Xiu-juan,WANG Hui,SUN De-zhi,SONG Lai-wen and WU Lan
  2006,18(1):33-39 [Abstract(2230)]  [View PDF]
Iron stability in drinking water distribution systems in a city of China
  NIU Zhang-bin,WANG Yang,ZHANG Xiao-jian,HE Wen-jie,HAN Hong-da and YIN Pei-jun
  2006,18(1):40-46 [Abstract(2464)]  [View PDF]
Comparative study on the removal technologies of 2-methylisoborneol (MIB) in drinking water
  LIANG Cun-zhen,WANG Dong-sheng,GE Xiao-peng,YANG Min and SUN Wei
  2006,18(1):47-51 [Abstract(1935)]  [View PDF]
Simultaneous phosphorus and nitrogen removal in a continuous-flow two-sludge system
  LI Xiang-kun,HUANG Rong-xin,BAO Lin-lin,SHAO Chun-hong and ZHANG Jie
  2006,18(1):52-57 [Abstract(2057)]  [View PDF]
Control strategy of shortcut nitrification
  LU Gang,ZHENG Ping,JIN Ren-cun and QAISAR Mahmood
  2006,18(1):58-61 [Abstract(1937)]  [View PDF]
Simulation and control strategy for the variational influent of WWTP
  LIU Yan-chen,FAN Long,SHI Han-chang and WANG Zhi-qiang
  2006,18(1):62-68 [Abstract(2011)]  [View PDF]
Observation of atmospheric nitrous acid with DOAS in Beijing, China
  QIN Min,XIE Pin-hua,LIU Wen-qing,LI Ang,DOU Ke,FANG Wu,LIU Jian-guo and ZHANG Wei-jun
  2006,18(1):69-75 [Abstract(2001)]  [View PDF]
Morphology of metal nanoparticles photodeposited on TiO2/silical gel and photothermal activity for destruction of ethylene
  HU Chun,LIN Lan-yu and HU Xue-xiang
  2006,18(1):76-82 [Abstract(1884)]  [View PDF]
Decomposition of CCl4 and CHCl3 on gliding arc plasma
  Antonius Indarto,CHOI Jae-wook,LEE Hwaung and SONG Hyung-keun
  2006,18(1):83-89 [Abstract(1897)]  [View PDF]
Mineralogical characterization of airborne individual particulates in Beijing PM10
  LU Sen-lin,SHAO Long-yi,WU Ming-hong and JIAO Zheng
  2006,18(1):90-95 [Abstract(2024)]  [View PDF]
Arsenate and phosphate interaction in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  GENG Chun-nu and ZHU Yong-guan
  2006,18(1):96-100 [Abstract(1936)]  [View PDF]
Effect of dissolved organic matter on the toxicity of chlorotoluron to Triticum aestivum
  SONG Ning-hui,YANG Zhi-min,ZHOU Li-xian,WU Xin and YANG Hong
  2006,18(1):101-108 [Abstract(2031)]  [View PDF]
Influences of petroleum on accumulation of copper and cadmium in the polychaete Nereis diversicolor
  SUN Fu-hong,ZHOU Qi-xing and ZHANG Qian-ru
  2006,18(1):109-114 [Abstract(2147)]  [View PDF]
Reducing non-point source pollution with enhancing infiltration
  MU Huan-zhen,ZHENG Tao,HUANG Yan-chu,ZHANG Chun-ping and LIU Chen
  2006,18(1):115-119 [Abstract(1880)]  [View PDF]
Variations among rice cultivars on root oxidation and Cd uptake
  LIU Jian-guo,WANG De-ke,XU Jia-kuan,ZHU Qing-sen and WONG Ming-hung
  2006,18(1):120-124 [Abstract(1844)]  [View PDF]
Effects of cerium on growth and physiological mechanism in plants under enhanced ultraviolet-B radiation
  LIANG Chan-juan,HUANG Xiao-hua,TAO Wen-yi and ZHOU Qing
  2006,18(1):125-129 [Abstract(1929)]  [View PDF]
Does the long-term application of calcium superphosphate lead to an increase of the soil rare earth element contents?
  ZHANG Yun,DENG Li-bin and YE Wan-Hui
  2006,18(1):130-134 [Abstract(1801)]  [View PDF]
Effect of herbicide acetochlor on cytochrome P450 monooxygenases and GST of earthworms Eisenia fetida
  XIAO Neng-wen,LIU Xiang-hui,LI Wei and GE Feng
  2006,18(1):135-140 [Abstract(2468)]  [View PDF]
Isolation, characterization and phylogenetic analysis of a bacterial strain capable of degrading acetamiprid
  YAO Xiao-hua and MIN Hang
  2006,18(1):141-146 [Abstract(1877)]  [View PDF]
Experiments and modelling of phenanthrene biodegradation in the aqueous phase by a mixed culture
  LIU Xiang,MAO Xiao-min,YANG Jian-gang,D.A. Barry and LI Ling
  2006,18(1):147-153 [Abstract(1963)]  [View PDF]
A remote sensing system of vehicle emissions based on tunable diode laser technology
  ZENG Jun,GUO Hua-fang and HU Yue-ming
  2006,18(1):154-157 [Abstract(1891)]  [View PDF]
Determination of hydroxyl radicals in TiO2/Ti photoelectrocatalytic oxidation system using Fe(phen)3 2+ spectrophotometry
  JIANG Yan-li,LIU Hui-ling,WANG Qun-hui and JIANG Zhao-hua
  2006,18(1):158-161 [Abstract(1952)]  [View PDF]
An improved gas chromatography for rapid measurement of CO2,CH4 and N2O
  WANG Ying-hong,WANG Yue-si,SUN Yang,XU Zhong-jun and LIU Guang-ren
  2006,18(1):162-169 [Abstract(2146)]  [View PDF]
Modification of FGD gypsum in hydrothermal mixed salt solution
  WU Xiao-qin and WU Zhong-biao
  2006,18(1):170-175 [Abstract(1962)]  [View PDF]
Landfill leachate treatment in assisted landfill bioreactor
  HE Pin-jing,QU Xian,SHAO Li-ming and LEE Duu-jong
  2006,18(1):176-179 [Abstract(1927)]  [View PDF]
Reaction site and mechanism in the UV or visible light induced TiO2 photodegradation of Orange G
  YANG Shi-ying,LOU Li-ping,WU Xiao-na and CHEN Ying-xu
  2006,18(1):180-183 [Abstract(2079)]  [View PDF]
Arsenic and major cation hydrogeochemistry of the Central Victorian (Australia) surface waters
  Khawar SULTAN and Kim DOWLING
  2006,18(1):184-192 [Abstract(1915)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of bisphenol A using TiO2 and its separation by submerged hollowfiber ultrafiltration membrane
  Jae-Wook Lee,Tae-Ouk Kwon,Ramesh Thiruvenkatachari and Il-Shik Moon
  2006,18(1):193-200 [Abstract(1994)]  [View PDF]
Effect of adding Lactobacillus plantarum and soluble carbohydrates to swine manure on odorous compounds, chemical composition and indigenous flora
  HUANG Can,LI Ji,KANG Wen-li and TANG Xin-yan
  2006,18(1):201-206 [Abstract(1928)]  [View PDF]

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