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Preozonation of bromide-bearing source water in south China
  GUO Zhao-hai,YANG Min,ZHANG Yu,PEI Yi-shan,ZHANG Jing-song,FAN Jie and Junji HIROTSUJI
  2006,18(2):209-213 [Abstract(2048)]  [View PDF]
Preparation and characterization of organic polymer modified composite polyaluminum chloride
  SHI Bao-you and TANG Hong-xiao
  2006,18(2):214-220 [Abstract(1963)]  [View PDF]
Enhancing treatment efficiency of swine wastewater by effluent recirculation in vertical-flow constructed wetland
  HE Lian-sheng,LIU Hong-liang,XI Bei-dou and ZHU Ying-bo
  2006,18(2):221-226 [Abstract(2236)]  [View PDF]
Correlation of anaerobic ammonium oxidation and denitrification
  ZHU Jing-ping,HU Yong-you and LIANG Hui-qiang
  2006,18(2):227-231 [Abstract(1911)]  [View PDF]
Pilot plant study on ozonation and biological activated carbon process for drinking water treatment
  KONG Ling-yu,ZHANG Xiao-jian and WANG Zhan-sheng
  2006,18(2):232-235 [Abstract(2746)]  [View PDF]
Semivolatile organic compounds, organochlorine pesticides and heavy metals in sediments and risk assessment in Huaihe River of China
  HUANG Hong,OU Wen-hua and WANG Lian-sheng
  2006,18(2):236-241 [Abstract(1958)]  [View PDF]
Zeolite powder addition to improve the performance of submerged gravitation-filtration membrane bioreactor
  HE Sheng-bing,XUE Gang and KONG Hai-nan
  2006,18(2):242-247 [Abstract(2428)]  [View PDF]
Pilot-scale study of removal effect on Chironomid larvae with chlorine dioxide
  SUN Xing-bin,CUI Fu-yi,ZHANG Jin-song,GUO Zhao-hai,ZHAO Kai,LIU Li-jun and LV Wei-min
  2006,18(2):248-253 [Abstract(2128)]  [View PDF]
Radiation-induced reduction of chromium(Ⅵ) in aqueous solution by γ-irradiation in a laboratory-scale
  YUAN Shou-jun,ZHENG Zheng,MU Yan-yan,YU Xin and ZHAO Yong-fu
  2006,18(2):254-258 [Abstract(1892)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of the correlation between ammonia nitrogen and p-toluidine using sequencing batch reactor treating synthetic p-toluidine wastewater
  ZHANG Bo,CHEN Jin-long,WANG Fan,ZHANG Wei-ming and ZHANG Quan-xing
  2006,18(2):259-262 [Abstract(1907)]  [View PDF]
Changes in quality of groundwater with seasonal fluctuations: an example from Ghor Sari area, southern Dead Sea coastal aquifers, Jordan
  Awni T.Batayneh and Hani A.Qassas
  2006,18(2):263-269 [Abstract(2039)]  [View PDF]
Contribution of winter fluxes to the annual CH4, CO2 and N2O emissions from freshwater marshes in the Sanjiang Plain
  HAO Qing-ju,WANG Yue-si and SONG Chang-chun
  2006,18(2):270-275 [Abstract(2064)]  [View PDF]
Toluene removal characteristics by a superimposed wire-plate dielectric barrier discharge plasma reactor
  GUO Yu-fang,YE Dai-qi and CHEN Ke-fu
  2006,18(2):276-280 [Abstract(2285)]  [View PDF]
Experimental study on simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification based on highly active absorbent
  ZHAO Yi,XU Pei-yao,FU Dong,HUANG Jian-jun and YU Huan-huan
  2006,18(2):281-286 [Abstract(1972)]  [View PDF]
A survey of arsenic and other heavy metals in vegetation from markets or mine tailings
  LIU Wen-ju,Kim Kyoung-woong,ZHU Yong-guan,LEE Sang-woo,CHANG Pei-chun and Kwak Ji-hyun
  2006,18(2):287-291 [Abstract(1936)]  [View PDF]
Arsenite oxidation by three types of manganese oxides
  FENG Xiong-han,ZU Yan-qun,TAN Wen-feng and LIU Fan
  2006,18(2):292-298 [Abstract(2436)]  [View PDF]
Ammonia volatilization losses and 15N balance from urea applied to rice on a paddy soil
  FAN Xiao-hui,SONG Yong-sheng,LIN De-xi,YANG Lin-zhang and LUO Jia-fa
  2006,18(2):299-303 [Abstract(2041)]  [View PDF]
Allelopathic effects of extracts from Solidago canadensis L.against seed germination and seedling growth of some plants
  SUN Bing-yao,TAN Jian-zhong,WAN Zhi-gang,GU Fu-gen and ZHU Ming-de
  2006,18(2):304-309 [Abstract(2884)]  [View PDF]
Adaptability of microbial inoculators and their contribution to degradation of mineral oil and PAHs
  SONG Xue-ying,SONG Yu-fang,SUN Tie-heng,ZHOU Qi-xing,ZHANG Wei and ZHANG Lei
  2006,18(2):310-317 [Abstract(2283)]  [View PDF]
Levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in some agricultural, industrial and urban areas along Xiamen coastal waters, China
  MASKAOUI Khalid,HU Zhong,ZHOU Jun-liang and HAN Ya-li
  2006,18(2):318-322 [Abstract(2001)]  [View PDF]
Effect of heavy metals on soil nematode communities in the vicinity of a metallurgical factory
  LI Qi,JIANG Yong and LIANG Wen-ju
  2006,18(2):323-328 [Abstract(2259)]  [View PDF]
Competitive adsorption and mobility sequence of heavy metals in urban soils of southeastern China
  ZHANG Ming-kui,FANG Li-ping and HUANG Chang-yong
  2006,18(2):329-333 [Abstract(1932)]  [View PDF]
Partitioning of heavy metals in the surface sediments of Quanzhou Bay wetland and its availability to Suaeda australis
  LI Yu-hong,YAN Chong-ling,YUAN Jian-jun,LIU Jing-chun,CHEN Huai-yu and HU Jun
  2006,18(2):334-340 [Abstract(2240)]  [View PDF]
Accumulation of cadmium and copper by female Oxya chinensis(Orthopera: Acridoidea) in soil-plant-insect system
  LI Li-jun,LIU Xue-mei,DUAN Yi-hao,GUO Ya-ping,CHENG Bin,GUO Jun,XI Yu-ying and MA En-bo
  2006,18(2):341-346 [Abstract(1999)]  [View PDF]
Bioavailability of cyanide in the different environmental compartments
  YU Xiao-zhang,LEI Jun-jie,XUE Nan-dong and TANG Ya-wen
  2006,18(2):347-352 [Abstract(1843)]  [View PDF]
Effects of elevated CO2 on sensitivity of six species of algae and interspecific competition of three species of algae
  YU Juan,TANG Xue-xi,TIAN Ji-yuan,ZHANG Pei-yu and DONG Shuang-lin
  2006,18(2):353-358 [Abstract(2208)]  [View PDF]
Combined effect of tributyltin and benzo[a] pyrene on the levels of sex hormone and vitellogenin in female Sebastiscus marmoratus
  ZHENG Rong-hui,WANG Chong-gang,ZUO Zheng-hong,CHEN Yi-xin and ZHAO Yang
  2006,18(2):359-363 [Abstract(2030)]  [View PDF]
Population differences in susceptibility to stress in Littorina saxatilis from metal contaminated and uncontaminated sites in the Isle of Man
  DAKA Erema Ransome
  2006,18(2):364-368 [Abstract(2087)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of 2,6-ditert-butylphenol by immobilized microorganism strains
  ZHANG Ya-lei,ZHANG Zhi-gang,XU De-qiang,QIANG Zhi-min,LI Guang-ming and ZHAO Jian-fu
  2006,18(2):369-372 [Abstract(2015)]  [View PDF]
Monitoring impact of mefenacet treatment on soil microbial communities by PCR-DGGE fingerprinting and conventional testing procedures
  YE Yang-fang,MIN Hang and Lü Zhen-mei
  2006,18(2):373-378 [Abstract(1924)]  [View PDF]
Electrochemical reduction characteristics and mechanism of nitrobenzene compounds in the catalyzed Fe-Cu process
  XU Wen-ying,FAN Jin-hong and GAO Ting-yao
  2006,18(2):379-387 [Abstract(2246)]  [View PDF]
Evidence against hydroxyl radical mechanism in photo-Fenton degradation of p-chlorophenol
  CHEN Lin,ZHOU Ming-hua and LEI Le-cheng
  2006,18(2):388-391 [Abstract(1868)]  [View PDF]
Pyrolysis of rice husk and sawdust for liquid fuel
  ZHU Xi-feng,ZHENG Ji-lu,GUO Qing-xiang and ZHU Qing-shi
  2006,18(2):392-396 [Abstract(2160)]  [View PDF]
TiO2 photocatalytic antifungal technique for crops diseases control
  LU Jian-wei,LI Fang-bai,GUO Ting,LIN Lan-wen,HOU Mei-fang and LIU Tong-xu
  2006,18(2):397-401 [Abstract(2047)]  [View PDF]
Human impact recorded in the sediment of Honghu Lake, Hubei, China
  YAO Shu-chun,XUE Bin and XIA Wei-lan
  2006,18(2):402-406 [Abstract(2365)]  [View PDF]
Study on pyrolysis and gasification of wood in MSW
  NI Ming-jiang,XIAO Gang,CHI Yong,YAN Jian-hua,MIAO Qi,ZHU Wen-li and CEN Ke-fa
  2006,18(2):407-415 [Abstract(2248)]  [View PDF]

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