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Review article

Development of analytical methods for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in airborne particulates
  LIU Li-bin,LIU Yan,LIN Jin-ming,TANG Ning,HAYAKAWA Kazuichi and MAEDA Tsuneaki
  2007,19(1):1-11 [Abstract(3384)]  [View PDF]


Inorganic nitrogen removal of toilet wastewater with an airlift external circulation membrane bioreactor
  LI Gang,WU Lin-lin,DONG Chun-song,WU Guang-xia and FAN Yao-bo
  2007,19(1):12-17 [Abstract(3185)]  [View PDF]
Aerobic degradation of methyl tert-butyl ether by a Proteobacteria strain in a closed culture system
  ZHONG Wei-hong,CHEN Jian-meng,LU Zheng,CHEN Dong-zhi and CHEN Xiao
  2007,19(1):18-22 [Abstract(3015)]  [View PDF]
Optimization of process parameters using response surface methodology for bioconversion of activated sludge by Penicillium corylophilum
  Sarkar Mannan,Ahmadun Fakhru’l-Razi and Md Zahangir Alam
  2007,19(1):23-28 [Abstract(3557)]  [View PDF]


Distribution of Platinum group elements in road dust in the Beijing metropolitan area, China
  WANG Juan,ZHU Ruo-hua and SHI Yan-zhi
  2007,19(1):29-34 [Abstract(3439)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of indoor/outdoor PM2.5 and elemental components in generic urban, roadside and industrial plant areas of Guangzhou City, China
  HUANG Hong,LEE Shun-cheng,CAO Jun-ji,ZOU Chang-wei,CHEN Xin-geng and FAN Shao-jia
  2007,19(1):35-43 [Abstract(3248)]  [View PDF]


The effects of exogenous salicylic acid on growth and H2O2-metabolizing enzymes in rice seedlings under lead stress
  CHEN Jing,ZHU Cheng,LI Li-ping,SUN Zhong-yang and PAN Xue-bo
  2007,19(1):44-49 [Abstract(3160)]  [View PDF]
Assessment and mapping of environmental quality in agricultural soils of Zhejiang Province, China
  CHENG Jie-liang,SHI Zhou and ZHU You-wei
  2007,19(1):50-54 [Abstract(3468)]  [View PDF]
Phospholipid fatty acid patterns of microbial communities in paddy soil under different fertilizer treatments
  ZHANG Qi-chun,WANG Guang-huo and YAO Huang-ying
  2007,19(1):55-59 [Abstract(3346)]  [View PDF]


Analysis of bacterial community structures in two sewage treatment plants with different sludge properties and treatment performance by nested PCR-DGGE method
  LIU Xin-chun,ZHANG Yu,YANG Min,WANG Zhen-yu and LV Wen-zhou
  2007,19(1):60-66 [Abstract(3640)]  [View PDF]
Effects of cultivation conditions on the diversity of microbes involved in the conversion of rice straw to fodder
  YANG Hong-yan,GAO Li-juan,WANG Xiao-fen,WANG Wei-dong and CUI Zong-jun
  2007,19(1):67-73 [Abstract(3379)]  [View PDF]
Bacterial diversity in soils around a lead and zinc mine
  HU Qing,QI Hong-yan,ZENG Jing-hai and ZHANG Hong-xun
  2007,19(1):74-79 [Abstract(3395)]  [View PDF]


Preparations of TiO2 film coated on foam nickel substrate by sol-gel processes and its photocatalytic activity for degradation of acetaldehyde
  HU Hai,XIAO Wen-jun,YUAN Jian,SHI Jian-wei,CHEN Ming-xia and SHANG GUAN Wen-feng
  2007,19(1):80-85 [Abstract(3376)]  [View PDF]
Enhanced photocatalytic activity of TiO2 by surface fluorination in degradation of organic cationic compound
  YANG Shi-ying,CHEN You-yuan,ZHENG Jian-guo and CUI Ying-jie
  2007,19(1):86-89 [Abstract(3296)]  [View PDF]
Preparation, characterization, and photocatalytic activities of boron- and cerium-codoped TiO2
  WEI Chao-hai,TANG Xin-hu,LIANG Jie-rong and TAN Shu-ying
  2007,19(1):90-96 [Abstract(3285)]  [View PDF]
Photocatalytic degradation of the dye sulforhodamine-B: A comparative study of different light sources
  FANG Yan-fen,HUANG Ying-ping,LIU De-fu,HUANG Yang,GUO Wei and DAVID Johnson
  2007,19(1):97-102 [Abstract(3603)]  [View PDF]


Activated carbons derived from oil palm empty-fruit bunches: Application to environmental problems
  Md. Zahangir ALAM,Suleyman A. MUYIBI,Mariatul F. MANSOR and Radziah WAHID
  2007,19(1):103-108 [Abstract(3467)]  [View PDF]


Emissions of SO2, NO and N2O in a circulating fluidized bed combustor during co-firing coal and biomass
  XIE Jian-jun,YANG Xue-min,ZHANG Lei,DING Tong-li,SONG Wen-li and LIN Wei-gang
  2007,19(1):109-116 [Abstract(2961)]  [View PDF]
Experimental and modeling study of de novo formation of PCDD/PCDF on MSW fly ash
  LI Xiao-dong,ZHANG Ji,YAN Jian-hua,CEN Kefa,RYAN Shawn P,GULLETT Brian K and LEE Chunwai
  2007,19(1):117-122 [Abstract(3029)]  [View PDF]
Experimental study on sediment-copper distributions in hyper-concentrated turbulent solid-liquid system
  YANG Jun and NI Jin-ren
  2007,19(1):123-127 [Abstract(2811)]  [View PDF]

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