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Releasing characteristics of phosphorus and other substances during thermal treatment of excess sludge
  XUE Tao and HUANG Xia
  2007,19(10):1153-1158 [Abstract(2540)]  [View PDF]
Hydrodynamic characteristics of a four-compartment periodic anaerobic ba ed reactor
  LIU Xiao-lei,REN Nan-qi and WAN Chun-li
  2007,19(10):1159-1165 [Abstract(2412)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption removal of phosphate from aqueous solution by active red mud
  LIU Chang-jun,LI Yan-zhong,LUAN Zhao-kun,CHEN Zhao-yang,ZHANG Zhong-guo and JIA Zhi-ping
  2007,19(10):1166-1170 [Abstract(3384)]  [View PDF]
Chlorobenzenes in waterweeds from the Xijiang River (Guangdong section) of the Pearl River
  DU Qing-ping,JIA Xiao-shan and HUANG Cai-na
  2007,19(10):1171-1177 [Abstract(2748)]  [View PDF]
Treatment of 2-phenylamino-3-methyl-6-di-n-butylaminofluoran production effluent by combination of biological treatments and Fenton’s oxidation
  DING Wei,GAO Ying-xin,YANG Min,DING Ran and ZHANG Yu
  2007,19(10):1178-1182 [Abstract(2360)]  [View PDF]
Decolorization of Blue CL-BR dye by AOPs using bleach wastewater as source of H2O2
  Abdullah Yasar,Nasir Ahmad,Aamir Amanat Ali Khan and Anwer Yousaf
  2007,19(10):1183-1188 [Abstract(2705)]  [View PDF]
Effects of humic acid coatings on phenanthrene sorption to black carbon
  WU Cheng,ZHANG Xiao-li and LI Guan-bin
  2007,19(10):1189-1192 [Abstract(2100)]  [View PDF]
Water quality characteristics along the course of the Huangpu River (China)
  YANG Hong-jun,SHEN Zhe-min,ZHANG Jin-ping and WANG Wen-hua
  2007,19(10):1193-1198 [Abstract(2402)]  [View PDF]
Changes in groundwater levels and the response of natural vegetation to transfer of water to the lower reaches of the Tarim River
  XU Hai-liang,YE Mao and LI Ji-mei
  2007,19(10):1199-1207 [Abstract(2192)]  [View PDF]


Measurement of in-vehicle volatile organic compounds under static conditions
  YOU Ke-wei,GE Yun-shan,HU Bin,NING Zhan-wu,ZHAO Shou-tang,ZHANG Yan-ni and XIE Peng
  2007,19(10):1208-1213 [Abstract(2405)]  [View PDF]


Sorption of 1-naphthol by plant cuticular fractions
  CHEN Bao-liang and LI Yun-gui
  2007,19(10):1214-1220 [Abstract(2348)]  [View PDF]
Intraspecific differences in effects of co-contamination of cadmium and
  LIU Xiao-li and ZHANG Shu-zhen
  2007,19(10):1221-1227 [Abstract(2389)]  [View PDF]
Effects of vegetation type on soil microbial community structure and catabolic diversity assessed by polyphasic methods in North China
  HAN Xue-mei,WANG Ren-qing,LIU Jian,WANG Meng-cheng,ZHOU Juan and GUO Wei-hua
  2007,19(10):1228-1234 [Abstract(2769)]  [View PDF]
Effect of copper on the degradation of pesticides cypermethrin and cyhalothrin
  LIU Ting-feng,SUN Cheng,TA Na,HONG Jun,YANG Shao-gui and CHEN Chuan-xiang
  2007,19(10):1235-1238 [Abstract(2581)]  [View PDF]


Role of the reduction site in the fluorinated or sulfated TiO2 photocatalytic process
  YANG Shi-ying,HU Hong,CHEN You-yuan,ZHENG Jian-guo and CUI Ying-jie
  2007,19(10):1239-1244 [Abstract(2243)]  [View PDF]


Arsenic uptake by arbuscular mycorrhizal maize (Zea mays L.) grown in an arsenic-contaminated soil with added phosphorus
  XIA Yun-sheng,CHEN Bao-dong,CHRISTIE Peter,SMITH F Andrew,WANG You-shan and LI Xiao-lin
  2007,19(10):1245-1251 [Abstract(2421)]  [View PDF]
Anoxic biodegradation of dimethyl phthalate (DMP) by activated sludge cultures under nitrate-reducing conditions
  WU Dong-lei,HU Bao-lan,ZHENG Ping and Qaisar Mahmood
  2007,19(10):1252-1256 [Abstract(2417)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of methyl parathion by Acinetobacter radioresistens USTB-04
  LIU Fang-yao,HONG Ming-zhang,LIU Dan-mei,LI Ya-wen,SHOU Pei-shun,YAN Hai and SHI Guo-qing
  2007,19(10):1257-1260 [Abstract(2388)]  [View PDF]


On-line enrichment and determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in atmospheric particulates using high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence as detector
  HASHI Yuki,WANG Tian-ran,LI Yue-qi and LIN Jin-ming
  2007,19(10):1261-1265 [Abstract(2646)]  [View PDF]
Application of multiwalled carbon nanotubes treated by potassium permanganate for determination of trace cadmium prior to flame atomic absorption spectrometry
  XIAO Jun-ping,ZHOU Qing-xiang and BAI Hua-hua
  2007,19(10):1266-1271 [Abstract(2468)]  [View PDF]


Sensitivity of key factors and uncertainties in health risk assessment of benzene pollutant
  LIU Zhi-quan,ZHANG Ying-hua,LI Guang-he and ZHANG Xu
  2007,19(10):1272-1280 [Abstract(2484)]  [View PDF]

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