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Comparison of membrane fouling during short-term filtration of aerobic granular sludge and activated sludge
  ZHOU Jun,YANG Feng-lin,MENG Fan-gang,AN Peng and WANG Di
  2007,19(11):1281-1286 [Abstract(2392)]  [View PDF]
Thermodynamics and kinetics of cadmium adsorption onto oxidized granular activated carbon
  HUANG Xin,GAO Nai-yun and ZHANG Qiao-li
  2007,19(11):1287-1292 [Abstract(2271)]  [View PDF]
Immobilization of activated sludge using improved polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) gel
  ZHANG Li-sheng,WU Wei-zhong and WANG Jian-long
  2007,19(11):1293-1297 [Abstract(2394)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption thermodynamics and kinetic investigation of aromatic amphoteric compounds onto different polymeric adsorbents
  WANG Hai-ling,FEI Zheng-hao,CHEN Jin-long,ZHANG Quan-xing and XU Yan-hua
  2007,19(11):1298-1304 [Abstract(2437)]  [View PDF]
Preparation and utilization of wheat straw anionic sorbent for the removal of nitrate from aqueous solution
  WANG Yu,GAO Bao-yu,YUE Wen-wen and YUE Qin-yan
  2007,19(11):1305-1310 [Abstract(2260)]  [View PDF]


Reactive oxygen species metabolism during the cadmium hyperaccumulation of a new hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii (Crassulaceae)
  ZHANG Zhong-chun and QIU Bao-sheng
  2007,19(11):1311-1317 [Abstract(2357)]  [View PDF]
Response of successive three generations of cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner), fed on cotton bolls under elevated CO2
  WU Gang,CHEN Fa-jun,SUN Yu-cheng and GE Feng
  2007,19(11):1318-1325 [Abstract(2121)]  [View PDF]


Amplification of plasmid DNA bound on soil colloidal particles and clay minerals by the polymerase chain reaction
  CAI Peng,HUANG Qiao-yun,LU Yan-du,CHEN Wen-li,JIANG Dai-hua and LIANG Wei
  2007,19(11):1326-1329 [Abstract(2458)]  [View PDF]
Cobalt and manganese stress in the microalga Pavlova viridis (Prymnesiophyceae): Effects on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes
  LI Mei,ZHU Qin,HU Chang-wei,CHEN Li,LIU Zhi-li and KONG Zhi-ming
  2007,19(11):1330-1335 [Abstract(2182)]  [View PDF]
Isolation and algae-lysing characteristics of the algicidal bacterium B5
  MU Rui-min,FAN Zheng-qiu,PEI Hai-yan,YUAN Xue-liang,Liu Si-xiu and WANG Xiang-rong
  2007,19(11):1336-1340 [Abstract(2564)]  [View PDF]
Alterations of organ histopathology and metallolhionein mRNA expression in silver barb, Puntius gonionotus during subchronic cadmium exposure
  Alisa Wangsongsak,Suwimol Utarnpongsa,Maleeya Kruatrachue,Mathurose Ponglikitmongko,Prayad Pokethitiyook and Thitinun Sumranwanich
  2007,19(11):1341-1348 [Abstract(2568)]  [View PDF]
Effect of organic matter and pH on mercury release from soils
  YANG Yong-kui,ZHANG Cheng,SHI Xiao-jun,LIN Tao and WANG Ding-yong
  2007,19(11):1349-1354 [Abstract(2292)]  [View PDF]
Effects of used lubricating oil on two mangroves Aegiceras corniculatum and Avicennia marina
  YE Yong and TAM N F Y
  2007,19(11):1355-1360 [Abstract(2135)]  [View PDF]
Effects of lanthanum(III) on nitrogen metabolism of soybean seedlings under elevated UV-B radiation
  CAO Rui,HUANG Xiao-hua,ZHOU Qing and CHENG Xiao-ying
  2007,19(11):1361-1366 [Abstract(2210)]  [View PDF]


Multi-biological defects caused by lead exposure exhibit transferable properties from exposed parents to their progeny in Caenorhabditis elegans
  WANG Da-yong and YANG Peng
  2007,19(11):1367-1372 [Abstract(2017)]  [View PDF]


Comparing results of cultured and uncultured biological methods used in biological phosphorus removal
  LIU Ya-nan,XUE Gang and YU Shui-li
  2007,19(11):1373-1379 [Abstract(2444)]  [View PDF]


Effect of Sb dopant amount on the structure and electrocatalytic capability of Ti/Sb-SnO2 electrodes in the oxidation of 4-chlorophenol
  KONG Jiang-tao,SHI Shao-yuan,ZHU Xiu-ping and NI Jin-ren
  2007,19(11):1380-1386 [Abstract(2314)]  [View PDF]
Beijing Tong Ren Tang Company Limited Scientific Research Institute, Beijing 100011, China
  WU Lin-lin,WU Guang-xia,XU Shu-guang,ZHONG Hui,SHEN Ying-jie,LIU He-zhi,HUANG Zheng-ming,YANG Xin-bo,YUAN Zong-huan,TANG Lian-yi,LIN Xiang-wei,ZHANG Shao-lai and ZHANG Wei-jun
  2007,19(11):1387-1392 [Abstract(2691)]  [View PDF]
Simultaneous removal of NO and SO2 from dry gas stream using non-thermal plasma
  YU Qi,YANG Hong-min,ZENG Ke-si,ZHANG Zhen-wei and YU Gang
  2007,19(11):1393-1397 [Abstract(2304)]  [View PDF]
Experimental study on MSW gasification and melting technology
  XIAO Gang,JIN Bao-sheng,ZHONG Zhao-ping,CHI Yong,NI Ming-jiang,CEN Ke-fa,XIAO Rui,HUANG Ya-ji and HUANG He
  2007,19(11):1398-1403 [Abstract(2323)]  [View PDF]
Destruction of PCDD/Fs by gliding arc discharges
  YAN Jian-hua,PENG Zheng,LU Sheng-yong,DU Chang-ming,LI Xiao-dong,CHEN Tong,NI Ming-jiang and CEN Ke-fa
  2007,19(11):1404-1408 [Abstract(2290)]  [View PDF]

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