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Sludge reduction with Tubificidae and the impact on the performance of the wastewater treatment process
  GUO Xue-song,LIU Jun-xin,WEI Yuan-song and LI Lin
  2007,19(3):257-263 [Abstract(3737)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of high-sulfate wastewater treatment by two-phase anaerobic digestion process with Jet-loop anaerobic fluidized bed
  WEI Chao-hai,WANG Wen-xiang,DENG Zhi-yi and WU Chao-fei
  2007,19(3):264-270 [Abstract(3702)]  [View PDF]
Transformations of particles, metal elements and natural organic matter in different water treatment processes
  YAN Ming-quan,WANG Dong-sheng,SHI Bao-you,WEI Qun-shan,QU Jiu-hui and TANG Hong-xiao
  2007,19(3):271-277 [Abstract(3554)]  [View PDF]
Effect of coagulation pretreatment on the fouling of ultrafiltration membrane
  DONG Bing-zhi,CHEN Yan,GAO Nai-yun and FAN Jin-chu
  2007,19(3):278-283 [Abstract(3438)]  [View PDF]
Denitrification potential enhancement by addition of external carbon sources in a pre-denitrification process
  PENG Yong-zhen,MA Yong and WANG Shu-ying
  2007,19(3):284-289 [Abstract(3690)]  [View PDF]
Biological control experiment of excess propagation of Cyclops for drinking water security
  LIN Tao,CUI Fu-yi and LIU Dong-mei
  2007,19(3):290-294 [Abstract(3104)]  [View PDF]
First flush of storm runoff pollution from an urban catchment in China
  LI Li-qing,YIN Cheng-qing,HE Qing-ci and KONG Ling-li
  2007,19(3):295-299 [Abstract(3569)]  [View PDF]
Chemical oxygen demand reduction in coffee wastewater through chemical flocculation and advanced oxidation processes
  ZAYAS Pérez Teresa,GEISSLER Gunther and HERNANDEZ Fernando
  2007,19(3):300-305 [Abstract(3637)]  [View PDF]
Characterization and distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in sediments of Haihe River, Tianjin, China
  JIANG Bin,ZHENG Hai-long,HUANG Guo-qiang,DING Hui,LI Xin-gang,SUO Hong-tu and LI Rui
  2007,19(3):306-311 [Abstract(3746)]  [View PDF]


Adsorption behavior of condensed phosphate on aluminum hydroxide
  GUAN Xiao-hong,LI Ding-long,CHEN Guang-hao and SHANG Chii
  2007,19(3):312-318 [Abstract(3484)]  [View PDF]
Topsoil organic carbon mineralization and CO2 evolution of three paddy soils from South China and the temperature dependence
  ZHANG Xu-hui,LI Lian-qing and PAN Gen-xing
  2007,19(3):319-326 [Abstract(3597)]  [View PDF]
Impact of atrazine and nitrogen fertilizers on the sorption of chlorotoluron in soil and model sorbents
  GAO Min-ling,DAI Shu-gui,MA Yong-min and ZHANG Ping
  2007,19(3):327-331 [Abstract(3597)]  [View PDF]
Isolation and preliminary characterization of a 3-chlorobenzoate degrading bacteria
  QI Yun,ZHAO Lin,OJEKUNLE Z. Olusheyi and TAN Xin
  2007,19(3):332-337 [Abstract(3266)]  [View PDF]
Occurrence and congeners specific of polychlorinated biphenyls in agricultural soils from Southern Jiangsu, China
  ZHANG Jian-ying,QIU Li-min,HE Jia,LIAO Yuan and LUO Yong-min
  2007,19(3):338-342 [Abstract(3083)]  [View PDF]
Fractionation and solubility of cadmium in paddy soils amended with porous hydrated calcium silicate
  ZHAO Xiu-Lan and Saigusa Masaihiko
  2007,19(3):343-347 [Abstract(3261)]  [View PDF]
Variation of soil fertility and carbon sequestration by planting Hevea brasiliensis in Hainan Island, China
  CHENG Chun-man,WANG Ru-song and JIANG Ju-sheng
  2007,19(3):348-352 [Abstract(3506)]  [View PDF]


Vertical distribution of nonylphenol and nonylphenol ethoxylates in sedimentary core from the Beipaiming Channel, North China
  JIN Fen,HU Jian-ying and YANG Min
  2007,19(3):353-357 [Abstract(3582)]  [View PDF]


Photocatalytic remediation of γ-hexachlorocyclohexane contaminated soils using TiO2 and montmorillonite composite photocatalyst
  ZHAO Xu,QUAN Xie,CHEN Shuo,ZHAO Hui-min,LIU Yu and Qu Jiu-hui
  2007,19(3):358-361 [Abstract(3608)]  [View PDF]
Catalytic reductive dechlorination of p–chlorophenol in water using Ni/Fe nanoscale particles
  ZHANG Wei-hua,QUAN Xie and ZHANG Zhuo-yong
  2007,19(3):362-366 [Abstract(3484)]  [View PDF]
A new photon kinetic-measure based on the kinetics of electron-hole pairs in photodegradation of textile wastewater using the UV-H2O2FS-TiO2 process
  SHIGWEDHA Nditange,HUA Zhao-zhe and CHEN Jian
  2007,19(3):367-373 [Abstract(4171)]  [View PDF]


Bioconcentration kinetics of PCBs in various parts of the lifecycle of the tadpoles Xenopus laevis
  ZHAO Rong-biao,SUN Da-yu,FU Shan,WANG Xiao-fei and ZHAO Ru-song
  2007,19(3):374-384 [Abstract(3693)]  [View PDF]

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