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Review article

Metabolism of benzo[a]pyrene in peroxynitrite/Fe(III) porphyrin system
  LUO Yun-jing,LIN Tai-feng,ZHANG Shu-fen,LIU Rui and ZHONG Ru-gang
  2007,19(4):385-386 [Abstract(3156)]  [View PDF]


Photodegradation of perfluorooctanoic acid by 185 nm vacuum ultraviolet light
  CHEN Jing,ZHANG Peng-yi and LIU Jian
  2007,19(4):387-390 [Abstract(3021)]  [View PDF]
Phosphorus accumulation by bacteria isolated from a ontinuous-flow two-sludge system
  BAO Lin-lin,LI Dong,LI Xiang-kun,HUANG Rong-xin,ZHANG Jie,LV Yang and XIA Guang-qing
  2007,19(4):391-395 [Abstract(2944)]  [View PDF]
Potential of plant polyphenol oxidases in the decolorization and removal of textile and non-textile dyes
  AMJAD ALI Khan and QAYYUM Husain
  2007,19(4):396-402 [Abstract(3181)]  [View PDF]
Surface reaction of Bacillus cereus biomass and its biosorption for lead and copper ions
  PAN Jian-hua,LIU Rui-xia and TANG Hong-xiao
  2007,19(4):403-408 [Abstract(3052)]  [View PDF]
Removal of phenol by activated alumina bed in pulsed high-voltage electric field
  ZHU Li-nan,MA Jun and YANG Shi-dong
  2007,19(4):409-415 [Abstract(2545)]  [View PDF]
Start-up performances of dry anaerobic mesophilic and thermophilic digestions of organic solid wastes
  LU Shu-guang,IMAI Tsuyoshi,UKITA Masao and SEKINE Masahiko
  2007,19(4):416-420 [Abstract(2595)]  [View PDF]
Leaching of styrene and other aromatic compounds in drinking water from PS bottles
  Maqbool Ahmad and Ahmad S.Bajahlan
  2007,19(4):421-426 [Abstract(2765)]  [View PDF]


Artificial neural network model for identifying taxi gross emitter from remote sensing data of vehicle emission
  ZENG Jun,GUO Hua-fang and HU Yue-ming
  2007,19(4):427-431 [Abstract(3058)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of ambient air quality in Guangzhou, China
  ZHOU Kai,YE You-hua,LIU Qiang,LIU Ai-jun and PENG Shao-lin
  2007,19(4):432-437 [Abstract(3269)]  [View PDF]


ATR-FTIR and XPS study on the structure of complexes formed upon the adsorption of simple organic acids on aluminum hydroxide
  GUAN Xiao-hong,CHEN Guang-hao and SHANG Chii
  2007,19(4):438-443 [Abstract(3428)]  [View PDF]


A novel acidophile community populating waste ore deposits at an acid mine drainage site
  HAO Chun-bo,ZHANG Hong-xun,BAI Zhi-hui,HU Qing and ZHANG Bao-guo
  2007,19(4):444-450 [Abstract(3158)]  [View PDF]
Comparison of four supports for adsorption of reactive dyes by immobilized Aspergillus fumigatus beads
  WANG Bao-e and HU Yong-you
  2007,19(4):451-457 [Abstract(2983)]  [View PDF]
Investigation of basic properties of fly ash from urban waste incinerators in China
  JIANG Jian-guo,XU Xin,WANG Jun,YANG Shi-jian and ZHANG Yan
  2007,19(4):458-463 [Abstract(3326)]  [View PDF]
Pollutant loads of surface runo inWuhan City Zoo, an urban tourist area
  ZHAO Jian-wei,SHAN Bao-qing and YIN Cheng-qing
  2007,19(4):464-468 [Abstract(3285)]  [View PDF]


Sustainability: A view from the wind-eroded field
  Andrew Warren
  2007,19(4):470-474 [Abstract(3157)]  [View PDF]
Identification of anthropogenic influences on water quality of rivers in Taihu watershed
  WANG Xiao-long,LU Yong-long,HAN Jing-yi,HE Gui-zhen and WANG Tie-yu
  2007,19(4):475-481 [Abstract(3274)]  [View PDF]
Adaptation of Nitraria sphaerocarpa to wind-blown sand environments at the edge of a desert oasis
  LI Qiu-yan,ZHAO Wen-zhi and FANG Hai-yan
  2007,19(4):482-487 [Abstract(3259)]  [View PDF]
Effects of climate change on water resources in Tarim River Basin, Northwest China
  CHEN Ya-ning,LI Wei-hong,XU Chang-chun and HAO Xin-ming
  2007,19(4):488-493 [Abstract(3903)]  [View PDF]
Multi-indicator assessment of water environment in government environmental auditing
  HE Gui-zhen,LU Yong-long,MA Hua and WANG Xiao-long
  2007,19(4):494-501 [Abstract(2813)]  [View PDF]
Elevated CO2 changes the moderate shade tolerance of yellow birch seedlings
  CHENG Song
  2007,19(4):502-507 [Abstract(2776)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of oasis ecosystem risk by reliability theory in an arid area: A case study in the Shiyang River Basin, China
  LI Wei-de,LI Zi-zhen and WANG Ji-quan
  2007,19(4):508-512 [Abstract(2727)]  [View PDF]

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