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Supercritical water oxidation for the destruction of toxic organic wastewaters: A review
  VERIANSYAH Bambang and KIM Jae-Duck
  2007,19(5):513-522 [Abstract(3247)]  [View PDF]
Control factors of partial nitritation for landfill leachate treatment
  LIANG Zhu and LIU Jun-xin
  2007,19(5):523-529 [Abstract(3582)]  [View PDF]
Simultaneous biodegradation of nitrogen-containing aromatic compounds in a sequencing batch bioreactor
  LIU Xing-yu,WANG Bao-jun,JIANG Cheng-ying,ZHAO Ke-xin,Harold L. Drake and LIU Shuang-Jiang
  2007,19(5):530-535 [Abstract(2906)]  [View PDF]
Drinking water production by ultrafiltration of Songhuajiang River with PAC adsorption
  XIA Sheng-ji,LIU Ya-nan,LI Xing and YAO Juan-juan
  2007,19(5):536-539 [Abstract(3136)]  [View PDF]
Simultaneous removal of ammonium and phosphate by zeolite synthesized from coal fly ash as influenced by acid treatment
  ZHANG Bao-hua,WU De-yi,WANG Chong,HE Sheng-bing,ZHANG Zhen-jia and KONG Hai-nan
  2007,19(5):540-545 [Abstract(2564)]  [View PDF]
Alga-lysing bioreactor and dominant bacteria strain
  PEI Hai-yan,HU Wen-rong,MU Rui-min and LI Xiao-cai
  2007,19(5):546-552 [Abstract(2906)]  [View PDF]
Sludge granulation and e ciency of phase separator in UASB reactor treating combined industrial e uent
  Abdullah Yasar,Nasir Ahmad,Muhammad Nawaz Chaudhry and Aamir Amanat Ali Khan
  2007,19(5):553-558 [Abstract(2639)]  [View PDF]
Particle size distribution and removal by a chemical-biological flocculation process
  ZHANG Zhi-bin,ZHAO Jian-fu,XIA Si-qing,LIU Chang-qing and KANG Xing-sheng
  2007,19(5):559-563 [Abstract(2936)]  [View PDF]


Carbonaceous aerosols in PM10 and pollution gases in winter in Beijing
  ZHANG Ren-Jian,CAO Jun-ji,LEE Shun-cheng,SHEN Zhen-xing and HO Kin-Fai
  2007,19(5):564-571 [Abstract(2873)]  [View PDF]
Modeling of air quality with a modified two-dimensional Eulerian model: A case study in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region of China
  CHENG Yan-li,BAI Yu-hua,LI Jin-long and LIU Zhao-rong
  2007,19(5):572-577 [Abstract(3441)]  [View PDF]
Air quality nearby road tra c tunnel portals: BTEX monitoring
  Fabio Murena
  2007,19(5):578-583 [Abstract(3378)]  [View PDF]


Organochlorine pesticides in soils under different land usage in the Taihu Lake region, China
  WANG Fang,JIANG Xin,BIAN Yong-rong,YAO Fen-xia,GAO Hong-jian,YU Gui-fen,Jean Charles MUNCH and Reiner SCHROLL
  2007,19(5):584-590 [Abstract(3193)]  [View PDF]
Seed selections for crystallization of calcium phosphate for phosphorus recovery
  SONG Yong-hui,Dietfried DONNERT,Ute BERG,Peter G. WEIDLER and Rolf NUEESCH
  2007,19(5):591-595 [Abstract(3123)]  [View PDF]
Oxidative stress and DNA damages induced by cadmium accumulation
  LIN Ai-jun,ZHANG Xu-hong,CHEN Mei-mei and CAO Qing
  2007,19(5):596-602 [Abstract(3111)]  [View PDF]
Response of soil fauna to simulated nitrogen deposition: A nursery experiment in subtropical China
  XU Guo-liang,MO Jiang-ming,FU Sheng-lei,PER Gundersen,ZHOU Guo-yi and XUE Jing-Hua
  2007,19(5):603-609 [Abstract(3500)]  [View PDF]


Contribution of additives Cu to its accumulation in pig feces: study in Beijing and Fuxin of China
  LI Yan-xia,LI Wei,WU Juan,XU Li-chao,SU Qiu-hong and XIONG Xiong
  2007,19(5):610-615 [Abstract(3051)]  [View PDF]


Determination of alkali-labile phosphoprotein phosphorus from fish plasma using the Tb3+-tiron complex as a fluorescence probe
  LV Xue-fei,ZHAO Yi-bing,ZHOU Qun-fang,JIANG Gui-bin and SONG Mao-yong
  2007,19(5):616-621 [Abstract(3090)]  [View PDF]
Rapid determination of phenolic compounds in water samples by alternating-current oscillopolarographic titration
  XIAO Jun-ping,WANG Xue-feng,ZHOU Qing-xiang,FAN Xiao-yuan,SU Xian-fa,Bai Hua-hua and DUAN Hai-jing
  2007,19(5):622-627 [Abstract(2901)]  [View PDF]


Process conditions for preparing methanol from cornstalk gas
  ZHU Ling-feng,DU Lei,LI Xin-bao,LI Guo-ting and ZHANG Jie
  2007,19(5):628-632 [Abstract(2977)]  [View PDF]
Approach of technical decision-making by element flow analysis and Monte-Carlo simulation of municipal solid waste stream
  TIAN Bao-guo,SI Ji-tao,ZHAO Yan,WANG Hong-tao and HAO Ji-ming
  2007,19(5):633-640 [Abstract(3120)]  [View PDF]

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