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Decomposition of alachlor by ozonation and its mechanism
  LI Hai-yan,QU Jiu-hui and LIU Hui-juan
  2007,19(7):769-775 [Abstract(3045)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of anoxic phosphors removal in sequence batch reactor
  WANG Ya-yi,PAN Mian-li,YAN Min,PENG Yong-zhen and WANG Shu-ying
  2007,19(7):776-782 [Abstract(2953)]  [View PDF]
Oxidation of As(III) by potassium permanganate
  LI Na,FAN Maohong,Van Leeuwen Johannes,Saha Basudeb,YANG Hongqun and HUANG C. P.
  2007,19(7):783-786 [Abstract(3059)]  [View PDF]
Composition analysis of colored dissolved organic matter in Taihu Lake based on three dimension excitation-emission fluorescence matrix and PARAFAC model, and the potential application in water quality monitoring
  WANG Zhi-gang,LIU Wen-qing,ZHAO Nan-jing,LI Hong-bin,ZHANG Yu-jun,SI-MA Wei-cang and LIU Jian-guo
  2007,19(7):787-791 [Abstract(3106)]  [View PDF]
Dechlorination of carbon tetrachloride by the catalyzed Fe-Cu process
  XU Wen-ying and GAO Ting-yao
  2007,19(7):792-799 [Abstract(2429)]  [View PDF]
Quantitative structure-activity relationship study on the biodegradation of acid dyestu s
  LI Yin and XI Dan-li
  2007,19(7):800-804 [Abstract(2846)]  [View PDF]
Identification and spatial patterns of coastal water pollution sources based on GIS and chemometric approach
  ZHOU Feng,GUO Huai-cheng,LIU Yong and HAO Ze-jia
  2007,19(7):805-810 [Abstract(2804)]  [View PDF]
Performances of biological aerated filter employing hollow fiber membrane segments of surface-improved poly (sulfone) as biofilm carriers
  SHEN Ying-jie,WU Guang-xia,FAN Yao-bo,ZHONG Hui,WU Lin-lin,ZHANG Shao-lai,ZHAO Xian-hong and ZHANG Wei-jun
  2007,19(7):811-817 [Abstract(2882)]  [View PDF]


Evaluation of the International Vehicle Emission (IVE) model with on-road remote sensing measurements
  GUO Hui,ZHANG Qing-yu,SHI Yao and WANG Da-hui
  2007,19(7):818-826 [Abstract(3311)]  [View PDF]


Impact of fertilization on chestnut growth, N and P concentrations in runo water on degraded slope land in South China
  ZENG Shu-cai1, 1, 2, 2,,CHEN Bei-guang,JIANG Cheng-ai and WU Qi-tang
  2007,19(7):827-833 [Abstract(3123)]  [View PDF]
Soil enzymatic activities and microbial community structure with di erent application rates of Cd and Pb
  KHAN Sardar,CAO Qing,HESHAM Abd El-Latif,XIA Yue and HE Ji-zheng
  2007,19(7):834-840 [Abstract(3646)]  [View PDF]
Effects of a new nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) on nitrate and potassium leaching in two soils
  WU Shao-fu,WU Liang-huan,SHI Qi-wei,WANG Zhong-qiang,CHEN Xian-you and LI Yong-shan
  2007,19(7):841-847 [Abstract(3368)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metal availability and impact on activity of soil microorganisms along a Cu/Zn contamination gradient
  WANG Yuan-peng,SHI Ji-yan,LIN Qi,CHEN Xin-cai and CHEN Ying-xu
  2007,19(7):848-853 [Abstract(3135)]  [View PDF]


Toxicity assessment for chlorpyrifos-contaminated soil with three di erent earthworm test methods
  ZHOU Shi-ping,DUAN Chang-qun,FU Hui,CHEN Yu-hui,WANG Xue-hua and YU Ze-fen
  2007,19(7):854-858 [Abstract(2974)]  [View PDF]


Isolates identification and characteristics of microorganisms in biotrickling filter and biofilter system treating H2S and NH3
  YU Guang-hui,XU Xiao-jun and HE Pin-jing
  2007,19(7):859-863 [Abstract(3192)]  [View PDF]
Toxic effects of acetochlor, methamidophos and their combination on nifH gene in soil
  SU Zhen-cheng,ZHANG Hui-wen,LI Xin-yu,ZHANG Qin and ZHANG Cheng-gang
  2007,19(7):864-873 [Abstract(3114)]  [View PDF]


Cloud point extraction coupled with HPLC-UV for the determination of phthalate esters in environmental water samples
  WANG Ling,JIANG Gui-bin,CAI Ya-qi,HE Bin,WANG Ya-wei and SHEN Da-zhong
  2007,19(7):874-878 [Abstract(3174)]  [View PDF]
Formation of multiple trimethylsilyl derivatives in the derivatization of 17α-ethinylestradiol with BSTFA or MSTFA followed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry determination
  ZHOU Yi-qi,ZHOU Yi-qi1, WANG Zi-jian1, , JIA Ning2 and JIA Ning
  2007,19(7):879-884 [Abstract(3205)]  [View PDF]
Determination of haloacetic acids in hospital e uent after chlorination by ion chromatography
  SUN Ying-xue and GU Ping
  2007,19(7):885-891 [Abstract(2970)]  [View PDF]


Detection of intermediates in the TiO2-assisted photodegradation of Rhodamine B under visible light irradiation
  LI Jing-yi,MA Wan-hong,LEI Peng-xiang and ZHAO Jin-cai
  2007,19(7):892-896 [Abstract(3136)]  [View PDF]

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