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Decomposition of alachlor by ozonation and its mechanism
  LI Hai-yan,QU Jiu-hui and LIU Hui-juanLI Hai-yan, LIU Hui-juan, QU Jiu-hui
  2007,19(7):769-775 [Abstract(3180)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of anoxic phosphors removal in sequence batch reactor
  WANG Ya-yi,PAN Mian-li,YAN Min,PENG Yong-zhen and WANG Shu-yingPAN Mian-li, PENG Yong-zhen, WANG Shu-ying, WANG Ya-yi, YAN Min
  2007,19(7):776-782 [Abstract(3095)]  [View PDF]
Oxidation of As(III) by potassium permanganate
  LI Na,FAN Maohong,Van Leeuwen Johannes,Saha Basudeb,YANG Hongqun and HUANG C. P.FAN Maohong, HUANG C. P., LI Na, Saha Basudeb, Van Leeuwen Johannes, YANG Hongqun
  2007,19(7):783-786 [Abstract(3182)]  [View PDF]
Composition analysis of colored dissolved organic matter in Taihu Lake based on three dimension excitation-emission fluorescence matrix and PARAFAC model, and the potential application in water quality monitoring
  WANG Zhi-gang,LIU Wen-qing,ZHAO Nan-jing,LI Hong-bin,ZHANG Yu-jun,SI-MA Wei-cang and LIU Jian-guoLI Hong-bin, LIU Jian-guo, LIU Wen-qing, SI-MA Wei-cang, WANG Zhi-gang, ZHANG Yu-jun, ZHAO Nan-jing
  2007,19(7):787-791 [Abstract(3223)]  [View PDF]
Dechlorination of carbon tetrachloride by the catalyzed Fe-Cu process
  XU Wen-ying and GAO Ting-yaoGAO Ting-yao, XU Wen-ying
  2007,19(7):792-799 [Abstract(2563)]  [View PDF]
Quantitative structure-activity relationship study on the biodegradation of acid dyestu s
  LI Yin and XI Dan-liLI Yin, XI Dan-li
  2007,19(7):800-804 [Abstract(2982)]  [View PDF]
Identification and spatial patterns of coastal water pollution sources based on GIS and chemometric approach
  ZHOU Feng,GUO Huai-cheng,LIU Yong and HAO Ze-jiaGUO Huai-cheng, HAO Ze-jia, LIU Yong, ZHOU Feng
  2007,19(7):805-810 [Abstract(2926)]  [View PDF]
Performances of biological aerated filter employing hollow fiber membrane segments of surface-improved poly (sulfone) as biofilm carriers
  SHEN Ying-jie,WU Guang-xia,FAN Yao-bo,ZHONG Hui,WU Lin-lin,ZHANG Shao-lai,ZHAO Xian-hong and ZHANG Wei-junFAN Yao-bo, SHEN Ying-jie, WU Guang-xia, WU Lin-lin, ZHANG Shao-lai, ZHANG Wei-jun, ZHAO Xian-hong, ZHONG Hui
  2007,19(7):811-817 [Abstract(3021)]  [View PDF]


Evaluation of the International Vehicle Emission (IVE) model with on-road remote sensing measurements
  GUO Hui,ZHANG Qing-yu,SHI Yao and WANG Da-huiGUO Hui, SHI Yao, WANG Da-hui, ZHANG Qing-yu
  2007,19(7):818-826 [Abstract(3457)]  [View PDF]


Impact of fertilization on chestnut growth, N and P concentrations in runo water on degraded slope land in South China
  ZENG Shu-cai1, 1, 2, 2,,CHEN Bei-guang,JIANG Cheng-ai and WU Qi-tangCHEN Bei-guang, JIANG Cheng-ai, WU Qi-tang, ZENG Shu-cai1, 1, 2, 2,
  2007,19(7):827-833 [Abstract(3244)]  [View PDF]
Soil enzymatic activities and microbial community structure with di erent application rates of Cd and Pb
  KHAN Sardar,CAO Qing,HESHAM Abd El-Latif,XIA Yue and HE Ji-zhengCAO Qing, HE Ji-zheng, HESHAM Abd El-Latif, KHAN Sardar, XIA Yue
  2007,19(7):834-840 [Abstract(3798)]  [View PDF]
Effects of a new nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) on nitrate and potassium leaching in two soils
  WU Shao-fu,WU Liang-huan,SHI Qi-wei,WANG Zhong-qiang,CHEN Xian-you and LI Yong-shanCHEN Xian-you, LI Yong-shan, SHI Qi-wei, WANG Zhong-qiang, WU Liang-huan, WU Shao-fu
  2007,19(7):841-847 [Abstract(3512)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metal availability and impact on activity of soil microorganisms along a Cu/Zn contamination gradient
  WANG Yuan-peng,SHI Ji-yan,LIN Qi,CHEN Xin-cai and CHEN Ying-xuCHEN Xin-cai, CHEN Ying-xu, LIN Qi, SHI Ji-yan, WANG Yuan-peng
  2007,19(7):848-853 [Abstract(3277)]  [View PDF]


Toxicity assessment for chlorpyrifos-contaminated soil with three di erent earthworm test methods
  ZHOU Shi-ping,DUAN Chang-qun,FU Hui,CHEN Yu-hui,WANG Xue-hua and YU Ze-fenCHEN Yu-hui, DUAN Chang-qun, FU Hui, WANG Xue-hua, YU Ze-fen, ZHOU Shi-ping
  2007,19(7):854-858 [Abstract(3105)]  [View PDF]


Isolates identification and characteristics of microorganisms in biotrickling filter and biofilter system treating H2S and NH3
  YU Guang-hui,XU Xiao-jun and HE Pin-jingHE Pin-jing, XU Xiao-jun, YU Guang-hui
  2007,19(7):859-863 [Abstract(3304)]  [View PDF]
Toxic effects of acetochlor, methamidophos and their combination on nifH gene in soil
  SU Zhen-cheng,ZHANG Hui-wen,LI Xin-yu,ZHANG Qin and ZHANG Cheng-gangLI Xin-yu, SU Zhen-cheng, ZHANG Cheng-gang, ZHANG Hui-wen, ZHANG Qin
  2007,19(7):864-873 [Abstract(3249)]  [View PDF]


Cloud point extraction coupled with HPLC-UV for the determination of phthalate esters in environmental water samples
  WANG Ling,JIANG Gui-bin,CAI Ya-qi,HE Bin,WANG Ya-wei and SHEN Da-zhongCAI Ya-qi, HE Bin, JIANG Gui-bin, SHEN Da-zhong, WANG Ling, WANG Ya-wei
  2007,19(7):874-878 [Abstract(3335)]  [View PDF]
Formation of multiple trimethylsilyl derivatives in the derivatization of 17α-ethinylestradiol with BSTFA or MSTFA followed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry determination
  ZHOU Yi-qi,ZHOU Yi-qi1, WANG Zi-jian1, , JIA Ning2 and JIA NingJIA Ning, ZHOU Yi-qi, ZHOU Yi-qi1, WANG Zi-jian1, , JIA Ning2
  2007,19(7):879-884 [Abstract(3368)]  [View PDF]
Determination of haloacetic acids in hospital e uent after chlorination by ion chromatography
  SUN Ying-xue and GU PingGU Ping, SUN Ying-xue
  2007,19(7):885-891 [Abstract(3137)]  [View PDF]


Detection of intermediates in the TiO2-assisted photodegradation of Rhodamine B under visible light irradiation
  LI Jing-yi,MA Wan-hong,LEI Peng-xiang and ZHAO Jin-caiLEI Peng-xiang, LI Jing-yi, MA Wan-hong, ZHAO Jin-cai
  2007,19(7):892-896 [Abstract(3264)]  [View PDF]

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