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E ect of competing solutes on arsenic(V) adsorption using iron and aluminum oxides
  Youngran Jeong,FAN Maohong,Johannes Van Leeuwen and Joshua F. Belczyk
  2007,19(8) [Abstract(3127)]  [View PDF]


Community analysis of ammonia and nitrite oxidizers in start-up of aerobic granular sludge reactor
  WANG Feng,XIA Si-qing,LIU Yi,CHEN Xue-song and ZHANG Jun
  2007,19(8) [Abstract(3086)]  [View PDF]


Transfer and transport of aluminum in filtration unit
  WANG Wen-dong,YANG Hong-wei,ZHAO Hua-zhang and JIANG Zhan-peng
  2007,19(8):897-901 [Abstract(3442)]  [View PDF]
Phytoremediation of urban wastewater by model wetlands with ornamental hydrophytes
  ZHANG Xiao-bin,LIU Peng,YANG Yue-suo and CHEN Wen-ren
  2007,19(8):902-909 [Abstract(3474)]  [View PDF]
Exploration of relationships between phytoplankton biomass and related environmental variables using multivariate statistic analysis in a eutrophic shallow lake: A 5-year study
  WANG Xiao-long,LU Yong-long,HE Gui-zhen,HAN Jing-yi and WANG Tie-yu
  2007,19(8):920-927 [Abstract(3159)]  [View PDF]
Copper biosorption on immobilized seaweed biomass: Column breakthrough characteristics
  K. H. Chu and M. A. Hashim
  2007,19(8):928-932 [Abstract(2954)]  [View PDF]


Diurnal variation of number concentration and size distribution of ultrafine particles in the urban atmosphere of Beijing in winter
  SHI Zong-bo,HE Ke-bin,YU Xue-chun,YAO Zhi-liang,YANG Fu-mo,MA Yong-liang,MA Rui,JIA Ying-tao and ZHANG Jie
  2007,19(8):933-938 [Abstract(3242)]  [View PDF]
Characterizing ionic species in PM2:5 and PM10 in four Pearl River Delta cities, South China
  LAI Sen-chao,ZOU Shi-chun,CAO Jun-ji,LEE Shun-cheng and HO Kin-fai
  2007,19(8):939-947 [Abstract(3921)]  [View PDF]
Interaction of DNA with aromatic hydrocarbons fraction in atmospheric particulates of Xigu District of Lanzhou, China
  GAO Hong,MA Min-quan,ZHOU Lei,JIA Run-ping,CHEN Xing-guo and HU Zhi-de
  2007,19(8):948-954 [Abstract(3222)]  [View PDF]
Spatial distribution of aerosol pollution based on MODIS data over Beijing, China
  LI Ling-jun,WANG Ying,ZHANG Qiang,YU Tong,ZHAO Yue and JIN Jun
  2007,19(8):955-960 [Abstract(3883)]  [View PDF]


Evaluation of phytoextracting cadmium and lead by sunflower, ricinus, alfalfa and mustard in hydroponic culture
  NIU Zhi-xin,SUN Li-na,SUN Tie-heng,LI Yu-shuang and WANG Hong
  2007,19(8):961-967 [Abstract(3762)]  [View PDF]
Electrokinetic movement of multiple chlorobenzenes in contaminated soils in the presence of β-cyclodextrin
  YUAN Song-hu,WAN Jin-zhong and LU Xiao-hua
  2007,19(8):968-976 [Abstract(2924)]  [View PDF]
Assessing field vulnerability to phosphorus loss in Beijing agricultural area using Revised Field Phosphorus Ranking Scheme
  LI Qi,CHEN Li-ding,QI Xin,ZHANG Xin-yu,MA Yan and FU Bo-jie
  2007,19(8):977-985 [Abstract(2951)]  [View PDF]
Nitrogen cycling of atmosphere-plant-soil system in the typical Calamagrostis angustifolia wetland in the Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China
  SUN Zhi-gao and LIU Jing-shuang
  2007,19(8):986-995 [Abstract(2920)]  [View PDF]


Dynamic changes in microbial activity and community structure during biodegradation of petroleum compounds: A laboratory experiment
  LI Hui,ZHANG Ying,KRAVCHENKO Irina,XU Hui and ZHANG Cheng-gang
  2007,19(8):1003-1013 [Abstract(3010)]  [View PDF]
Microbial safety control of compost material with cow dung by heat treatment
  GONG Chun-ming
  2007,19(8):1014-1019 [Abstract(2874)]  [View PDF]


Degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol with a novel TiO2/Ti-Fe-graphite felt photoelectrocatalytic oxidation process
  ZHAO Bao-xiu,LI Xiang-zhong and WANG Peng
  2007,19(8):1020-1024 [Abstract(3633)]  [View PDF]

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