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Review article

Effect of sulfate on the methanogenic activity of a bacterial culture from a brewery wastewater during glucose degradation
  Nusara Sinbuathong,Sutha Khaodhiar,Winai Liengcharernsit,Pramote Sirirote and Daniel Watts
  2007,19(9):1025-1027 [Abstract(2689)]  [View PDF]


Effect of sorbed and desorbed Zn(II) on the growth of a green alga (Chlorella pyrenoidosa)
  CHANG Guo-hua,CHEN Hao,CHEN Hai-liu,LI Wei and PAN Gang
  2007,19(9):1028-1031 [Abstract(2563)]  [View PDF]
Enzymatic oxidation of aqueous pentachlorophenol
  E. Y. Kim,H. J. Chae and K. H. Chu
  2007,19(9):1032-1036 [Abstract(2398)]  [View PDF]
Effect of powdered activated carbon on Chinese traditional medicine wastewater treatment in submerged membrane bioreactor with electronic control backwashing
  LIU Xiao-lei,REN Nan-qi and MA Fang
  2007,19(9):1037-1042 [Abstract(2504)]  [View PDF]
Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in step feeding biological nitrogen removal process
  ZHU Gui-bing,PENG Yong-zhen,WU Shu-yun,WANG Shu-ying and XU Shi-wei
  2007,19(9):1043-1048 [Abstract(2436)]  [View PDF]
Anaerobic biodegradation of benzene series compounds by mixed cultures based on optional electronic acceptors
  HU Zhi-feng,DOU Jun-feng,LIU Xiang,ZHENG Xi-lai and DENG Dong
  2007,19(9):1049-1054 [Abstract(2768)]  [View PDF]
Effects of hydrodynamics processes on phosphorus fluxes from sediment in large, shallow Taihu Lake
  YOU Ben-sheng,ZHONG Ji-cheng,FAN Cheng-xin,WANG Tong-cheng,ZHANG Lu and DING Shi-ming
  2007,19(9):1055-1060 [Abstract(2487)]  [View PDF]
Spatial distribution of dissolved Pb, Hg, Cd, Cu and As in the Bohai Sea
  WANG Chang-you and WANG Xiu-lin
  2007,19(9):1061-1066 [Abstract(2836)]  [View PDF]
Two alternative modes for di use pollution control in Wuhan City Zoo
  CHEN Qing-feng,SHAN Bao-qing,YIN Cheng-qing and HU Cheng-xiao
  2007,19(9):1067-1073 [Abstract(3241)]  [View PDF]
Distribution characteristics of dissolved organic carbon in annular wetland soil-water solutions through soil profiles in the Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China
  XI Min,LU Xian-guo,LI Yue and KONG Fan-long
  2007,19(9):1074-1078 [Abstract(2386)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of a cost e ective technique for treating aquaculture water discharge using Lolium perenne Lam as a biofilter
  NDUWIMANA André,YANG Xiang-long and WANG Li-ren
  2007,19(9):1079-1085 [Abstract(2370)]  [View PDF]


Spatial and temporal variation of nitrogen exported by runo from sandy agricultural soils
  ZHANG Ming-kui,WANG Li-ping and HE Zhen-li
  2007,19(9):1086-1092 [Abstract(3234)]  [View PDF]
Treated wastewater irrigation effect on soil, crop and environment: Wastewater recycling in the loess area of China
  WANG Jun-feng,WANG Gen-xu and WANYAN Hua
  2007,19(9):1093-1099 [Abstract(2620)]  [View PDF]
Effects of elevated CO2 concentration on growth and water usage of tomato seedlings under different ammonium/nitrate ratios
  LI Juan,ZHOU Jian-min and DUAN Zeng-qiang
  2007,19(9):1100-1107 [Abstract(2496)]  [View PDF]
Imazaquin degradation and metabolism in a sandy loam soil amended with farm litters
  WANG Hui-li,LI Yan-yan,WEI Guo-hui and WANG Xue-dong
  2007,19(9):1108-1113 [Abstract(2768)]  [View PDF]


Detection, isolation, and identification of cadmium-resistant bacteria based on PCR-DGGE
  HU Qing,DOU Min-na,QI Hong-yan,XIE Xiang-ming,ZHUANG Guo-qiang and YANG Min
  2007,19(9):1114-1119 [Abstract(2452)]  [View PDF]
Degradation of MTBE and TBA by a new isolate from MTBE-contaminated soil
  ZHANG Rui-ling,HUANG Guo-qiang,LIAN Jing-yan and LI Xin-gang
  2007,19(9):1120-1124 [Abstract(2711)]  [View PDF]


Screening for a new Streptomyces strain capable of e cient keratin degradation
  CHAO Ya-peng,XIE Fu-hong,YANG Jing,LU Jing-hua and QIAN Shi-jun
  2007,19(9):1125-1128 [Abstract(2627)]  [View PDF]
Antioxidant responses to benzo[a]pyrene, tributyltin and their mixture in the spleen of Sebasticus marmoratus
  WU Yu-qiong,WANG Chong-gang,WANG Yun,ZHAO Yang,CHEN Yi-xin and ZUO Zheng-hong
  2007,19(9):1129-1135 [Abstract(3014)]  [View PDF]


Formaldehyde degradation by UV/TiO2/O3process using continuous flow mode
  QI Hong,SUN De-zhi and CHI Guo-qing
  2007,19(9):1136-1140 [Abstract(2886)]  [View PDF]
Photocatalytic degradation of Acid Blue 62 over CuO-SnO2 nanocomposite photocatalyst under simulated sunlight
  XIA Hui-li,ZHUANG Hui-sheng,ZHANG Tao and XIAO Dong-chang
  2007,19(9):1141-1145 [Abstract(3215)]  [View PDF]
Penetration analysis of elements and bioleaching treatment of spent refractory for recycling
  TATEDA Masafumi and FUJITA Masanori
  2007,19(9):1146-1152 [Abstract(2958)]  [View PDF]

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