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Occurrence and removal of organic micropollutants in the treatment of landfill leachate by combined anaerobic-membrane bioreactor technology
  XU Yiping,ZHOU Yiqi,WANG Donghong,CHEN Shaohua,LIU Junxin and WANG Zijian
  2008,20(11):1281-1287 [Abstract(2354)]  [View PDF]
Biosorption of Cu(II) on extracellular polymers from Bacillus sp. F19
  ZHENG Yan,FANG Xuliang,YE Zhilong,LI Yahong and CAI weimin
  2008,20(11):1288-1293 [Abstract(2587)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of humic acids extracted from the sediments of the various rivers and lakes in China
  HE Mengchang,SHI Yehong and LIN Chunye
  2008,20(11):1294-1299 [Abstract(2346)]  [View PDF]
Wash water in waterworks: contaminants and process options for reclamation
  C B Chidambara Raj,Tan Ee Kwong,Wong Wai Cheng,Lee Mun Fong,Soh Hoo Tiong and Paul Stefan Klose
  2008,20(11):1300-1305 [Abstract(2922)]  [View PDF]
Chlorobenzene degradation by electro-heterogeneous catalysis in aqueous solution: intermediates and reaction mechanism
  WANG Jiade,MEI Yu,LIU Chenliang and CHEN Jianmeng
  2008,20(11):1306-1311 [Abstract(2695)]  [View PDF]


Nitrous oxide fluxes from upland soils in central Hokkaido, Japan
  MU Zhijian,Sonoko D. KIMURA,Yo TOMA and Ryusuke HATANO
  2008,20(11):1312-1322 [Abstract(2439)]  [View PDF]
Long-term monitoring and source apportionment of PM2:5/PM10 in Beijing, China
  WANG Hailin,ZHUANG Yahui,WANG Ying,SUN Yele,YUAN Hui,ZHUANG Guoshun and HAO Zhengping
  2008,20(11):1323-1327 [Abstract(3015)]  [View PDF]


Adsorption of mercury on laterite from Guizhou Province, China
  YU Xiaohong,ZHU Lijun,GUO Baiwei and HE Shouyang
  2008,20(11):1328-1334 [Abstract(2856)]  [View PDF]
Nitrous oxide emissions in nonflooding period from fallow paddy fields
  HUANG Shuhui,Hari K Pant and LU Jun
  2008,20(11):1335-1340 [Abstract(2727)]  [View PDF]
Assessment of Pb uptake, translocation and immobilization in kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) for phytoremediation of sand tailings
  HO Wai Mun,ANG Lai Hoe and LEE Don Koo
  2008,20(11):1341-1347 [Abstract(2847)]  [View PDF]


Biogeochemical cyclic activity of bacterial arsB in arsenic-contaminated mines
  CHANG Jin-Soo,REN Xianghao and KIM Kyoung-Woong
  2008,20(11):1348-1355 [Abstract(2841)]  [View PDF]
Effect of cypermethrin insecticide on the microbial community in cucumber phyllosphere
  ZHANG Baoguo,ZHANG Hongxun,JIN Bo,TANG Ling,YANG Jianzhou,LI Baoju,ZHUANG Guoqiang and BAI Zhihui
  2008,20(11):1356-1362 [Abstract(3306)]  [View PDF]


Toxic e ects of fluoranthene and copper on marine diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum
  WANG Liping and ZHENG Binghui
  2008,20(11):1363-1372 [Abstract(2573)]  [View PDF]
Toxicity evaluation in a paper recycling mill e uent by coupling bioindicator of aging with the toxicity identification evaluation method in nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
  WANG Xiaoyi,SHEN Lulu,YU Hongxia and WANG Dayong
  2008,20(11):1373-1380 [Abstract(2850)]  [View PDF]
Assessing cypermethrin-contaminated soil with three di erent earthworm test methods
  ZHOU Shiping,DUAN Changqun,WANG Xuehua,Wong Hang Gi Michelle,YU Zefen and FU Hui
  2008,20(11):1381-1385 [Abstract(2722)]  [View PDF]


Enhanced electrochemical oxidation of phenol by introducing ferric ions and UV radiation
  MAO Xuhui,WEI Lin,HONG Song,ZHU Hua,LIN An and GAN Fuxing
  2008,20(11):1386-1391 [Abstract(2684)]  [View PDF]
Preparation of colloidal gold immunochromatography strip for detection of methamidophos residue
  SHI Chenggang,ZHAO Suqing,ZHANG Kun,HONG Guobao and ZHU Zhenyu
  2008,20(11):1392-1397 [Abstract(2921)]  [View PDF]


MINTEQ modeling for evaluating the leaching behavior of heavy metals in MSWI fly ash
  ZHANG Yan,JIANG Jianguo and CHEN Maozhe
  2008,20(11):1398-1402 [Abstract(3266)]  [View PDF]
Assessment of toxicity potential of metallic elements in discarded electronics: A case study of mobile phones in China
  B. Y. Wu,Y. C. Chan,A. Middendorf,X. Gu and H. W. Zhong
  2008,20(11):1403-1408 [Abstract(2960)]  [View PDF]

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