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Biodrying of municipal solid waste with high water content by combined hydrolytic-aerobic technology
  ZHANG Dongqing,HE Pinjing,SHAO Liming,JIN Taifeng and HAN Jingyao
  2008,20(12) [Abstract(2589)]  [View PDF]


Performance of two biofilters with neutral and low pH treating o -gases
  LIU Jianwei,LIU Junxin and LI Lin
  2008,20(12):1409-1414 [Abstract(2338)]  [View PDF]
Application of computational fluid dynamic to model the hydraulic performance of subsurface flow wetlands
  FAN Liwei,Hai Reti,WANG Wenxing,LU Zexiang and YANG Zhiming
  2008,20(12):1415-1422 [Abstract(2707)]  [View PDF]
Removal of humic substances by biosorption
  VUKOVI ′C Marija,DOMANOVAC Tomislav and BRI?SKI Felicita
  2008,20(12):1423-1428 [Abstract(2229)]  [View PDF]


Detection of hydroxyl radical in plasma reaction on toluene removal
  GUO Yufang,LIAO Xiaobin and YE Daiqi
  2008,20(12):1429-1432 [Abstract(2295)]  [View PDF]
3D-QSAR study on atmospheric half-lives of POPs using CoMFA and CoMSIA
  LV Yuyin,YIN Chunsheng,LIU Hongyan,YI Zhongsheng and WANG Yang
  2008,20(12):1433-1438 [Abstract(2157)]  [View PDF]
Changes in forest biomass carbon stock in the Pearl River Delta between 1989 and 2003
  YANG Kun and GUAN Dongsheng
  2008,20(12):1439-1444 [Abstract(2318)]  [View PDF]
Influence of environment and substrate quality on the decomposition of wetland plant root in the Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China
  GUO Xuelian,LU Xianguo,TONG Shouzheng and DAI Guohua
  2008,20(12):1445-1452 [Abstract(2145)]  [View PDF]


Aqueous and organic extracts of Trigonella foenum-graecum L. inhibit the mycelia growth of fungi
  2008,20(12):1453-1457 [Abstract(2253)]  [View PDF]
Effects of vegetable oil residue after soil extraction on physical-chemical properties of sandy soil and plant growth
  GONG Zongqiang,LI Peijun,B. M. Wilke and Kassem Alef
  2008,20(12):1458-1462 [Abstract(2646)]  [View PDF]
Arsenic speciation for the phytoremediation by the Chinese brake fern, Pteris vittata
  R. Shoji,R. Yajima and Y. Yano
  2008,20(12):1463-1468 [Abstract(2245)]  [View PDF]
Accumulation of Pb, Cu, and Zn in native plants growing on contaminated sites and their potential accumulation capacity in Heqing, Yunnan
  LIU Xiaohai,GAO Yuntao,Sardar Khan,DUAN Gang,CHEN Aikui,LING Li,ZHAO Lei,LIU Zhonghan and WU Xuecan
  2008,20(12):1469-1474 [Abstract(2561)]  [View PDF]
Effect of chromium on growth attributes in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
  FOZIA Andaleeb,MUHAMMAD Anjum Zia,MUHAMMAD Ashraf and ZAFAR Mahmood Khalid
  2008,20(12):1475-1480 [Abstract(2184)]  [View PDF]


Detection of Phaeocystis globosa using sandwich hybridization integrated with nuclease protection assay (NPA-SH)
  ZHEN Yu,MI Tiezhu and YU Zhigang
  2008,20(12):1481-1486 [Abstract(2743)]  [View PDF]
Aromatic compound degradation by iron reducing bacteria isolated from irrigated tropical paddy soils
  LU Wenjing,WANG Hongtao,HUANG Changyong and W. Reichardt
  2008,20(12):1487-1493 [Abstract(2533)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of culturable and unculturable microbial community in bensulfuron-methyl contaminated paddy soils
  LIN Xiaoyan,ZHAO Yuhua,FU Qinglin,M. L. Umashankara and FENG Zhihong
  2008,20(12):1494-1500 [Abstract(2425)]  [View PDF]
Phylogenetic analysis and arsenate reduction e ect of the arsenic-reducing bacteria enriched from contaminated soils at an abandoned smelter site
  ZHANG Xuexia,JIA Yongfeng,WANG Xin and XU Liying
  2008,20(12):1501-1507 [Abstract(2222)]  [View PDF]
Kinetics of phenol and m-cresol biodegradation by an indigenous mixed microbial culture isolated from a sewage treatment plant
  Pichiah Saravanan,Kannan Pakshirajan and Prabirkumar Saha
  2008,20(12):1508-1513 [Abstract(2332)]  [View PDF]
Damage to DNA of e ective microorganisms by heavy metals: Impact on wastewater treatment
  ZHOU Sheng,WEI Chaohai,LIAO Chaodeng and WU Haizhen
  2008,20(12):1514-1518 [Abstract(2016)]  [View PDF]
Decolorization of reactive dyes by laccase immobilized in alginate/gelatin blent with PEG
  WANG Ping,FAN Xuerong,CUI Li,WANG Qiang and ZHOU Aihui
  2008,20(12):1519-1522 [Abstract(2820)]  [View PDF]


Decomposition of hexachlorobenzene over Al2O3 supported metal oxide catalysts
  ZHANG Lifei,ZHENG Minghui,ZHANG Bing,LIU Wenbin,GAO Lirong,BA Te,REN Zhiyuan and SU Guijin
  2008,20(12):1523-1526 [Abstract(2280)]  [View PDF]
Inactivated properties of activated carbon-supported TiO2 nanoparticles for bacteria and kinetic study
  LI Youji,MA Mingyuan,WANG Xiaohu and WANG Xiaohua
  2008,20(12):1527-1533 [Abstract(2254)]  [View PDF]

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