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Properties and coagulation mechanisms of polyferric silicate sulfate with high concentration
  SONG Zhiwei and REN Nanqi
  2008,20(2):129-134 [Abstract(2632)]  [View PDF]
Biotransformation of nonylphenol ethoxylates during sewage treatment under anaerobic and aerobic conditions
  ZHANG Jing,YANG Min,ZHANG Yu and CHEN Meixue
  2008,20(2):135-141 [Abstract(2315)]  [View PDF]
Simultaneous removal of COD and nitrogen using a novel carbon-membrane aerated biofilm reactor
  HU Shaowei,YANG Fenglin,SUN Cui,ZHANG Jianye and WANG Tonghua
  2008,20(2):142-148 [Abstract(2525)]  [View PDF]
Effect of nitrification inhibitor DMPP on nitrogen leaching, nitrifying organisms, and enzyme activities in a rice-oilseed rape cropping system
  LI Hua,LIANG Xinqiang,CHEN Yingxu,LIAN Yanfeng,TIAN Guangming and NI Wuzhong
  2008,20(2):149-155 [Abstract(2400)]  [View PDF]
Changes of Cu, Zn, and Ni chemical speciation in sewage sludge co-composted with sodium sulfide and lime
  WANG Xuejiang,CHEN Ling,XIA Siqing and ZHAO Jianfu
  2008,20(2):156-160 [Abstract(2501)]  [View PDF]
Study of heavy metal speciation in branch sediments of Poyang Lake
  LUO Mingbiao,LI Jianqiang,CAO Weipeng and WANG Maolan
  2008,20(2):161-166 [Abstract(2596)]  [View PDF]
Study of 4-t-octylphenol degradation and microbial community in granular sludge
  LIU Yi,WANG Feng,XIA Siqing and ZHAO Jianfu
  2008,20(2):167-171 [Abstract(2270)]  [View PDF]
Water purification with sintered porous materials fabricated at 400℃ from sea bottom sediments
  DABWAN Ahmed H A,IMAI Daizo,KANECO Satoshi,SENMATSU Isamu,NAKAHAMA Katsuyuki,KATSUMATA Hideyuki,SUZUKI Tohru and OHTA Kiyohisa
  2008,20(2):172-176 [Abstract(2375)]  [View PDF]


Combination of biodiesel-ethanol-diesel fuel blend and SCR catalyst assembly to reduce emissions from a heavy-duty diesel engine
  SHI Xiaoyan,YU Yunbo,HE Hong,SHUAI Shijin,DONG Hongyi and LI Rulong
  2008,20(2):177-182 [Abstract(2284)]  [View PDF]
Photoreductive degradation of sulfur hexafluoride in the presence of styrene
  HUANG Li,GU Dinghong,Yang Longyu,Xia Lanyan,ZHANG Renxi and HOU Huiqi
  2008,20(2):183-188 [Abstract(2327)]  [View PDF]
Minimizing N2O fluxes from full-scale municipal solid waste landfill with properly selected cover soil
  ZHANG Houhu,HE Pinjing,SHAO Liming,QU Xian and LEE Duujong
  2008,20(2):189-194 [Abstract(2510)]  [View PDF]


Effects of combination of plant and microorganism on degradation of simazine in soil
  LIAO Min and XIE Xiaomei
  2008,20(2):195-198 [Abstract(2335)]  [View PDF]
Phytotoxicity of cadmium on protein, proline and antioxidant enzyme activities in growing Arachis hypogaea L. seedlings
  N Dinakar,P C Nagajyothi,S Suresh,Y Udaykiran and T Damodharam
  2008,20(2):199-206 [Abstract(2272)]  [View PDF]
Fluxes of CH4 and N2O from soil under a tropical seasonal rain forest in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China
  YAN Yuping,SHA Liqing,CAO Min,ZHENG Zheng,TANG Jianwei,WANG Yinghong,ZHANG Yiping,WANG Rui,LIU Guangren,WANG Yuesi and SUN Yang
  2008,20(2):207-215 [Abstract(2240)]  [View PDF]


Enhanced biological nutrient removal by the alliance of a heterotrophic nitrifying strain with a nitrogen removing ecosystem
  Naeem ud din Ahmad,XU Haiying,CHEN Liping,LIU Zhipei and LIU Shuangjiang
  2008,20(2):216-223 [Abstract(2202)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of depth-related microbial communities in lake sediment by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis of amplified 16S rRNA fragments
  ZHAO Xingqing,YANG Liuyan,YU Zhenyang,PENG Naiying,XIAO Lin,YIN Daqiang and QIN Boqiang
  2008,20(2):224-230 [Abstract(2374)]  [View PDF]
Biosorption characteristics of unicellular green alga Chlorella sorokiniana immobilized in loofa sponge for removal of Cr(III)
  AKHTAR Nasreen,IQBAL Muhammad,ZAFAR Saeed Iqbal and IQBAL Javed
  2008,20(2):231-239 [Abstract(2570)]  [View PDF]
The acute lethality and endocrine e ect of 1,2,3,7,8-PeCDD in juvenile goldfish (Carassius auratus) in vivo
  YANG Yongbin,LIU Zhengtao,ZHENG Minghui,ZHAO Yanyan,WANG Liang,SUN Wei and XIAO Feng
  2008,20(2):240-245 [Abstract(2215)]  [View PDF]


Bromate ion formation in dark chlorination and ultraviolet/chlorination processes for bromide-containing water
  HUANG Xin,GAO Naiyun and DENG Yang
  2008,20(2):246-251 [Abstract(2499)]  [View PDF]
Chemiluminescence detection of permanganate index (CODMn) by a luminol-KMnO4 based reaction
  TIAN Jinjun,HU Yonggang and ZHANG Jie
  2008,20(2):252-256 [Abstract(2572)]  [View PDF]

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