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Performance of wastewater sludge ecological stabilization
  CUI Yubo,SUN Tieheng,ZHAO Lihui,JIANG Tingliang and ZHANG Liping
  2008,20(4):385-389 [Abstract(2179)]  [View PDF]
Fraction distribution and risk assessment of heavy metals in sediments of Moshui Lake
  LIU Honglei,LI Liqing,YIN Chengqing and SHAN Baoqing
  2008,20(4):390-397 [Abstract(2338)]  [View PDF]
Nitrogen and phosphorus removal in pilot-scale anaerobic-anoxic oxidation ditch system
  PENG Yongzhen,HOU Hongxun,WANG Shuying,CUI Youwei and Zhiguo Yuan
  2008,20(4):398-403 [Abstract(2287)]  [View PDF]
Effects of bacteria on nitrogen and phosphorus release from river sediment
  WU Qunhe,ZHANG Renduo,HUANG Shan and ZHANG Hengjun
  2008,20(4):404-412 [Abstract(2303)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metals partitioning in the sediments of Izmir Inner Bay
  GUVEN Duyusen E and AKINCI Gorkem
  2008,20(4):413-418 [Abstract(2373)]  [View PDF]
Short-term e ects of drawing water for connectivity of rivers and lakes on zooplankton community structure
  WU Zhenbin,LIU Aifen,ZHANG Shiyang,CHENG Shuiping and WU Xiaohui
  2008,20(4):419-423 [Abstract(2074)]  [View PDF]


Long range trans-Pacific transport and deposition of Asian dust aerosols
  HAN Yongxiang,FANG Xiaomin,ZHAO Tianliang and KANG Shichang
  2008,20(4):424-428 [Abstract(2364)]  [View PDF]
Morphology of single inhalable particle in the air polluted city of Shijiazhuang, China
  WANG Zanhong,ZHANG Lingzhi,ZHANG Yuliang,ZHAO Zhou and ZHANG Sumin
  2008,20(4):429-435 [Abstract(2274)]  [View PDF]
Coupling catalytic hydrolysis and oxidation for CS2 removal
  WANG Li,WU Diyong,WANG Shudong and YUAN Quan
  2008,20(4):436-440 [Abstract(2499)]  [View PDF]
A four-year investigation on wet deposition in western Thailand
  PANYAKAPO Mallika and ONCHANG Rattapon
  2008,20(4):441-448 [Abstract(2310)]  [View PDF]


Effects of several amendments on rice growth and uptake of copper and cadmium from a contaminated soil
  LI Ping,WANG Xingxiang,ZHANG Taolin,ZHOU Dongmei and HE Yuanqiu
  2008,20(4):449-455 [Abstract(2488)]  [View PDF]
Organic carbon stratification and size distribution of three typical paddy soils from Taihu Lake region, China
  PAN Genxing,WU Laosheng,LI Lianqing,ZHANG Xuhui,GONG Wei and WOOD Yvonne
  2008,20(4):456-463 [Abstract(2255)]  [View PDF]
Degradation of chlorpyrifos alone and in combination with chlorothalonil and their effects on soil microbial populations
  CHU Xiaoqiang,FANG Hua,PAN Xuedong,WANG Xiao,SHAN Min,FENG Bo and YU Yunlong
  2008,20(4):464-469 [Abstract(2566)]  [View PDF]
Sulfur cycle in the typical meadow Calamagrostis angustifolia wetland ecosystem in the Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China
  LIU Jingshuang and LI Xinhua
  2008,20(4):470-475 [Abstract(2072)]  [View PDF]


Natural recovery of different areas of a deserted quarry in South China
  DUAN Wenjun,REN Hai,FU Shenglei,WANG Jun,YANG Long and ZHANG Jinping
  2008,20(4):476-481 [Abstract(2164)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of microfauna and their relationships with the performance of an activated sludge plant in China
  ZHOU Kexin,XU Muqi,LIU Biao and CAO Hong
  2008,20(4):482-486 [Abstract(2333)]  [View PDF]


Genotoxicity evaluation of drinking water sources in human peripheral blood lymphocytes using the comet assay
  WU Yulin,CHEN Haigang,LI Zhaoli,SUN Liwei,QU Mengmeng,LI Mei and KONG Zhiming
  2008,20(4):487-491 [Abstract(2155)]  [View PDF]


Characteristics of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in leachate with different landfill ages
  HUO Shouliang,XI Beidou,YU Haichan,HE Liansheng,FAN Shilei and LIU Hongliang
  2008,20(4):492-498 [Abstract(2466)]  [View PDF]
Evolution on qualities of leachate and landfill gas in the semi-aerobic landfill
  HUANG Qifei,YANG Yufei,PANG Xiangrui and WANG Qi
  2008,20(4):499-504 [Abstract(2278)]  [View PDF]


Mixed uncertainty analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon inhalation and risk assessment in ambient air of Beijing
  YU Yajuan,GUO Huaicheng,LIU Yong,HUANG Kai,WANG Zhen and ZHAN Xinye
  2008,20(4):505-512 [Abstract(2198)]  [View PDF]

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