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Nitrous oxide production during nitrogen removal from domestic wastewater in lab-scale sequencing batch reactor
  LIU Xiuhong,PENG Yi,WU Changyong,AKIO Takigawa and PENG Yongzhen
  2008,20(6):641-645 [Abstract(2488)]  [View PDF]
Preliminary study on treatment of waste organic matter from livestock by bacteria-mineral technology
  HE Wenyuan,YANG Haizhen and GU Guowei
  2008,20(6):646-651 [Abstract(2631)]  [View PDF]
Shallow groundwater nitrogen responses to di erent land use managements in the riparian zone of Yuqiao Reservoir in North China
  LU Haiming and YIN Chengqing
  2008,20(6):652-657 [Abstract(2382)]  [View PDF]
Startup and operation of anaerobic EGSB reactor treating palm oil mill effluent
  ZHANG Yejian,YAN Li,CHI Lina,LONG Xiuhua,MEI Zhijian and ZHANG Zhenjia
  2008,20(6):658-663 [Abstract(2682)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metal pollution in intertidal sediments from Quanzhou Bay, China
  YU Ruilian,YUAN Xing,ZHAO Yuanhui,HU Gongren and TU Xianglin
  2008,20(6):664-669 [Abstract(2693)]  [View PDF]
Phosphate removal from wastewater by model-La(III) zeolite adsorbents
  NING Ping,BART Hans-J?rg,LI Bing,LU Xiwu and ZHANG Yong
  2008,20(6):670-674 [Abstract(2949)]  [View PDF]
Impact of Fenton and ozone on oxidation of wastewater containing nitroaromatic compounds
  Fares Al Momani,Mo’ayyad Shawaqfah,Ahmad Shawaqfeh and Mohammad Al-Shannag
  2008,20(6):675-682 [Abstract(2536)]  [View PDF]
A laboratory scale study on arsenic(V) removal from aqueous medium using calcined bauxite ore
  Debasish Mohapatra,Debaraj Mishra and Kyung Ho Park
  2008,20(6):683-689 [Abstract(2240)]  [View PDF]
Effects of operational factors on soluble microbial products in a carrier anaerobic ba ed reactor treating dilute wastewater
  FENG Huajun,HU Lifang,SHAN Dan,FANG Chengran,HE Yonghua and SHEN Dongsheng
  2008,20(6):690-695 [Abstract(2412)]  [View PDF]


Regional assessment of cadmium pollution in agricultural lands and the potential health risk related to intensive mining activities: A case study in Chenzhou City, China
  ZHAI Limei,LIAO Xiaoyong,CHEN Tongbin,YAN Xiulan,XIE Hua,WU Bin and WANG Lixia
  2008,20(6):696-703 [Abstract(2506)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption behavior of Azo Dye C. I. Acid Red 14 in aqueous solution on surface soils
  QU Baocheng,ZHOU Jiti,XIANG Xuemin,ZHENG Chunli,ZHAO Hongxia and ZHOU Xiaobai
  2008,20(6):704-709 [Abstract(2491)]  [View PDF]
Solubility of ion and trace metals from stabilized sewage sludge by fly ash and alkaline mine tailing
  ZHANG Hongling,SUN Lina and SUN Tieheng
  2008,20(6):710-716 [Abstract(2686)]  [View PDF]


A novel and complete gene cluster involved in the degradation of aniline by Delftia sp. AN3
  ZHANG Tao,ZHANG Jinglei,LIU Shuangjiang and LIU Zhipei
  2008,20(6):717-724 [Abstract(2288)]  [View PDF]
Substrate-induced changes in microbial community-level physiological profiles and their application to discriminate soil microbial communities
  CHEN Jian,XIE Huijun,ZHUANG Xuliang,ZHUANG Guoqiang,BAI Zhihui and ZHANG Hongxun
  2008,20(6):725-731 [Abstract(2270)]  [View PDF]
Plankton community composition in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region revealed by PCR-DGGE and its relationships with environmental factors
  YAN Qingyun,YU Yuhe,FENG Weisong,YU Zhigang and CHEN Hongtao
  2008,20(6):732-738 [Abstract(2497)]  [View PDF]
Effects of metal lead on growth and mycorrhizae of an invasive plant species (Solidago canadensis L.)
  YANG Ruyi,YU Guodong,TANG Jianjun and CHEN Xin
  2008,20(6):739-744 [Abstract(2489)]  [View PDF]
Effects of Cd(II) and Cu(II) on microbial characteristics in 2-chlorophenol-degradation anaerobic bioreactors
  HUANG Aiqun,CHEN Hao,CHEN Ling,DAI Yalei and ZHAO Jianfu
  2008,20(6):745-752 [Abstract(2287)]  [View PDF]


Photolysis of mono- through deca-chlorinated biphenyls by ultraviolet irradiation in n-hexane and quantitative structure-property relationship analysis
  LI Xue,FANG Lei,HUANG Jun and YU Gang
  2008,20(6):753-759 [Abstract(2390)]  [View PDF]
Influence of particle size and salinity on adsorption of basic dyes by agricultural waste: dried Seagrape (Caulerpa lentillifera)
  Pimol Punjongharn,Khanidtha Meevasana and Prasert Pavasant
  2008,20(6):760-768 [Abstract(2694)]  [View PDF]

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