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Review article

Profiling of microbial communities in a bioreactor for treating hydrocarbon-sulfide-containing wastewater
  LIAO Bo,JI Guodong and CHENG Liqiu
  2008,20(8):897-899 [Abstract(1940)]  [View PDF]


Effects of Cd2+ and Pb2+ on the substrate biofilms in the integrated vertical-flow constructed wetland
  ZHANG Jinlian,CHENG Shuiping,HE Feng,LIANG Wei and WU Zhenbin
  2008,20(8):900-906 [Abstract(1978)]  [View PDF]
Effects of low temperature on aluminum(III) hydrolysis: Theoretical and experimental studies
  XIAO Feng,ZHANG Baojie and LEE Chery
  2008,20(8):907-914 [Abstract(1923)]  [View PDF]
Reduction of nitrobenzene by the catalyzed Fe/Cu process
  XU Wenying,LI Ping and FAN Jinhong
  2008,20(8):915-921 [Abstract(2054)]  [View PDF]
Activated sludge-mediated biodegradation of dimethyl phthalate under fermentative conditions
  WU Donglei,MAHMOOD Qaisar,Wu Lili and ZHENG Ping
  2008,20(8):922-926 [Abstract(2067)]  [View PDF]
De-colorization of Reactive Brilliant Orange X-GN by a novel rotating electrochemical disc process
  ZHONG Dengjie,YANG Ji,XU Yunlan,JIA Jinping,WANG Yalin and SUN Tonghua
  2008,20(8):927-932 [Abstract(2068)]  [View PDF]
Effects of COD/N ratio and DO concentration on simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in an airlift internal circulation membrane bioreactor
  MENG Qingjuan,YANG Fenglin,LIU Lifen and MENG Fangang
  2008,20(8):933-939 [Abstract(2687)]  [View PDF]
Effect of inorganic carbon on anaerobic ammonium oxidation enriched in sequencing batch reactor
  LIAO Dexiang,LI Xiaoming,YANG Qi,ZENG Guangming,GUO Liang and YUE Xiu
  2008,20(8):940-944 [Abstract(2113)]  [View PDF]
Dechlorination of disinfection by-product monochloroacetic acid in drinking water by nanoscale palladized iron bimetallic particle
  CHEN Chao,WANG Xiangyu,CHANG Ying and LIU Huiling
  2008,20(8):945-951 [Abstract(2136)]  [View PDF]
Combination of adsorption and biodegradation processes for textile e uent treatment using a granular activated carbon-biofilm configured packed column system
  ONG SoonAn,TOORISAKA Eiichi,HIRATA Makoto and HANO Tadashi
  2008,20(8):952-956 [Abstract(2178)]  [View PDF]
Intercross real-time control strategy in alternating activated sludge process for short-cut biological nitrogen removal treating domestic wastewater
  WANG Shuying,ZHANG Shanfeng,PENG chengyao and AKIO TAKIGAWA
  2008,20(8):957-963 [Abstract(2005)]  [View PDF]


Treatment of tunnel wash waters - experiments with organic sorbent materials. Part I: Removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and nonpolar oil
  PARUCH Adam M and ROSETH Roger
  2008,20(8):964-969 [Abstract(1977)]  [View PDF]


Extraction of copper from sewage sludge using biodegradable chelant EDDS
  ZHANG Lihua,ZHU Zhiliang,ZHANG Ronghua,ZHENG Chengsong,ZHANG Hua,QIU Yanling and ZHAO Jianfu
  2008,20(8):970-974 [Abstract(2288)]  [View PDF]
Stimulatory e ects of biosurfactant produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa BSZ-07 on rice straw decomposing
  ZHANG Qiuzhuo,CAI Weimin and WANG Juan
  2008,20(8):975-980 [Abstract(1972)]  [View PDF]
Microbial community diversity in the profile of an agricultural soil in northern China
  ZHOU Juan,GUO Weihua,WANG Renqing,HAN Xuemei and WANG Qiang
  2008,20(8):981-988 [Abstract(2205)]  [View PDF]
A risk assessment system for alien plant bio-invasion in Xiamen, China
  OU Jian,LU Changyi and Desmond K. O’TOOLE
  2008,20(8):989-997 [Abstract(2191)]  [View PDF]


Environmental monitoring and fuzzy synthetic evaluation of municipal solid waste transfer stations in Beijing in 2001 - 2006
  LI Chunping,LI Guoxue,LUO Yiming,LI Yanfu and HUANG Jian
  2008,20(8):998-1005 [Abstract(1958)]  [View PDF]


Study on superoxide and hydroxyl radicals generated in indirect electrochemical oxidation by chemiluminescence and UV-Visible spectra
  ZHANG Bo-Tao,ZHAO Li-Xia and LIN Jin-Ming
  2008,20(8):1006-1011 [Abstract(2497)]  [View PDF]
Naphthalene emissions from moth repellents or toilet deodorant blocks determined using head-space and small-chamber tests
  JO Wan-Kuen,LEE Jong-Hyo,LIM Ho-Jin and JEONG Woo-Sik
  2008,20(8):1012-1017 [Abstract(2093)]  [View PDF]
Urea hydrolysis and recovery of nitrogen and phosphorous as MAP from stale human urine
  LIU Zhigang,ZHAO Qingliang,WANG Kun,LEE Duujong,QIU Wei and WANG Jianfang
  2008,20(8):1018-1024 [Abstract(2710)]  [View PDF]

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