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专栏: Advances in chemical technologies for water and wastewater treatment

Advances in chemical technologies for water and wastewater treatment: preface
  Xiaochang WANG
  2009,21(1):1 [Abstract(2641)]  [View PDF]
Optical monitoring of particle aggregates
  John Gregory
  2009,21(1):2-7 [Abstract(2335)]  [View PDF]
The effect of coupling coagulation and flocculation with membrane filtration in water treatment: A review
  TorOve Leiknes
  2009,21(1):8-12 [Abstract(2909)]  [View PDF]
Effectiveness of fluidized pellet bed for removing soluble contaminants
  WANG Xiaochang,LI Zhihua,WANG Zhen,LI Jinrong,LI Jiayu and CHEN Rong
  2009,21(1):13-17 [Abstract(2106)]  [View PDF]
Purification and characterization of Al13 species in coagulant polyaluminum chloride
  GAO Baoyu,CHU Yongbao,YUE Qinyan and WANG Yan
  2009,21(1):18-22 [Abstract(2604)]  [View PDF]
Evaluating the e ects of granular and membrane filtrations on chlorine demand in drinking water
  Veeriah Jegatheesan,Seung Hyun Kim,C. K. Joo and GAO Baoyu
  2009,21(1):23-29 [Abstract(2140)]  [View PDF]
Interfacial forces between silica surfaces measured by atomic force microscopy
  DUAN Jinming
  2009,21(1):30-34 [Abstract(2200)]  [View PDF]
Removal of citrate and hypophosphite binary components using Fenton, photo-Fenton and electro-Fenton processes
  Yao-Hui Huang,Hsiao-Ting Su and Li-Way Lin
  2009,21(1):35-40 [Abstract(2386)]  [View PDF]
Fractal analysis of polyferric chloride-humic acid (PFC-HA) flocs in di erent topological spaces
  WANG Yili,LU Jia,DU Baiyu,SHI Baoyou and WANG Dongsheng
  2009,21(1):41-48 [Abstract(2199)]  [View PDF]
Fouling of nanofiltration membrane by e uent organic matter: Characterization using di erent organic fractions in wastewater
  ZHANG Liqing,WANG Lei,ZHANG Gang and WANG Xudong
  2009,21(1):49-53 [Abstract(2102)]  [View PDF]


Characterization of dissolved organic matter fractions and its relationship with the disinfection by-product formation
  ZHANG Hua,QU Jiuhui,LIU Huijuan and WEI Dongbin
  2009,21(1):54-61 [Abstract(2560)]  [View PDF]
Persistence and growth of faecal culturable bacterial indicators in water column and sediments of Vidy Bay, Lake Geneva, Switzerland
  POTE John,HALLER Laurence,KOTTELAT R′egis,SASTRE Vincent,ARPAGAUS Philippe and WILDI Walter
  2009,21(1):62-69 [Abstract(2644)]  [View PDF]
Three-stage aged refuse biofilter for the treatment of landfill leachate
  LI Hongjiang,ZHAO Youcai,SHI Lei and GU Yingying
  2009,21(1):70-75 [Abstract(2436)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of malathion by Acinetobacter johnsonii MA19 and optimization of cometabolism substrates
  XIE Shan,LIU Junxin,LI Lin and QIAO Chuanling
  2009,21(1):76-82 [Abstract(2193)]  [View PDF]
Effect of proteins, polysaccharides, and particle sizes on sludge dewaterability
  SHAO Liming,HE Peipei,YU Guanghui and HE Pinjing
  2009,21(1):83-88 [Abstract(2415)]  [View PDF]
Degradation of o-chloronitrobenzene as the sole carbon and nitrogen sources by Pseudomonas putida OCNB-1
  WU Haizhen,WEI Chaohai,WANG Yaqin,HE Qincong and LIANG Shizhong
  2009,21(1):89-95 [Abstract(2417)]  [View PDF]
Removal of haloacetic acids by nanofiltration
  CHALATIP Ratasuk,CHAWALIT Ratanatamskul and NOPAWAN Ratasuk
  2009,21(1):96-100 [Abstract(3299)]  [View PDF]
Exploitation of Fenton and Fenton-like reagents as alternative conditioners for alum sludge conditioning
  Maha A. Tony,Y. Q. Zhao and Aghareed M. Tayeb
  2009,21(1):101-105 [Abstract(2331)]  [View PDF]
Competitive and cooperative adsorption of arsenate and citrate on goethite
  SHI Rong,JIA Yongfeng and WANG Chengzhi
  2009,21(1):106-112 [Abstract(2418)]  [View PDF]
Partitioning of water soluble organic carbon in three sediment size fractions: Effect of the humic substances
  SUN Liying,SUN Weiling and NI Jinren
  2009,21(1):113-119 [Abstract(2706)]  [View PDF]
Disruption of biofilms from sewage pipes under physical and chemical conditioning
  Charbel Mahfoud,Antoine El Samrani,Rita Mouawad,Walid Hleihel,Rim El Khatib,Bruno S. Lartiges and Na¨?m Oua¨?ni
  2009,21(1):120-126 [Abstract(2389)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of zeolites synthesized from fly ash as potential adsorbents for wastewater containing heavy metals
  WANG Chunfeng,LI Jiansheng,SUN Xia,WANG Lianjun and SUN Xiuyun
  2009,21(1):127-136 [Abstract(2333)]  [View PDF]

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