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Electrochemical incineration of dimethyl phthalate by anodic oxidation with boron-doped diamond electrode
  HOU Yining,QU Jiuhui,ZHAO Xu and LIU HuijuanHOU Yining, LIU Huijuan, QU Jiuhui, ZHAO Xu
  2009,21(10):1321-1328 [Abstract(2232)]  [View PDF]
Effect of sludge retention time on sludge characteristics and membrane fouling of membrane bioreactor
  OUYANG Ke and LIU JunxinLIU Junxin, OUYANG Ke
  2009,21(10):1329-1335 [Abstract(2460)]  [View PDF]
Heterotrophic ammonium removal characteristics of an aerobic heterotrophic nitrifying-denitrifying bacterium, Providencia rettgeri YL
  TAYLOR Shauna M,HE Yiliang,ZHAO Bin and HUANG JueHE Yiliang, HUANG Jue, TAYLOR Shauna M, ZHAO Bin
  2009,21(10):1336-1341 [Abstract(2585)]  [View PDF]
Preparation of high concentration polyaluminum chloride with high content of Alb or Alc
  ZHAO Changwei,ZHANG Jingbo,LUAN Zhaokun,PENG Xianjia and REN XiaojingLUAN Zhaokun, PENG Xianjia, REN Xiaojing, ZHANG Jingbo, ZHAO Changwei
  2009,21(10):1342-1346 [Abstract(2107)]  [View PDF]
Application of ferrate(VI) in the treatment of industrial wastes containing metal-complexed cyanides : A green treatment
  2009,21(10):1347-1352 [Abstract(2088)]  [View PDF]


Secondary organic carbon quantification and source apportionment of PM10 in Kaifeng, China
  WU Lin,FENG Yinchang,WU Jianhui,ZHU Tan,BI Xiaohui,HAN Bo,YANG Weihong and YANG ZhiqiangBI Xiaohui, FENG Yinchang, HAN Bo, WU Jianhui, WU Lin, YANG Weihong, YANG Zhiqiang, ZHU Tan
  2009,21(10):1353-1362 [Abstract(2143)]  [View PDF]
Element and mineral characterization of dust emission from the saline land at Songnen Plain, Northeastern China
  CHEN Bing,KITAGAWA Hiroyuki,HU Ke,JIE Dongmei,YANG Junpeng and LI JingminCHEN Bing, HU Ke, JIE Dongmei, KITAGAWA Hiroyuki, LI Jingmin, YANG Junpeng
  2009,21(10):1363-1370 [Abstract(2487)]  [View PDF]
Characteristic of organic aerosol in a remote area of Okinawa Island
  LUN Xiaoxiu,TAKAMI Akinori,MIYOSHI Takao and HATAKEYAMA ShiroHATAKEYAMA Shiro, LUN Xiaoxiu, MIYOSHI Takao, TAKAMI Akinori
  2009,21(10):1371-1377 [Abstract(2259)]  [View PDF]


Effect of biosurfactant on the sorption of phenanthrene onto original and H2O2-treated soils
  PEI Xiaohong, ,,ZHAN Xinhua and ZHOU LixiangPEI Xiaohong, ,, ZHAN Xinhua, ZHOU Lixiang
  2009,21(10):1378-1385 [Abstract(2210)]  [View PDF]
Levels, distributions, and source identification of organochlorine pesticides in the topsoils in Northeastern China
  WANG Xu,REN Nanqi,QI Hong,MA Wanli and LI YifanLI Yifan, MA Wanli, QI Hong, REN Nanqi, WANG Xu
  2009,21(10):1386-1392 [Abstract(2223)]  [View PDF]
Effects of elevated CO2 concentration and nitrogen supply on biomass and active carbon of freshwater marsh after two growing seasons in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China
  ZHAO Guangying,LIU Jingshuang,WANG Yang,DOU Jingxin and DONG XiaoyongDONG Xiaoyong, DOU Jingxin, LIU Jingshuang, WANG Yang, ZHAO Guangying
  2009,21(10):1393-1399 [Abstract(2164)]  [View PDF]
Distribution characteristics of total mercury and methylmercury in the topsoil and dust of Xiamen, China
  LIANG Ying,YUAN Dongxing,LU Min,GONG Zhenbin,LIU Xiyao and ZHANG ZhenGONG Zhenbin, LIANG Ying, LIU Xiyao, LU Min, YUAN Dongxing, ZHANG Zhen
  2009,21(10):1400-1408 [Abstract(2147)]  [View PDF]
Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by Phragmites australis cultivated in synthesized substrates
  WANG He and JIA YongfengJIA Yongfeng, WANG He
  2009,21(10):1409-1414 [Abstract(2203)]  [View PDF]
Phosphorus utilization and microbial community in response to lead/iron addition to a waterlogged soil
  ZHONG Shunqing,WU Yuping and XU JianmingWU Yuping, XU Jianming, ZHONG Shunqing
  2009,21(10):1415-1423 [Abstract(2220)]  [View PDF]
Infiltration characteristics of non-aqueous phase liquids in undisturbed loessal soil cores
  WANG Yunqiang and SHAO Ming’anSHAO Ming’an, WANG Yunqiang
  2009,21(10):1424-1431 [Abstract(2405)]  [View PDF]
Removal of metals by sorghum plants from contaminated land
  ZHUANG Ping,SHU Wensheng,LI Zhian,LIAO Bin,LI Jintian and SHAO JingsongLI Jintian, LI Zhian, LIAO Bin, SHAO Jingsong, SHU Wensheng, ZHUANG Ping
  2009,21(10):1432-1437 [Abstract(2280)]  [View PDF]
Long-term impact of municipal sewage irrigation on treated soil and black locust trees in a semi-arid suburban area of Iran
  Masoud Tabari and Azadeh SalehiAzadeh Salehi, Masoud Tabari
  2009,21(10):1438-1445 [Abstract(2313)]  [View PDF]


Isolation of marine benzo[a]pyrene-degrading Ochrobactrum sp. BAP5 and proteins characterization
  WU Yirui,HE Tengteng,ZHONG Mingqi,ZHANG Yueling,LI Enmin,HUANG Tongwang and HU ZhongHE Tengteng, HU Zhong, HUANG Tongwang, LI Enmin, WU Yirui, ZHANG Yueling, ZHONG Mingqi
  2009,21(10):1446-1451 [Abstract(2352)]  [View PDF]
Microbiological parameters and maturity degree during composting of Posidonia oceanica residues mixed with vegetable wastes in semi-arid pedo-climatic condition
  SAIDI Neyla,KOUKI Soulwene,M’HIRI Fadhel,JEDIDI Naceur,MAHROUK Meriam,HASSEN Abdennaceur and OUZARI HaddaHASSEN Abdennaceur, JEDIDI Naceur, KOUKI Soulwene, M’HIRI Fadhel, MAHROUK Meriam, OUZARI Hadda, SAIDI Neyla
  2009,21(10):1452-1458 [Abstract(2199)]  [View PDF]


Effect of sub-acute exposure to TiO2 nanoparticles on oxidative stress and histopathological changes in Juvenile Carp (Cyprinus carpio)
  HAO Linhua,WANG Zhenyu and XING BaoshanHAO Linhua, WANG Zhenyu, XING Baoshan
  2009,21(10):1459-1466 [Abstract(2299)]  [View PDF]
Acute effects of chlorpyryphos-ethyl and secondary treated e uents on acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase activities in Carcinus maenas
  Jihene Ghedira,Jamel Jebali,Zied Bouraoui,Mohamed Banni,Lassaad Chouba and Hamadi BoussettaHamadi Boussetta, Jamel Jebali, Jihene Ghedira, Lassaad Chouba, Mohamed Banni, Zied Bouraoui
  2009,21(10):1467-1472 [Abstract(2125)]  [View PDF]

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