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Environmental chamber study of the photochemical reaction of ethyl methyl sulfide and Nox
  WANG Kun,DU Lin and GE Maofa
  2009,21(2):137-141 [Abstract(2421)]  [View PDF]
Distribution and sources of solvent extractable organic compounds in PM2:5 during 2007 Chinese Spring Festival in Beijing
  LI Xingru,GUO Xueqing,LIU Xinran,LIU Chenshu,ZHANG Shanshan and WANG Yuesi
  2009,21(2):142-149 [Abstract(2801)]  [View PDF]
Stimulation of gaseous phosphine production from Antarctic seabird guanos and ornithogenic soils
  ZHU Renbin,LIU Yashu,SUN Jianjun,SUN Liguang and GENG Jinju
  2009,21(2):150-154 [Abstract(2301)]  [View PDF]
Mass transfer in the absorption of SO2 and NOx using aqueous euchlorine scrubbing solution
  DESHWAL Bal-Raj and LEE Hyung-Keun
  2009,21(2):155-161 [Abstract(2395)]  [View PDF]
Size distribution and di use pollution impacts of PAHs in street dust in urban streams in the Yangtze River Delta
  ZHAO Hongtao,YIN Chengqing,CHEN Meixue,WANG Weidong,Je eries Chris and SHAN Baoqing
  2009,21(2):162-167 [Abstract(2145)]  [View PDF]


Variation of grain Cd and Zn concentrations of 110 hybrid rice cultivars grown in a low-Cd paddy soil
  SHI Jing,LI Lianqing and PAN Genxing
  2009,21(2):168-172 [Abstract(2196)]  [View PDF]
Aging effect on the mobility and bioavailability of copper in soil
  LU Anxiang,ZHANG Shuzhen,QIN Xiangyang,WU Wenyong and LIU Honglu
  2009,21(2):173-178 [Abstract(2361)]  [View PDF]
Effects of repeated applications of fungicide carbendazim on its persistence and microbial community in soil
  YU Yunlong,CHU Xiaoqiang,PANG Guohui,XIANG Yueqin and FANG Hua
  2009,21(2):179-185 [Abstract(2763)]  [View PDF]
Effects of insoluble Zn, Cd, and EDTA on the growth, activities of antioxidant enzymes and uptake of Zn and Cd in Vetiveria zizanioides
  XU Weihong,LI Wenyi,HE Jianping,Balwant Singh and XIONG Zhiting
  2009,21(2):186-192 [Abstract(2272)]  [View PDF]
Effects of heavy metal pollution of highway origin on soil nematode guilds in North Shenyang, China
  HAN Dechang,ZHANG Xiaoke,TOMAR Vijay Vikram Singh,LI Qi,WEN Dazhong and LIANG Wenju
  2009,21(2):193-198 [Abstract(2428)]  [View PDF]
Changes of main secondary metabolites in leaves of Ginkgo biloba in response to ozone fumigation
  HE Xingyuan,HUANG Wei,CHEN Wei,DONG Tian,LIU Changbing,CHEN Zhenju,XU Sheng and RUAN Yanan
  2009,21(2):199-203 [Abstract(2445)]  [View PDF]


Enzyme extraction by ultrasound from sludge flocs
  YU Guanghui,HE Pinjing,SHAO Liming and ZHU Yishu
  2009,21(2):204-210 [Abstract(2297)]  [View PDF]
Isolation and characteristics of a novel biphenyl-degrading bacterial strain, Dyella ginsengisoli LA-4
  LI Ang,QU Yuanyuan,ZHOU Jiti and GOU Min
  2009,21(2):211-217 [Abstract(2562)]  [View PDF]
Expression of lignin peroxidase H2 from Phanerochaete chrysosporium by multi-copy recombinant Pichia strain
  WANG Wei and WEN Xianghua
  2009,21(2):218-222 [Abstract(2920)]  [View PDF]
Monitoring microbial community structure and succession of an A/O SBR during start-up period using PCR-DGGE
  WANG Xiuheng,ZHANG Kun,REN Nanqi,LI Nan and REN Lijiao
  2009,21(2):223-228 [Abstract(2634)]  [View PDF]
Bioaccumulation and depuration of chromium in the selected organs and whole body tissues of freshwater fish Cirrhinus mrigala individually and in binary solutions with nickel
  PL. RM. Palaniappan and S. Karthikeyan
  2009,21(2):229-236 [Abstract(2509)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of oil wastewater by free and immobilized Yarrowia lipolytica W29
  WU Lan,GE Gang and WAN Jinbao
  2009,21(2):237-242 [Abstract(2412)]  [View PDF]
Di erential degradation of crude oil (Bonny Light) by four Pseudomonas strains
  Oluwafemi S. Obayori,Sunday A. Adebusoye,Adams O. Adewale,Ganiyu O. Oyetibo,Odunola O. Oluyemi,Rashid A. Amokun and Matthew O. Ilori
  2009,21(2):243-248 [Abstract(2537)]  [View PDF]


Habitat influences on diversity of bacteria found on German cockroach in Beijing
  FU Xue,YE Lefu and GE Feng
  2009,21(2):249-254 [Abstract(2364)]  [View PDF]
Seasonal bioconcentration of heavy metals in Onchidium struma (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) from Chongming Island, the Yangtze Estuary, China
  LI Xiaobo,JIA Linzhi,ZHAO Yunlong,WANG Qun and CHENG Yongxu
  2009,21(2):255-262 [Abstract(2586)]  [View PDF]


Effect of dye-metal complexation on photocatalytic decomposition of the dyes on TiO2 under visible irradiation
  MAHMOOD Tariq,CHEN Chuncheng,LIU Lili,ZHAO Dan,MA Wanghong,LIN Jun and ZHAO Jincai
  2009,21(2):263-267 [Abstract(2228)]  [View PDF]
Microwave photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B using TiO2 supported on activated carbon: Mechanism implication
  HE Zhong,YANG Shaogui,JU Yongming and SUN Cheng
  2009,21(2):268-272 [Abstract(2815)]  [View PDF]

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