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Distribution and elimination of polycyclic musks in three sewage treatment plants of Beijing, China
  ZHOU Haidong,HUANG Xia,GAO Mijun,WANG Xiaolin and WEN XianghuaGAO Mijun, HUANG Xia, WANG Xiaolin, WEN Xianghua, ZHOU Haidong
  2009,21(5):561-567 [Abstract(2495)]  [View PDF]
An innovative membrane bioreactor and packed-bed biofilm reactor combined system for shortcut nitrification-denitrification
  ZHANG Yunxia,ZHOU Jiti,ZHANG Jinsong and YUAN ShouzhiYUAN Shouzhi, ZHANG Jinsong, ZHANG Yunxia, ZHOU Jiti
  2009,21(5):568-574 [Abstract(2376)]  [View PDF]
Phosphate removal and recovery through crystallization of hydroxyapatite using xonotlite as seed crystal
  CHEN Xuechu,KONG Hainan,WU Deyi,WANG Xinze and LIN YongyongCHEN Xuechu, KONG Hainan, LIN Yongyong, WANG Xinze, WU Deyi
  2009,21(5):575-580 [Abstract(2604)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of dissolved organic matter fractions from Lake Hongfeng, Southwestern China Plateau
  WANG Liying,WU Fengchang,ZHANG Runyu,LI Wen and LIAO HaiqingLI Wen, LIAO Haiqing, WANG Liying, WU Fengchang, ZHANG Runyu
  2009,21(5):581-588 [Abstract(2363)]  [View PDF]
Kinetic analysis of waste activated sludge hydrolysis and short-chain fatty acids production at pH 10
  FENG Leiyu,YAN Yuanyuan and CHEN YinguangCHEN Yinguang, FENG Leiyu, YAN Yuanyuan
  2009,21(5):589-594 [Abstract(2622)]  [View PDF]
Spatial and temporal dynamics of phytoplankton and bacterioplankton biomass in Sanya Bay, northern South China Sea
  ZHOU Weihua,LI Tao,CAI Chuanghua,HUANG Liangmin,WANG Hankui,XU Jirong,DONG Junde and ZHANG SiCAI Chuanghua, DONG Junde, HUANG Liangmin, LI Tao, WANG Hankui, XU Jirong, ZHANG Si, ZHOU Weihua
  2009,21(5):595-603 [Abstract(2234)]  [View PDF]


Influence of driving cycles on exhaust emissions and fuel consumption of gasoline passenger car in Bangkok
  NUTRAMON Tamsanya and SUPACHART ChungpaibulpatanaNUTRAMON Tamsanya, SUPACHART Chungpaibulpatana
  2009,21(5):604-611 [Abstract(2308)]  [View PDF]


Toxic effects of crude-oil-contaminated soil in aquatic environment on Carassius auratus and their hepatic antioxidant defense system
  WANG Yuanyuan,ZHOU Qixing,PENG Shengwei,MA Lena Q and NIU XiaoweiMA Lena Q, NIU Xiaowei, PENG Shengwei, WANG Yuanyuan, ZHOU Qixing
  2009,21(5):612-617 [Abstract(2480)]  [View PDF]
Effects of free iron oxyhydrates and soil organic matter on copper sorption-desorption behavior by size fractions of aggregates from two paddy soils
  WANG Fang,PAN Genxing and LI LianqingLI Lianqing, PAN Genxing, WANG Fang
  2009,21(5):618-624 [Abstract(2547)]  [View PDF]
Concentrations and chemical forms of potentially toxic metals in road-deposited sediments from di erent zones of Hangzhou, China
  ZHANG Mingkui and WANG HaoWANG Hao, ZHANG Mingkui
  2009,21(5):625-631 [Abstract(2200)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of soil organic matter, pH and exogenous copper on sorption behavior of norfloxacin in three soils
  ZHANG Jie,LI Zhaojun,GE Gaofei,SUN Wanchun,LIANG Yongchao and WU LaoshengGE Gaofei, LI Zhaojun, LIANG Yongchao, SUN Wanchun, WU Laosheng, ZHANG Jie
  2009,21(5):632-640 [Abstract(2524)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradability of soil water soluble organic carbon extracted from seven di erent soils
  SCAGLIA Barbara and ADANI FabrizioADANI Fabrizio, SCAGLIA Barbara
  2009,21(5):641-646 [Abstract(2477)]  [View PDF]
Combined toxicity of copper and cadmium to six rice genotypes (Oryza sativa L.)
  HUANG Yizong,HU Ying and LIU YunxiaHU Ying, HUANG Yizong, LIU Yunxia
  2009,21(5):647-653 [Abstract(2522)]  [View PDF]
Distribution and deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in precipitation in Guangzhou, South China
  HUANG Deyin,PENG Ping’an,XU Yigang,DENG Yunyun and DENG HongmeiDENG Hongmei, DENG Yunyun, HUANG Deyin, PENG Ping’an, XU Yigang
  2009,21(5):654-660 [Abstract(2604)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of heavy metals on 1,2-dichloroethane biodegradation in co-contaminated soil
  Ademola O. Olaniran,Adhika Balgobind and Balakrishna PillayAdemola O. Olaniran, Adhika Balgobind, Balakrishna Pillay
  2009,21(5):661-666 [Abstract(2406)]  [View PDF]
Effects of temperature and surfactants on naphthalene and phenanthrene sorption by soil
  ZHANG Jinghuan,ZENG Jianhui and HE MengchangHE Mengchang, ZENG Jianhui, ZHANG Jinghuan
  2009,21(5):667-674 [Abstract(2320)]  [View PDF]
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils of Beijing and Tianjin region: Vertical distribution, correlation with TOC and transport mechanism
  HE Fengpeng,ZHANG Zhihuan,WAN Yunyang,LU Song,WANG Liang and BU QingweiBU Qingwei, HE Fengpeng, LU Song, WAN Yunyang, WANG Liang, ZHANG Zhihuan
  2009,21(5):675-685 [Abstract(2870)]  [View PDF]


Heavy metal induced DNA changes in aquatic macrophytes: Random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis and identification of sequence characterized amplified region marker
  Meetu Gupta and Neera Bhalla SarinMeetu Gupta, Neera Bhalla Sarin
  2009,21(5):686-690 [Abstract(2922)]  [View PDF]
Effect of lead on survival, locomotion and sperm morphology of Asian earthworm, Pheretima guillelmi
  ZHENG Rongquan and LI CanyangLI Canyang, ZHENG Rongquan
  2009,21(5):691-695 [Abstract(2431)]  [View PDF]


Potential neoplastic e ects of parathion-methyl on rat liver
  M. Nisa Unaldi Coral,Sonay Ucman,Hasan Yildiz,Haydar Oztas and Semih DalkilicHasan Yildiz, Haydar Oztas, M. Nisa Unaldi Coral, Semih Dalkilic, Sonay Ucman
  2009,21(5):696-699 [Abstract(2586)]  [View PDF]


Non-UV germicidal activity of fresh TiO2 and Ag/TiO2
  LIU Lifen,John Barford and YEUNG King LunJohn Barford, LIU Lifen, YEUNG King Lun
  2009,21(5):700-706 [Abstract(2509)]  [View PDF]
Implications of excess 210Pb and 137Cs in sediment cores from Mikawa Bay, Japan
  LU Xueqiang and MATSUMOTO EijiLU Xueqiang, MATSUMOTO Eiji
  2009,21(5):707-712 [Abstract(2733)]  [View PDF]

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