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Special issue: IAP 2010

The progress of catalytic technologies in water purification: A review
  LI Dapeng and QU Jiuhui
  2009,21(6):713-719 [Abstract(2189)]  [View PDF]
Mini-Review: Green sustainable processes using supercritical fluid carbon dioxide
  RAMSEY Edward,SUN Qiubai,ZHANG Zhiqiang,ZHANG Chongmin and GOU Wei
  2009,21(6):720-726 [Abstract(1984)]  [View PDF]
Preparation of nanoparticles with an environment-friendly approach
  YAO Kefu,PENG Zhen and FAN Xiaolin
  2009,21(6):727-730 [Abstract(2442)]  [View PDF]
Enzymatic treatment of estrogens and estrogen glucuronide
  Takaaki Tanaka,Toshiyuki Tamura,Yuuichi Ishizaki,Akito Kawasaki,Tomokazu Kawase,Masahiro Teraguchi and Masayuki Taniguchi
  2009,21(6):731-735 [Abstract(1935)]  [View PDF]
Methane dehydroaromatization over Mo-modified H-MFI for gas to liquid catalysts
  Hirofumi Aritani,Hiromi Shibasaki,Hitoshi Orihara and Atsushi Nakahira
  2009,21(6):736-740 [Abstract(2131)]  [View PDF]
Influences of working pressure on properties for TiO2 films deposited by DC pulse magnetron sputtering
  ZHANG Can,DING Wanyu,WANG Hualin,CHAI Weiping and JU Dongying
  2009,21(6):741-744 [Abstract(2244)]  [View PDF]
Research and development of electric vehicles for clean transportation
  WADA Masayoshi
  2009,21(6):745-749 [Abstract(2352)]  [View PDF]


Clogging processes caused by biofilm growth and organic particle accumulation in lab-scale vertical flow constructed wetlands
  ZHAO Lianfang,ZHU Wei and TONG Wei
  2009,21(6):750-757 [Abstract(2179)]  [View PDF]
Bio-removal of mixture of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes/total petroleum hydrocarbons/trichloroethylene from contaminated water
  SHIM Hojae,MA Wei,LIN Aijun and CHAN Kaicho
  2009,21(6):758-763 [Abstract(2701)]  [View PDF]
Mechanism of combination membrane and electro-winning process on treatment and remediation of Cu2+ polluted water body
  ZHANG Linnan,WU Yanjun,QU Xiaoyan,LI Zhenshan and NI Jinren
  2009,21(6):764-769 [Abstract(2337)]  [View PDF]
Quantificational analysis on progress of river water quality in China
  YUN Yi,ZOU Zhihong,FENG Wei and RU Mai
  2009,21(6):770-773 [Abstract(2311)]  [View PDF]


Chemical characteristics of PM2:5 during a typical haze episode in Guangzhou
  TAN Jihua,DUAN Jingchun,HE Kebin,MA Yongliang,DUAN Fengkui,CHEN Yuan and FU Jiamo
  2009,21(6):774-781 [Abstract(2679)]  [View PDF]
High-resolution modeling and evaluation of ozone air quality of Osaka using MM5-CMAQ system
  SHRESTHA Kundan Lal,KONDO Akira,KAGA Akikazu and INOUE Yoshio
  2009,21(6):782-789 [Abstract(1953)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of emissive spectrum and the removal of nitric oxide in N2/O2/NO plasma with argon additive
  LIN Wenfeng,ZHANG Bin,HOU Wenhui,LI Dawei and YANG Hongmin
  2009,21(6):790-794 [Abstract(2082)]  [View PDF]


Sorption of Triton X-100 on soil organic matter fractions: Kinetics and isotherms
  ZHANG Guangzhi,HU Hao,SUN Weiling and NI Jinren
  2009,21(6):795-800 [Abstract(2240)]  [View PDF]
Comparisons of carbon storages in Cunninghamia lanceolata and Michelia macclurei plantations during a 22-year period in southern China
  NIU Dong,WANG Silong and OUYANG Zhiyun
  2009,21(6):801-805 [Abstract(2374)]  [View PDF]


Responses of wheat seedlings to cadmium, mercury and trichlorobenzene stresses
  GE Cailin,DING Yan,WANG Zegang,WAN Dingzhen,WANG Yulong,SHANG Qi and LUO Shishi
  2009,21(6):806-813 [Abstract(2089)]  [View PDF]
Isolation of Cr(VI) reducing bacteria from industrial e uents and their potential use in bioremediation of chromium containing wastewater
  Ahmed Zahoor and Abdul Rehman
  2009,21(6):814-820 [Abstract(2099)]  [View PDF]
Changes of microbial community structures and functional genes during biodegradation of phenolic compounds under high salt condition
  WANG Ping,QU Yuanyuan and ZHOU Jiti
  2009,21(6):821-826 [Abstract(2276)]  [View PDF]
Co-inhibition of methanogens for methane mitigation in biodegradable wastes
  ZHAO Tiantao,ZHANG Lijie,CHEN Haoquan and ZHAO Youcai
  2009,21(6):827-833 [Abstract(2021)]  [View PDF]
Biofilm structure and its influence on clogging in drip irrigation emitters distributing reclaimed wastewater
  YAN Dazhuang,BAI Zhihui,Mike Rowan,GU Likun,Ren Shumei and YANG Peiling
  2009,21(6):834-841 [Abstract(2201)]  [View PDF]


Prolonged manganese exposure induces severe deficits in lifespan, development and reproduction possibly by altering oxidative stress response in Caenorhabditis elegans
  XIAO Jing,RUI Qi,GUO Yuling,CHANG Xingya and WANG Dayong
  2009,21(6):842-848 [Abstract(2006)]  [View PDF]
Biotransfer of heavy metals along a soil-plant-insect-chicken food chain: Field study
  ZHUANG Ping,ZOU Huiling and SHU Wensheng
  2009,21(6):849-853 [Abstract(2063)]  [View PDF]
Effects of phenanthrene on hepatic enzymatic activities in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus♂×O. aureus♀)
  XU Wenju,LI Yuanyou,WU Qingyang,WANG Shuqi,ZHENG Huaiping and LIU Wenhua
  2009,21(6):854-857 [Abstract(2082)]  [View PDF]
Identification and characterization of integron mediated antibiotic resistance in pentachlorophenol degrading bacterium isolated from the chemostat
  SHARMA Ashwani and THAKUR Indu Shekhar
  2009,21(6):858-864 [Abstract(2087)]  [View PDF]

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