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Integrated assessment of river health based on water quality, aquatic life and physical habitat
  MENG Wei,ZHANG Nan,ZHANG Yuan and ZHENG Binghui
  2009,21(8):1017-1027 [Abstract(2381)]  [View PDF]
Kinetics and corrosion products of aqueous nitrate reduction by iron powder without reaction conditions control
  FAN Xiaomeng,GUAN Xiaohong,MA Jun and AI Hengyu
  2009,21(8):1028-1035 [Abstract(2212)]  [View PDF]
Effect of carbon source on the denitrification in constructed wetlands
  LU Songliu,HU Hongying,SUN Yingxue and YANG Jia
  2009,21(8):1036-1043 [Abstract(2149)]  [View PDF]
Effect of background electrolytes on the adsorption of nitroaromatic compounds onto bentonite
  CHEN Baoliang and HUANG Wenhai
  2009,21(8):1044-1052 [Abstract(2149)]  [View PDF]
Potential toxic risk of heavy metals from sediment of the Pearl River in South China
  NIU Hongyi,DENG Wenjing,WU Qunhe and CHEN Xingeng
  2009,21(8):1053-1058 [Abstract(2340)]  [View PDF]
Impact of dynamic distribution of floc particles on flocculation e ect
  NAN Jun,HE Weipeng,SONG Xinin and LI Guibai
  2009,21(8):1059-1065 [Abstract(2080)]  [View PDF]
Mechanism of calcium mitigating membrane fouling in submerged membrane bioreactors
  ZHANG Hanmin,XIA Jie,YANG Yang,WANG Zixing and YANG Fenglin
  2009,21(8):1066-1073 [Abstract(2253)]  [View PDF]
Influence of the wastewater composition on denitrification and biological P-removal in the S-DN-P process: (c) Dissolved and undissolved substrates
  Hee-Jeong Choi,Chul-Ho Choi,Seung-Mok Lee and Diwakar Tiwari
  2009,21(8):1074-1079 [Abstract(2048)]  [View PDF]
One century record of contamination by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls in core sediments from the southern Yellow Sea
  ZHANG Peng,SONG Jinming,FANG Jie,LIU Zhigang,LI Xuegang and YUAN Huamao
  2009,21(8):1080-1088 [Abstract(2345)]  [View PDF]
A novel aminated polymeric adsorbent for removing refractory dissolved organic matter from landfill leachate treatment plant
  ZHANG Long,LI Aimin,WANG Jinnan,LU Yufei and ZHOU Youdong
  2009,21(8):1089-1095 [Abstract(2375)]  [View PDF]


Reduction of VOC emissions by a membrane-based gas absorption process
  LI Rui,XU Jun,WANG Lianjun,LI Jiansheng and SUN Xiuyun
  2009,21(8):1096-1101 [Abstract(2252)]  [View PDF]
Laboratory simulation of SO2 heterogeneous reactions on hematite surface under di erent SO2 concentrations
  CUI Huxiong,CHENG Tiantao,YU Xingna,CHEN Jianmin,XU Yongfu and FANG Wen
  2009,21(8):1103-1107 [Abstract(2161)]  [View PDF]
Acid deposition critical loads modeling for the simulation of sulfur exceedance and reduction in Guangdong, China
  QIU Rongliang,WANG Shizhong,QIU Hao,WANG Xuemei,LIAO Jin and ZHANG Zhentian
  2009,21(8):1108-1118 [Abstract(2363)]  [View PDF]
Atmospheric lead pollution in fine particulate matter in Shanghai, China
  LI Xiaolin,ZHANG Yuanxun,TAN Mingguang,LIU Jiangfeng,BAO Liangman,ZHANG Guilin,LI Yan and IIDA Atsuo
  2009,21(8):1118-1124 [Abstract(2578)]  [View PDF]


Cadmium uptake and speciation changes in the rhizosphere of cadmium accumulator and non-accumulator oilseed rape varieties
  SU Dechun,XING Jianping,JIAO Weiping and WONG Woonchung
  2009,21(8):1125-1128 [Abstract(2424)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption characteristic of bensulfuron-methyl at variable added Pb2+ concentrations on paddy soils
  WU Weihong,WANG Haizhen,XU Jianming and XIE Zhengmiao
  2009,21(8):1129-1134 [Abstract(2114)]  [View PDF]
Enhanced adaptability of Sesbania rostrata to Pb/Zn tailings via stem nodulation
  JIAN Shuguang,SHEN Weijun and YANG Zhongyi
  2009,21(8):1135-1141 [Abstract(2765)]  [View PDF]


Response of soil catalase activity to chromium contamination
  Zofia Ste?pniewska,Agnieszka Woli′nska and Joanna Ziomek
  2009,21(8):1142-1147 [Abstract(2298)]  [View PDF]
Comprehensive characterization of indoor airborne bacterial profile
  P. L. Chan,P. H. F. Yu,Y. W. Cheng,C. Y. Chan and P. K. Wong
  2009,21(8):1148-1152 [Abstract(2231)]  [View PDF]
A bioaugmentation failure caused by phage infection and weak biofilm formation ability
  FU Songzhe,FAN Hongxia,LIU Shuangjiang,LIU Ying and LIU Zhipei
  2009,21(8):1153-1161 [Abstract(2145)]  [View PDF]


Effect of leachate inoculum on biopretreatment of municipal solid waste by a combined hydrolytic-aerobic process
  ZHANG Dongqing,HE Pinjing and SHAO Liming
  2009,21(8):1162-1168 [Abstract(2272)]  [View PDF]

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