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Integrated assessment of river health based on water quality, aquatic life and physical habitat
  MENG Wei,ZHANG Nan,ZHANG Yuan and ZHENG BinghuiMENG Wei, ZHANG Nan, ZHANG Yuan, ZHENG Binghui
  2009,21(8):1017-1027 [Abstract(2509)]  [View PDF]
Kinetics and corrosion products of aqueous nitrate reduction by iron powder without reaction conditions control
  FAN Xiaomeng,GUAN Xiaohong,MA Jun and AI HengyuAI Hengyu, FAN Xiaomeng, GUAN Xiaohong, MA Jun
  2009,21(8):1028-1035 [Abstract(2312)]  [View PDF]
Effect of carbon source on the denitrification in constructed wetlands
  LU Songliu,HU Hongying,SUN Yingxue and YANG JiaHU Hongying, LU Songliu, SUN Yingxue, YANG Jia
  2009,21(8):1036-1043 [Abstract(2251)]  [View PDF]
Effect of background electrolytes on the adsorption of nitroaromatic compounds onto bentonite
  CHEN Baoliang and HUANG WenhaiCHEN Baoliang, HUANG Wenhai
  2009,21(8):1044-1052 [Abstract(2252)]  [View PDF]
Potential toxic risk of heavy metals from sediment of the Pearl River in South China
  NIU Hongyi,DENG Wenjing,WU Qunhe and CHEN XingengCHEN Xingeng, DENG Wenjing, NIU Hongyi, WU Qunhe
  2009,21(8):1053-1058 [Abstract(2449)]  [View PDF]
Impact of dynamic distribution of floc particles on flocculation e ect
  NAN Jun,HE Weipeng,SONG Xinin and LI GuibaiHE Weipeng, LI Guibai, NAN Jun, SONG Xinin
  2009,21(8):1059-1065 [Abstract(2183)]  [View PDF]
Mechanism of calcium mitigating membrane fouling in submerged membrane bioreactors
  ZHANG Hanmin,XIA Jie,YANG Yang,WANG Zixing and YANG FenglinWANG Zixing, XIA Jie, YANG Fenglin, YANG Yang, ZHANG Hanmin
  2009,21(8):1066-1073 [Abstract(2355)]  [View PDF]
Influence of the wastewater composition on denitrification and biological P-removal in the S-DN-P process: (c) Dissolved and undissolved substrates
  Hee-Jeong Choi,Chul-Ho Choi,Seung-Mok Lee and Diwakar TiwariChul-Ho Choi, Diwakar Tiwari, Hee-Jeong Choi, Seung-Mok Lee
  2009,21(8):1074-1079 [Abstract(2140)]  [View PDF]
One century record of contamination by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls in core sediments from the southern Yellow Sea
  ZHANG Peng,SONG Jinming,FANG Jie,LIU Zhigang,LI Xuegang and YUAN HuamaoFANG Jie, LI Xuegang, LIU Zhigang, SONG Jinming, YUAN Huamao, ZHANG Peng
  2009,21(8):1080-1088 [Abstract(2463)]  [View PDF]
A novel aminated polymeric adsorbent for removing refractory dissolved organic matter from landfill leachate treatment plant
  ZHANG Long,LI Aimin,WANG Jinnan,LU Yufei and ZHOU YoudongLI Aimin, LU Yufei, WANG Jinnan, ZHANG Long, ZHOU Youdong
  2009,21(8):1089-1095 [Abstract(2478)]  [View PDF]


Reduction of VOC emissions by a membrane-based gas absorption process
  LI Rui,XU Jun,WANG Lianjun,LI Jiansheng and SUN XiuyunLI Jiansheng, LI Rui, SUN Xiuyun, WANG Lianjun, XU Jun
  2009,21(8):1096-1101 [Abstract(2358)]  [View PDF]
Laboratory simulation of SO2 heterogeneous reactions on hematite surface under di erent SO2 concentrations
  CUI Huxiong,CHENG Tiantao,YU Xingna,CHEN Jianmin,XU Yongfu and FANG WenCHEN Jianmin, CHENG Tiantao, CUI Huxiong, FANG Wen, XU Yongfu, YU Xingna
  2009,21(8):1103-1107 [Abstract(2257)]  [View PDF]
Acid deposition critical loads modeling for the simulation of sulfur exceedance and reduction in Guangdong, China
  QIU Rongliang,WANG Shizhong,QIU Hao,WANG Xuemei,LIAO Jin and ZHANG ZhentianLIAO Jin, QIU Hao, QIU Rongliang, WANG Shizhong, WANG Xuemei, ZHANG Zhentian
  2009,21(8):1108-1118 [Abstract(2469)]  [View PDF]
Atmospheric lead pollution in fine particulate matter in Shanghai, China
  LI Xiaolin,ZHANG Yuanxun,TAN Mingguang,LIU Jiangfeng,BAO Liangman,ZHANG Guilin,LI Yan and IIDA AtsuoBAO Liangman, IIDA Atsuo, LI Xiaolin, LI Yan, LIU Jiangfeng, TAN Mingguang, ZHANG Guilin, ZHANG Yuanxun
  2009,21(8):1118-1124 [Abstract(2670)]  [View PDF]


Cadmium uptake and speciation changes in the rhizosphere of cadmium accumulator and non-accumulator oilseed rape varieties
  SU Dechun,XING Jianping,JIAO Weiping and WONG WoonchungJIAO Weiping, SU Dechun, WONG Woonchung, XING Jianping
  2009,21(8):1125-1128 [Abstract(2523)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption characteristic of bensulfuron-methyl at variable added Pb2+ concentrations on paddy soils
  WU Weihong,WANG Haizhen,XU Jianming and XIE ZhengmiaoWANG Haizhen, WU Weihong, XIE Zhengmiao, XU Jianming
  2009,21(8):1129-1134 [Abstract(2222)]  [View PDF]
Enhanced adaptability of Sesbania rostrata to Pb/Zn tailings via stem nodulation
  JIAN Shuguang,SHEN Weijun and YANG ZhongyiJIAN Shuguang, SHEN Weijun, YANG Zhongyi
  2009,21(8):1135-1141 [Abstract(2872)]  [View PDF]


Response of soil catalase activity to chromium contamination
  Zofia Ste?pniewska,Agnieszka Woli′nska and Joanna ZiomekAgnieszka Woli′nska, Joanna Ziomek, Zofia Ste?pniewska
  2009,21(8):1142-1147 [Abstract(2399)]  [View PDF]
Comprehensive characterization of indoor airborne bacterial profile
  P. L. Chan,P. H. F. Yu,Y. W. Cheng,C. Y. Chan and P. K. WongC. Y. Chan, P. H. F. Yu, P. K. Wong, P. L. Chan, Y. W. Cheng
  2009,21(8):1148-1152 [Abstract(2332)]  [View PDF]
A bioaugmentation failure caused by phage infection and weak biofilm formation ability
  FU Songzhe,FAN Hongxia,LIU Shuangjiang,LIU Ying and LIU ZhipeiFAN Hongxia, FU Songzhe, LIU Shuangjiang, LIU Ying, LIU Zhipei
  2009,21(8):1153-1161 [Abstract(2239)]  [View PDF]


Effect of leachate inoculum on biopretreatment of municipal solid waste by a combined hydrolytic-aerobic process
  ZHANG Dongqing,HE Pinjing and SHAO LimingHE Pinjing, SHAO Liming, ZHANG Dongqing
  2009,21(8):1162-1168 [Abstract(2375)]  [View PDF]

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