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Practical performance and its effciency of arsenic removal from groundwater using Fe-Mn binary oxide
  Fangfang Chang,Jiuhui Qu,Ruiping Liu,Xu Zhao and Pengju Lei
  2010,22(1):1-6 [Abstract(2571)]  [View PDF]
Removal of Methyl Violet from aqueous solutions using poly (acrylic acid-co-acrylamide)/attapulgite composite
  Yongsheng Wang,Li Zeng,Xuefeng Ren,Hai Song and Aiqin Wang
  2010,22(1):7-14 [Abstract(2520)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of phosphorus removal from wastewater by soils in rural areas in China
  Hanwen Liang,Junxin Liu,Yuansong Wei and Xuesong Guo
  2010,22(1):15-22 [Abstract(2106)]  [View PDF]
Fractionation of heavy metals in shallow marine sediments from Jinzhou Bay, China
  Shaofeng Wang,Yongfeng Jia,Shuying Wang,Xin Wang,He Wang,Zhixi Zhao and Bingzhu Liu
  2010,22(1):23-31 [Abstract(2472)]  [View PDF]
Effect of nutrient level on phytoplankton community structure in di erent water bodies
  Wei Zhu,Lei Wan and Lianfang Zhao
  2010,22(1):32-39 [Abstract(2106)]  [View PDF]
Rainwater utilization and storm pollution control based on urban runo characterization
  Mulan Zhang,Hao Chen,Jizhen Wang and Gang Pan
  2010,22(1):40-46 [Abstract(2189)]  [View PDF]
Factors effecting aluminum speciation in drinking water by laboratory research
  Wendong Wang,Hongwei Yang,Xiaochang Wang,Jing Jiang and Wanpeng Zhu
  2010,22(1):47-55 [Abstract(2301)]  [View PDF]
Microwave enhanced chemical reduction process for nitrite-containing wastewater treatment using sulfaminic acid
  Nan Li,Peng Wang,Qingsong Liu and Hailei Cao
  2010,22(1):56-61 [Abstract(2923)]  [View PDF]
Granulation of filamentous microorganisms in a sequencing batch reactor with saline wastewater
  Zhihua Li,Ting Zhang,Na Li and Xiaochang Wang
  2010,22(1):62-67 [Abstract(2467)]  [View PDF]
Significance of dredging on sediment denitrification in Meiliang Bay, China: A year long simulation study
  Jicheng Zhong,Chengxin Fan,Lu Zhang,Edward Hall,Shiming Ding,Bao Li and Guofeng Liu
  2010,22(1):68-75 [Abstract(2667)]  [View PDF]
Photo-induced transformations of Hg(II) species in the presence of Nitzschia hantzschiana, ferric ion, and humic acid
  Lin Deng,Nansheng Deng,Liwei Mou and Fangtong Zhu
  2010,22(1):76-83 [Abstract(2546)]  [View PDF]
Dynamics of dissolved organic carbon in the mires in the Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China
  Yuedong Guo,Zhongmei Wan and Deyan Liu
  2010,22(1):84-90 [Abstract(2399)]  [View PDF]
Preparation of activated carbon from cattail and its application for dyes removal
  Qianqian Shi,Jian Zhang,Chenglu Zhang,Cong Li,Bo Zhang,Weiwei Hu,Jingtao Xu and Ran Zhao
  2010,22(1):91-97 [Abstract(2403)]  [View PDF]


Influence of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) on rhizosphere soil solution chemistry in long-term contaminated soils: A rhizobox study
  Kwon-Rae Kim,Gary Owens and Soon-lK Kwon
  2010,22(1):98-105 [Abstract(3026)]  [View PDF]
Cadmium transport mediated by soil colloid and dissolved organic matter: A field study
  Zhaoli Li and Lixiang Zhou
  2010,22(1):106-115 [Abstract(2658)]  [View PDF]


A review: Advances in microbial remediation of trichloroethylene (TCE)
  Prabhakar Pant and Sudhakar Pant
  2010,22(1):116-126 [Abstract(2677)]  [View PDF]
Comparative study of microbial community structure in di erent filter media of constructed wetland
  Ming Li,Qiaohong Zhou,Min Tao,Ying Wang,Lijuan Jiang and Zhenbin Wu
  2010,22(1):127-133 [Abstract(2742)]  [View PDF]
Assessing the impact of fungicide enostroburin application on bacterial community in wheat phyllosphere
  Likun Gu,Zhihui Bai,Bo Jin,Qing Hu,Huili Wang,Guoqiang Zhuang and Hongxun Zhang
  2010,22(1):134-141 [Abstract(2654)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of phenanthrene degradation by strain Polyporus sp. S133
  Tony Hadibarata and Sanro Tachibana
  2010,22(1):142-149 [Abstract(2212)]  [View PDF]
Detection and quantification of enteroviruses in coastal seawaters from Bohai Bay, Tianjin, China
  Minglu Zhang,Huabing Zhao,Jian Yang,Sunny Jiang and Baoli Cai
  2010,22(1):150-154 [Abstract(2414)]  [View PDF]


Effects of silica nanoparticles on growth and photosynthetic pigment contents of Scenedesmus obliquus
  Chenxi Wei,Yanbo Zhang,Jing Guo,Bing Han,Xu Yang and Junlin Yuan
  2010,22(1):155-160 [Abstract(2573)]  [View PDF]

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