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Effect of temperature and oxygen on the formation of chlorobenzene as the indicator of PCDD/Fs
  Mi Yan,Tong Chen,Shengyong Lu,Xiaodong Li,Jianhua Yan and Kefa Cen
  2010,22(10) [Abstract(2598)]  [View PDF]


Seasonal variability in CDOM absorption and fluorescence properties in the Barataria Basin, Louisiana, USA
  Shatrughan Singh,Eurico D’Sa and Erick Swenson
  2010,22(10):1481-1490 [Abstract(2555)]  [View PDF]
Phytoplankton community from Lake Taihu, China, has dissimilar responses to inorganic and organic nutrients
  Xiaodong Wang,Boqiang Qin,Guang Gao,Yongping Wang,Xiangming Tang and Timothy Otten
  2010,22(10):1491-1499 [Abstract(2190)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of algal blooms removal by chitosan-modified soils on zooplankton community in Taihu Lake, China
  Jiajia Ni,Yuhe Yu,Weisong Feng,Qingyun Yan,Gang Pan,Bo Yang,Xiang Zhang and Xuemei Li
  2010,22(10):1500-1507 [Abstract(2385)]  [View PDF]
Determination of N-nitrosodimethylamine in drinking water by UPLC-MS/MS
  Wanfeng Wang,Jianying Hu,Jianwei Yu and Min Yang
  2010,22(10):1508-1512 [Abstract(2488)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption behavior of ammonium by a bioadsorbent – Boston ivy leaf powder
  Haiwei Liu,Yuanhua Dong,Haiyun Wang and Yun Liu
  2010,22(10):1513-1518 [Abstract(2379)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of phosphorus fractionated from the sediment resuspension in abrupt expansion flow experiments
  Jun Wan,Ze Wang and Hezhong Yuan
  2010,22(10):1519-1526 [Abstract(2364)]  [View PDF]
Enhanced ozonation of dichloroacetic acid in aqueous solution using nanometer ZnO powders
  Xu Zhai,Zhonglin Chen,Shuqing Zhao,He Wang and Lei Yang
  2010,22(10):1527-1533 [Abstract(2309)]  [View PDF]
Numerical simulation of a horizontal sedimentation tank considering sludge recirculation
  Wei Zhang,Zhihong Zou and Jun Sui
  2010,22(10):1534-1538 [Abstract(2058)]  [View PDF]
Experimental evaluation of eco-friendly flocculants prepared from date palm rachis
  Ramzi Khiari,Sonia Dridi-Dhaouadi,Chadlia Aguir and Mohamed Farouk Mhenni
  2010,22(10):1539-1543 [Abstract(2536)]  [View PDF]
Using electrotopological state indices to model the depuration rates of polychlorinated biphenyls in mussels of Elliptio complanata
  Lei Wang,Xinhui Liu,Zhengjun Shan and Lili Shi
  2010,22(10):1544-1550 [Abstract(2236)]  [View PDF]


Distributions and sources of n-alkanes in PM2:5 at urban, industrial and coastal sites in Tianjin, China
  Weifang Li,Yue Peng and Zhipeng Bai
  2010,22(10):1551-1557 [Abstract(2921)]  [View PDF]
Capture of carbon dioxide by amine-impregnated as-synthesized MCM-41
  Jianwen Wei,Lei Liao,Yu Xiao,Pei Zhang and Yao Shi
  2010,22(10):1558-1563 [Abstract(2789)]  [View PDF]
Methane emissions during storage of di erent treatments from cattle manure in Tianjin
  Jiajun Wang,Chiqing Duan,Yaqin Ji and Yichao Sun
  2010,22(10):1564-1569 [Abstract(2369)]  [View PDF]
Experimental study of photooxidation products of ethylbenzene
  Mingqiang Huang,Weijun Zhang,Liqing Hao,Zhenya Wang,Li Fang,Ruihong Kong,Xiaobin Shan,Fuyi Liu and Liusi Sheng
  2010,22(10):1570-1575 [Abstract(2587)]  [View PDF]


Screening and degrading characteristics and community structure of a high molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading bacterial consortium from contaminated soil
  Run Sun,Jinghua Jin,Guangdong Sun,Ying Liu and Zhipei Liu
  2010,22(10):1576-1585 [Abstract(2377)]  [View PDF]
Interaction mechanisms of organic contaminants with burned straw ash charcoal
  Wenhai Huang and Baoliang Chen
  2010,22(10):1586-1594 [Abstract(2591)]  [View PDF]


Fungal contamination of stored automobile-fuels in a tropical environment
  Carlos E. Rodr′?guez-Rodr′?guez,Evelyn Rodr′?guez,Rigoberto Blanco,Ivannia Cordero and Daniel Segura
  2010,22(10):1595-1601 [Abstract(2415)]  [View PDF]
Effects of phosphorus and nitrogen limitation on PHA production in activated sludge
  Qinxue Wen,Zhiqiang Chen,Ting Tian and Wei Chen
  2010,22(10):1602-1607 [Abstract(2770)]  [View PDF]
Pentachlorophenol degradation by Pseudomonas stutzeri CL7 in the secondary sludge of pulp and paper mill
  Santosh Kr. Karn,S. K. Chakrabarty and M. S. Reddy
  2010,22(10):1608-1612 [Abstract(2982)]  [View PDF]


Assessing the estrogenic potency in a Portuguese wastewater treatment plant using an integrated approach
  M′ario S. Diniz,Rita Maur′?cio,Mira Petrovic,Maria J. L′opez De Alda,Leonor Amaral,Isabel Peres,Dami′a Barcel′o and Fernando Santana
  2010,22(10):1613-1622 [Abstract(2661)]  [View PDF]


Catalytic performance of Fe3O4-CoO/Al2O3 catalyst in ozonation of 2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)propionic acid, nitrobenzene and oxalic acid in water
  Shaoping Tong,Rui Shi,Hua Zhang and Chunan Ma
  2010,22(10):1623-1628 [Abstract(2599)]  [View PDF]
Removal of elemental mercury by iodine-modified rice husk ash sorbents
  Pengfei Zhao,Xin Guo and Chuguang Zheng
  2010,22(10):1629-1636 [Abstract(2840)]  [View PDF]


Characterization of mechanochemical treated fly ash from a medical waste incinerator
  Zheng Peng,Qiong Ding,Yangzhao Sun,Chen Jiang,Xinhua Gao and Jianhua Yan
  2010,22(10):1643-1648 [Abstract(2445)]  [View PDF]


An implementation assessment of China’s Environmental Information Disclosure Decree
  Lei Zhang,Arthur P. J Mol,Guizhen He and Yonglong Lu
  2010,22(10):1649-1656 [Abstract(2883)]  [View PDF]

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