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Effect of filter-feeding fish silver carp on phytoplankton species and size distribution in surface water: A field study in water work
  Hua Ma,Fuyi Cui,Zhiquan Liu,Zhenqiang Fan,Wenjie He and Peijun YinFuyi Cui, Hua Ma, Peijun Yin, Wenjie He, Zhenqiang Fan, Zhiquan Liu
  2010,22(2):161-167 [Abstract(2701)]  [View PDF]
Microbial biodegradation of microcystin-RR by bacterium Sphingopyxis sp. USTB-05
  Mulan Zhang,Gang Pan and Hai YanGang Pan, Hai Yan, Mulan Zhang
  2010,22(2):168-175 [Abstract(2422)]  [View PDF]
Organochlorine compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsin surface sediment from Baiyangdian Lake, North China:Concentrations, sources profiles and potential risk
  Guocheng Hu,Xiaojun Luo,Fengchao Li,Jiayin Dai,Jianyang Guo,Shejun Chen,Cao Hong,Bixian Mai and Muqi XuBixian Mai, Cao Hong, Fengchao Li, Guocheng Hu, Jianyang Guo, Jiayin Dai, Muqi Xu, Shejun Chen, Xiaojun Luo
  2010,22(2):176-183 [Abstract(2792)]  [View PDF]
Reductions in non-point source pollution through di erent management practices for an agricultural watershed in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
  Yaowu Tian,Zhilin Huang and Wenfa XiaoWenfa Xiao, Yaowu Tian, Zhilin Huang
  2010,22(2):184-191 [Abstract(2171)]  [View PDF]
Batch methanogenic fermentation experiments of wastewater from a brown coal low-temperature coke plant
  Peter Kuschk,Ulrich Stottmeister,Yong-Jun Liu,Arndt Wiessner,Matthias K¨astner and Roland-Arno M¨ullerArndt Wiessner, Matthias K¨astner, Peter Kuschk, Roland-Arno M¨uller, Ulrich Stottmeister, Yong-Jun Liu
  2010,22(2):192-197 [Abstract(2303)]  [View PDF]
Bioaccumulation of cadmium bound to humic acid by the bivalve Meretrix meretirx Linnaeus from solute and particulate pathways
  Xing Wu,Yongfeng Jia,Huijie Zhu and He WangHe Wang, Huijie Zhu, Xing Wu, Yongfeng Jia
  2010,22(2):198-203 [Abstract(2149)]  [View PDF]
Electrochemical disinfection using the gas di usion electrode system
  Wenying Xu,Ping Li and Bin DongBin Dong, Ping Li, Wenying Xu
  2010,22(2):204-210 [Abstract(2139)]  [View PDF]
Effects of fulvic acid and humic acid on aluminum speciation in drinking water
  Wendong Wang,Hongwei Yang,Xiaochang Wang,Jing Jiang and Wanpeng ZhuHongwei Yang, Jing Jiang, Wanpeng Zhu, Wendong Wang, Xiaochang Wang
  2010,22(2):211-217 [Abstract(2407)]  [View PDF]
Effects of sediment dredging on water quality and zooplankton community structure in a shallow of eutrophic lake
  Shiyang Zhang,Qiaohong Zhou,Dong Xu,Jidong Lin,Shuiping Cheng and Zhenbin WuDong Xu, Jidong Lin, Qiaohong Zhou, Shiyang Zhang, Shuiping Cheng, Zhenbin Wu
  2010,22(2):218-224 [Abstract(2902)]  [View PDF]
Simultaneous adsorption of lead and cadmium on MnO2-loaded resin
  Lijing Dong,Zhiliang Zhu,Hongmei Ma,Yanling Qiu and Jianfu ZhaoHongmei Ma, Jianfu Zhao, Lijing Dong, Yanling Qiu, Zhiliang Zhu
  2010,22(2):225-229 [Abstract(2765)]  [View PDF]
Autoheated thermophilic aerobic sludge digestion and metal bioleaching in a two-stage reactor system
  Rohan Jain,Ashish Pathak,T. R. Sreekrishnan and M. G. DastidarAshish Pathak, M. G. Dastidar, Rohan Jain, T. R. Sreekrishnan
  2010,22(2):230-236 [Abstract(2416)]  [View PDF]
Selective removal of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid from water by molecularly-imprinted amino-functionalized silica gel sorbent
  Deman Han,Wenping Jia and Huading LiangDeman Han, Huading Liang, Wenping Jia
  2010,22(2):237-241 [Abstract(3462)]  [View PDF]
15N isotope fractionation in an aquatic food chain: Bellamya aeruginosa (Reeve) as an algal control agent
  Shiqun Han,Shaohua Yan,Kaining Chen,Zhenhua Zhang,Rengel Zed,Jianqiu Zhang,Wei Song and Haiqin LiuHaiqin Liu, Jianqiu Zhang, Kaining Chen, Rengel Zed, Shaohua Yan, Shiqun Han, Wei Song, Zhenhua Zhang
  2010,22(2):242-247 [Abstract(2411)]  [View PDF]
Sequestration of toxic Pb(II) ions by chemically treated rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) leaf powder
  Megat Hanafiah Megat Ahmad Kamal,Wan Mat Khalir Wan Khaima Azira,Mohamed Kasmawati,Zakaria Haslizaidi and Wan Ngah Wan SaimeMegat Hanafiah Megat Ahmad Kamal, Mohamed Kasmawati, Wan Mat Khalir Wan Khaima Azira, Wan Ngah Wan Saime, Zakaria Haslizaidi
  2010,22(2):248-256 [Abstract(2667)]  [View PDF]
Bio-reduction of nitrate from groundwater using a hydrogen-based membrane biofilm reactor
  Siqing Xia,Fohua Zhong,Yanhao Zhang,Haixiang Li and Xin YangFohua Zhong, Haixiang Li, Siqing Xia, Xin Yang, Yanhao Zhang
  2010,22(2):257-262 [Abstract(2278)]  [View PDF]


Morphology of single inhalable particle inside public transit biodiesel fueled bus
  Kaushik K. Shandilya and Ashok KumarAshok Kumar, Kaushik K. Shandilya
  2010,22(2):263-270 [Abstract(2562)]  [View PDF]
Phase behavior of TXs/toluene/water microemulsion systems for solubilization absorption of toluene
  Lian Liu,Senlin Tian and Ping NingLian Liu, Ping Ning, Senlin Tian
  2010,22(2):271-276 [Abstract(2524)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of mercury speciation and removal through air pollution control devices of a 190 MW boiler
  Chengli Wu,Yan Cao,Zhongbing Dong,Chinmin Cheng,Hanxu Li and Weiping PanChengli Wu, Chinmin Cheng, Hanxu Li, Weiping Pan, Yan Cao, Zhongbing Dong
  2010,22(2):277-282 [Abstract(2386)]  [View PDF]


Changes in hair arsenic concentration in a population exposed to heavy pollution: Follow-up investigation in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, Southern China
  Bin Wu and Tongbin ChenBin Wu, Tongbin Chen
  2010,22(2):283-289 [Abstract(2449)]  [View PDF]
Estrogenic activities of two synthetic pyrethroids and their metabolites
  Meiqing Jin,Ling Li,Chao Xu,Yuezhong Wen and Meirong ZhaoChao Xu, Ling Li, Meiqing Jin, Meirong Zhao, Yuezhong Wen
  2010,22(2):290-296 [Abstract(2423)]  [View PDF]
Reproductive toxicity of organic extracts from petrochemical plant e uents discharged to the Yangtze River, China
  Xiaoyi Wang,Wei Shi,Jiang Wu,Yingqun Hao,Guanjiu Hu,Hongling Liu,Xiaodong Han and Hongxia YuGuanjiu Hu, Hongling Liu, Hongxia Yu, Jiang Wu, Wei Shi, Xiaodong Han, Xiaoyi Wang, Yingqun Hao
  2010,22(2):297-303 [Abstract(2355)]  [View PDF]
Laboratory culture of the freshwater benthic gastropod Bellamya aeruginosa (Reeve) and its utility as a test species for sediment toxicity
  Taowu Ma,Shuangjiao Gong,Ke Zhou,Cheng Zhu,Kaidong Deng,Qinghua Luo and Zijian WangCheng Zhu, Kaidong Deng, Ke Zhou, Qinghua Luo, Shuangjiao Gong, Taowu Ma, Zijian Wang
  2010,22(2):304-313 [Abstract(2716)]  [View PDF]
Organochlorine pesticide and heavy metal residues in some edible biota collected from Quanzhou Bay and Xinghua Bay, Southeast China
  Mangala Yatawara,Shihua Qi,Odhiambo Joshua Owago,Yuan Zhang,Dan Yang,Junpeng Zhang and Julia E BurnetDan Yang, Julia E Burnet, Junpeng Zhang, Mangala Yatawara, Odhiambo Joshua Owago, Shihua Qi, Yuan Zhang
  2010,22(2):314-320 [Abstract(2610)]  [View PDF]

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