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A novel integrated step-feed biofilm process for the treatment of decentralized domestic wastewater in rural areas of China
  Hanwen Liang,Min Gao,Junxin Liu,Yuansong Wei and Xuesong Guo
  2010,22(3):321-327 [Abstract(2588)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics and distribution of low molecular weight organic acids in the sediment porewaters in Bosten Lake, China
  Min Xiao,Fengchang Wu,Haiqing Liao,Wen Li,Xinqing Lee and Rongsheng Huang
  2010,22(3):328-337 [Abstract(2209)]  [View PDF]
Pb(II) biosorption using chitosan and chitosan derivatives beads: Equilibrium, ion exchange and mechanism studies
  W. S. Wan Ngah and S. Fatinathan
  2010,22(3):338-346 [Abstract(2375)]  [View PDF]
Phosphorus release: A biogeochemical insight from a restored lakeside wetland in the Yangtze-Huaihe region, China
  Xiaoling Zhou,Baoqing Shan and Hong Zhang
  2010,22(3):347-354 [Abstract(2071)]  [View PDF]
Effect of temperature on the sorption and desorption of perfluorooctane sulfonate on humic acid
  Chengxia Jia,Chun You and Gang Pan
  2010,22(3):355-361 [Abstract(1850)]  [View PDF]
Application of a novel backwashing process in upflow biological aerated filter
  Jinshui Yang,Weijie Liu,Baozhen Li,Hongli Yuan,Meiping Tong and Jinsong Gao
  2010,22(3):362-366 [Abstract(1902)]  [View PDF]
Biosorption of Cu2+ and Zn2+ by raw and autoclaved Rocella phycopsis
  Emine Yalc??n,K¨ultiˇgin C,avus?oˇglu and Kadir K?nal?oˇglu
  2010,22(3):367-373 [Abstract(1887)]  [View PDF]
Biogenic silica in intertidal marsh plants and associated sediments
  Lijun Hou,Min Liu,Yi Yang,Dongni Ou,Xiao Lin and Hui Chen
  2010,22(3):374-380 [Abstract(2294)]  [View PDF]
Effcient degradation of lube oil by a mixed bacterial consortium
  Haifeng Wang,Ran Xu,Fengting Li,Junlian Qiao and Bingru Zhang
  2010,22(3):381-388 [Abstract(2336)]  [View PDF]


Diurnal variations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons associated with PM2:5 in Shanghai, China
  Zeping Gu,Jialiang Feng,Wenliang Han,Li Li,Minghong Wu,Jiamo Fu and Guoying Sheng
  2010,22(3):389-396 [Abstract(2516)]  [View PDF]
Commuter exposure to BTEX in public transportation modes in Bangkok, Thailand
  Maneerat Ongwandee and Orathai Chavalparit
  2010,22(3):397-404 [Abstract(2143)]  [View PDF]
Composition, source, mass closure of PM2:5 aerosols for four forests in eastern China
  Li Li,Wu Wang,Jialiang Feng,Dongping Zhang,Huaijian Li,Zeping Gu,Bangjin Wang,Guoying Sheng and Jiamo Fu
  2010,22(3):405-412 [Abstract(2432)]  [View PDF]


Paper sludge as a feasible soil amendment for the immobilization of Pb2+
  Xiaojia He,Lei Yao,Zhu Liang and Jinren Ni
  2010,22(3):413-420 [Abstract(2023)]  [View PDF]
Efficiency of white lupin in the removal of mercury from contaminated soils: Soil and hydroponic experiments
  Pilar Zornoza,Roc′?o Mill′an,M. Jos′e Sierra,Almudena Seco and Elvira Esteban
  2010,22(3):421-427 [Abstract(2164)]  [View PDF]


Cytotoxicity of lambda-cyhalothrin on the macrophage cell line RAW264.7
  Quan Zhang,Cui Wang,Liwei Sun,Ling Li and Meirong Zhao
  2010,22(3):428-432 [Abstract(2502)]  [View PDF]
Modeling and prediction for the acute toxicity of pesticide mixtures to the freshwater luminescent bacterium Vibrio qinghaiensis sp.-Q67
  Xuefei Zhou,Wenjing Sang,Shushen Liu,Yalei Zhang and Huilin Ge
  2010,22(3):433-440 [Abstract(2378)]  [View PDF]
Cd uptake in rice cultivars treated with organic acids and EDTA
  Weihong Xu,Yangrui Li,Jianping He,Qifu Ma,Xiaojing Zhang,Guiqing Chen,Huixian Wang and Haibo Zhang
  2010,22(3):441-447 [Abstract(2096)]  [View PDF]


A comparative investigation of NdSrCu1-xCoxO4-σ and Sm1:8Ce0:2Cu1-xCoxO4-σ(x: 0-0.4) for NO decomposition
  Jiguang Deng,Lei Zhang,Yunsheng Xia,Hongxing Dai and Hong He
  2010,22(3):448-453 [Abstract(2249)]  [View PDF]
Photocatalytic energy storage ability of TiO2-WO3 composite prepared by wet-chemical technique
  Linglin Cao,Jian Yuan,Mingxia Chen and Wenfeng Shangguan
  2010,22(3):454-459 [Abstract(2543)]  [View PDF]
Photocatalytic decomposition of mobile-source related pollutants using a continuous-flow reactor
  Wan-Kuen Jo and Seung-Ho Shin
  2010,22(3):460-466 [Abstract(2178)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption of Methylene Blue on magnesium silicate: Kinetics, equilibria and comparison with other adsorbents
  Franco Ferrero
  2010,22(3):467-473 [Abstract(2176)]  [View PDF]


Effects of ultrasonic pretreatment on sludge dewaterability and extracellular polymeric substances distribution in mesophilic anaerobic digestion
  Liming Shao,Guanzhao Wang,Huacheng Xu,Guanghui Yu and Pinjing He
  2010,22(3):474-480 [Abstract(2425)]  [View PDF]

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