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Advanced landfill leachate treatment using a two-stage UASB-SBR system at low temperature
  Hongwei Sun,Qing Yang,Yongzhen Peng,Xiaoning Shi,Shuying Wang and Shujun Zhang
  2010,22(4):481-485 [Abstract(2210)]  [View PDF]
Enhanced adsorption of Methylene Blue from aqueous solution bychitosan-g-poly (acrylic acid)/vermiculite hydrogel composites
  Yi Liu,Yian Zheng and Aiqin Wang
  2010,22(4):486-493 [Abstract(2451)]  [View PDF]
Accelerated degradation of a variety of aromatic compounds by Spirodela polyrrhiza-bacterial associations and contribution of root exudates released from S. polyrrhiza
  Hai Hoang,Ning Yu,Tadashi Toyama,Daisuke Inoue,Kazunari Sei and Michihiko Ike
  2010,22(4):494-499 [Abstract(1971)]  [View PDF]
Electrochemical degradation of p-nitrophenol with different processes
  Ping Jiang,Jiti Zhou,Aili Zhang and Yijiang Zhong
  2010,22(4):500-506 [Abstract(2177)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption behavior of phosphate on Lanthanum(III) doped mesoporous silicates material
  Jianda Zhang,Zhemin Shen,Wenpo Shan,Ziyan Chen,Zhijian Mei,Yangming Lei and Wenhua Wang
  2010,22(4):507-511 [Abstract(2098)]  [View PDF]
Treatment of simulated wastewater containing Reactive Red 195 by zero-valent iron/activated carbon combined with microwave discharge electrodeless lamp/sodium hypochlorite
  Jie Fu,Zhen Xu,Qing-Shan Li,Song Chen,Shu-Qing An,Qing-Fu Zeng and Hai-Liang Zhu
  2010,22(4):512-518 [Abstract(2148)]  [View PDF]
Spatial variations of aluminum species in drinking water supplies in Xi’an studied applying geographic information system
  Wendong Wang,Hua Li,Xiaochang Wang and Yongjun Liu
  2010,22(4):519-525 [Abstract(2540)]  [View PDF]
Nickel accumulation and its effect on biomass, protein content and antioxidative enzymes in roots and leaves of watercress (Nasturtium o cinale R. Br.)
  Fatih Duman and Fatma Ozturk
  2010,22(4):526-532 [Abstract(2183)]  [View PDF]
Distributions of typical contaminant species in urban short-term storm runoff and their fates during rain events: A case of Xiamen City
  Qunshan Wei,Gefu Zhu,Peng Wu,Li Cui,Kaisong Zhang,Jingjing Zhou and Wenru Zhang
  2010,22(4):533-539 [Abstract(2475)]  [View PDF]
Effect of substrate COD/N ratio on performance and microbial community structure of a membrane aerated biofilm reactor
  Huijun Liu,Fenglin Yang,Shuyi Shi and Xincheng Liu
  2010,22(4):540-546 [Abstract(2305)]  [View PDF]
Degradation of acid fuchsine by a modified electro-Fenton system with magnetic stirring as oxygen supplying
  Yiping Sheng,Limin Zhen,Xiuli Wang,Ning Li and Qi Tong
  2010,22(4):547-554 [Abstract(2216)]  [View PDF]


In situ DRIFTS study of hygroscopic behavior of mineral aerosol
  Qingxin Ma,Hong He and Yongchun Liu
  2010,22(4):555-560 [Abstract(2486)]  [View PDF]
Size, composition, and mixing state of individual aerosol particles in a South China coastal city
  Weijun Li,Longyi Shao,Zhishi Wang,Rongrong Shen,Shusheng Yang and Uwa Tang
  2010,22(4):561-569 [Abstract(2755)]  [View PDF]
Reinvestigation of the Henry’s law constant for hydrogen peroxide with temperature and acidity variation
  Daoming Huang and Zhongming Chen
  2010,22(4):570-574 [Abstract(2699)]  [View PDF]
Unregulated emissions from a diesel engine equipped with vanadium-based urea-SCR catalyst
  Lei Jiang,Yunshan Ge,Asad Naeem Shah,Chao He and Zhihua Liu
  2010,22(4):575-581 [Abstract(3044)]  [View PDF]
Improved source assessment of Si, Al and related mineral components to PM10 based on a daily sampling procedure
  Ge Peng,Hans Puxbaum,Heidi Bauer,Nicole Jankowski and Yao Shi
  2010,22(4):582-588 [Abstract(2264)]  [View PDF]


Polychlorinated biphenyls in the atmosphere of Taizhou, a major e-waste dismantling area in China
  Wenliang Han,Jialiang Feng,Zeping Gu,Minghong Wu,Guoying Sheng and Jiamo Fu
  2010,22(4):589-597 [Abstract(2353)]  [View PDF]
Co-transport of dissolved organic matter and heavy metals in soils induced by excessive phosphorus applications
  Mingkui Zhang and Huimin Zhang
  2010,22(4):598-606 [Abstract(2402)]  [View PDF]
Interactive e ect of dissolved organic matter and phenanthrene on soil enzymatic activities
  Xinhua Zhan,Wenzhu Wu,Lixiang Zhou,Jianru Liang and Tinghui Jiang
  2010,22(4):607-614 [Abstract(2210)]  [View PDF]
Enhanced and irreversible sorption of pesticide pyrimethanil by soil amended with biochars
  Xiangyang Yu,Ligang Pan,Guangguo Ying and Rai S. Kookana
  2010,22(4):615-620 [Abstract(2366)]  [View PDF]


Biodegradation of phenol and m-cresol by mutated Candida tropicalis
  Yan Jiang,Xun Cai,Di Wu and Nanqi Ren
  2010,22(4):621-626 [Abstract(2836)]  [View PDF]
Community analysis of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in activated sludge of eight wastewater treatment systems
  Xiaohui Wang,Xianghua Wen,Craig Criddle,George Wells,Jie Zhang and Yin Zhao
  2010,22(4):627-634 [Abstract(2479)]  [View PDF]
Cloning, expression in Escherichia coli, and enzymatic properties of laccase from Aeromonas hydrophila WL-11
  Jing Wu,Kyoung-Sook Kim,Jai-Heon Lee and Young-Choon Lee
  2010,22(4):635-640 [Abstract(2391)]  [View PDF]

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