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Organic matter extracted from activated sludge with ammonium hydroxide and its characterization
  Liangliang Wei,Kun Wang,Qingliang Zhao,Junqiu Jiang,Chunmei Xie and Wei Qiu
  2010,22(5):641-647 [Abstract(2186)]  [View PDF]
Invertebrate community characteristics in biologically active carbon filter
  Xiaowei Li,Yufeng Yang,Lijun Liu,Jinsong Zhang and Qing Wang
  2010,22(5):648-655 [Abstract(2148)]  [View PDF]
Microbial community structure in an integrated A/O reactor treating diluted livestock wastewater during start-up period
  Lijiao Ren,Yining Wu,Nanqi Ren,Kun Zhang and Defeng Xing
  2010,22(5):656-662 [Abstract(2005)]  [View PDF]
Environmental factors influencing the distribution of total and fecal coliform bacteria in six water storage reservoirs in the Pearl River Delta Region, China
  Huachang Hong,Jianwen Qiu and Yan Liang
  2010,22(5):663-668 [Abstract(2505)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of 2-naphthol and its metabolites by coupling Aspergillus niger with Bacillus subtilis
  Shuyan Zang,Bin Lian,Juan Wang and Yanjie Yang
  2010,22(5):669-674 [Abstract(2003)]  [View PDF]
Biosorption of zinc(II) from aqueous solution by dried activated sludge
  Chunping Yang,Jiaqiang Wang,Min Lei,Gengxin Xie,Guangming Zeng and Shenglian Luo
  2010,22(5):675-680 [Abstract(2195)]  [View PDF]
Particle properties in granular activated carbon filter during drinking water treatment
  Tao Lin,Wei Chen and Leilei Wang
  2010,22(5):681-688 [Abstract(2055)]  [View PDF]


Adsorption and desorption of Cu(II) and Pb(II) in paddy soils cultivated for various years in the subtropical China
  Liang Ma,Renkou Xu and Jun Jiang
  2010,22(5):689-695 [Abstract(2090)]  [View PDF]
Heavy metal (Pb, Zn) uptake and chemical changes in rhizosphere soils of four wetland plants with di erent radial oxygen loss
  Junxing Yang,Zuoluo Ma,Zhihong Ye,Xueyan Guo and Rongliang Qiu
  2010,22(5):696-702 [Abstract(2175)]  [View PDF]


Differences in the behavior characteristics between Daphnia magna and Japanese madaka in an on-line biomonitoring system
  Zongming Ren and Zijian Wang
  2010,22(5):703-708 [Abstract(2500)]  [View PDF]
Anaerobic benzene biodegradation by a pure bacterial culture of Bacillus cereus under nitrate reducing conditions
  Junfeng Dou,Aizhong Ding,Xiang Liu,Yongchao Du,Dong Deng and Jinsheng Wang
  2010,22(5):709-715 [Abstract(2422)]  [View PDF]
Ultraviolet irradiation induced oxidative stress and response of antioxidant system in an intertidal macroalgae Corallina o cinalis L.
  Lixia Li,Jiqiang Zhao and Xuexi Tang
  2010,22(5):716-722 [Abstract(2268)]  [View PDF]
Occurrence of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in fish and shellfish downstream from electronic-waste recycling plants
  Jinhua Jiang,Shidi Shi and Tao Chen
  2010,22(5):723-730 [Abstract(2220)]  [View PDF]


Confirmation of combinational effects of calcium with other metals in a paper recycling mill effluent on nematode lifespan with toxicity identification evaluation method
  Dayong Wang,Yang Wang and Lulu Shen
  2010,22(5):731-737 [Abstract(2289)]  [View PDF]
Enantioselective separation and zebrafish embryo toxicity of insecticide beta-cypermethrin
  Chao Xu,Wenqing Tu,Chun Lou,Yingying Hong and Meirong Zhao
  2010,22(5):738-743 [Abstract(2368)]  [View PDF]
Thyroid disruption by technical decabromodiphenyl ether (DE-83R) at low concentrations in Xenopus laevis
  Xiaofei Qin,Xijuan Xia,Zhongzhi Yang,Shishuai Yan,Yaxian Zhao,Rongguo Wei,Yan Li,Mi Tian,Xingru Zhao,Zhanfen Qin and Xiaobai Xu
  2010,22(5):744-751 [Abstract(2267)]  [View PDF]


Release of volatile organic compounds during bio-drying of municipal solid waste
  Pinjing He,Jiafu Tang,Dongqing Zhang,Yang Zeng and Liming Shao
  2010,22(5):752-759 [Abstract(2483)]  [View PDF]
Investigation of heavy metal partitioning influenced by flue gas moisture and chlorine content during waste incineration
  Qinghai Li,Aihong Meng,Jinyan Jia and Yanguo Zhang
  2010,22(5):760-768 [Abstract(2454)]  [View PDF]
Effect of bio-column composed of aged refuse on methane abatement – A novel configuration of biological oxidation in refuse landfill
  Dan Han,Youcai Zhao,Binjie Xue and Xiaoli Chai
  2010,22(5):769-776 [Abstract(2195)]  [View PDF]
An autotrophic nitrogen removal process: Short-cut nitrification combined with ANAMMOX for treating diluted e uent from an UASB reactor fed by landfill leachate
  Jie Liu,Jian’e Zuo,Yang Yang,Shuquan Zhu,Sulin Kuang and Kaijun Wang
  2010,22(5):777-783 [Abstract(2125)]  [View PDF]


An improved ion-exchange/di usion method for 15N isotope tracing analysis of nitrate in surface waters from watersheds
  Weiqi Chen,Weicai Chen,Huanhuan Rao,Luoping Zhang and Huasheng Hong
  2010,22(5):784-788 [Abstract(2619)]  [View PDF]
Effects of sterilization treatments on the analysis of TOC in water samples
  Yiming Shi,Lingfeng Xu,Dongqin Gong and Jun Lu
  2010,22(5):789-795 [Abstract(2182)]  [View PDF]
Real-time fluorescent quantitative immuno-PCR method for determination of fluoranthene in water samples with a molecular beacon
  Qiyan Ye,Huisheng Zhuang,Chun Zhou and Qiong’e Wang
  2010,22(5):796-800 [Abstract(2486)]  [View PDF]

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