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Special Section on the 9th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant

Total mercury in wild fish in Guizhou reservoirs, China
  Haiyu Yan,Atle Rustadbakken,Heng Yao,Thorjorn Larssen,Xinbin Feng,Ting Liu,Lihai Shang and Thrond O. Haugen
  2010,22(8):1129-1136 [Abstract(3003)]  [View PDF]
Assessment of mercury(II) bioavailability using a bioluminescent bacterial biosensor: Practical and theoretical challenges
  Paulo R G Barrocas,William M Landing and Robert J M Hudson
  2010,22(8):1137-1143 [Abstract(2333)]  [View PDF]
Distribution of mercury in di erent environmental compartments in the aquatic ecosystem of the coastal zone of the Southern Baltic Sea
  Dominika Saniewska,Magdalena Beldowska,Jacek Beldowski,Micha? Saniewski,Justyna Kwa′sniak and Lucyna Falkowska
  2010,22(8):1144-1150 [Abstract(1942)]  [View PDF]
Mercury in sediments and vegetation in a moderately contaminated salt marsh (Tagus Estuary, Portugal)
  Jo?ao Can′ario,Carlos Vale,Laurier Poissant,Marta Nogueira,Martin Pilote and Vasco Branco
  2010,22(8):1151-1157 [Abstract(2204)]  [View PDF]
Factors influencing mercury accumulation in three species of forage fish from Caddo Lake, Texas, USA
  Matthew M Chumchal,Ray W Drenner,David R Cross and K David Hambright
  2010,22(8):1158-1163 [Abstract(2417)]  [View PDF]
Mercury contamination and accumulation in sediments of the East China Sea
  Tien-Hsi Fang and Ru-Yun Chen
  2010,22(8):1164-1170 [Abstract(2462)]  [View PDF]
Mercury in an ultraoligotrophic North Patagonian Andean lake (Argentina): Concentration patterns in di erent components of the water column
  Mar′?a Arrib′ere,Mar′?a C Di′eguez,Sergio Ribeiro Guevara,Claudia P Queimali?nos,Vesna Fajon,Mariana Reissig and Milena Horvat
  2010,22(8):1171-1178 [Abstract(1898)]  [View PDF]
Mercury distribution and bioaccumulation up the soil-plant-grasshopper-spider food chain in Huludao City, China
  Zhongsheng Zhang,Qichao Wang,Dongmei Zheng,Na Zheng and Xianguo Lu
  2010,22(8):1179-1183 [Abstract(2654)]  [View PDF]
Mercury in some chemical fertilizers and the e ect of calcium superphosphate on mercury uptake by corn seedlings (Zea mays L.)
  Xiulan Zhao and Dingyong Wang
  2010,22(8):1184-1188 [Abstract(2035)]  [View PDF]


Trophic transfer of mercury and methylmercury in an aquatic ecosystem impacted by municipal sewage e uents in Beijing, China
  Jianjie Fu,Yawei Wang,Qunfang Zhou and Guibin Jiang
  2010,22(8):1189-1194 [Abstract(2180)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption of atrazine by natural organic matter and surfactant dispersed carbon nanotubes
  Baoyou Shi,Xiaoyan Zhuang,Xiaomin Yan,Jiajuan Lu and Hongxiao Tang
  2010,22(8):1195-1202 [Abstract(2032)]  [View PDF]
Bacteriological challenges to asbestos cement water distribution pipelines
  Dunling Wang and D. Roy Cullimore
  2010,22(8):1203-1208 [Abstract(2421)]  [View PDF]
Decolorization of molasses melanoidins and palm oil mill e uent phenolic compounds by fermentative lactic acid bacteria
  Vassanasak Limkhuansuwan and Pawinee Chaiprasert
  2010,22(8):1209-1217 [Abstract(2708)]  [View PDF]
Modeling of secondary treated wastewater disinfection by UV irradiation: Effects of suspended solids content
  Mounaouer Brahmi,Noureddine Hamed Belhadi,Helmi Hamdi and Abdennaceur Hassen
  2010,22(8):1218-1224 [Abstract(2537)]  [View PDF]


Microbial community variation in phytoremediation of triazophos by Canna indica Linn. in a hydroponic system
  Huiping Xiao,Shuiping Cheng and Zhenbin Wu
  2010,22(8):1225-1231 [Abstract(1939)]  [View PDF]
Diversity of methanotrophs in Zoige wetland soils under both anaerobic and aerobic conditions
  Juanli Yun,Anzhou Ma,Yaoming Li,Guoqiang Zhuang,Yanfen Wang and Hongxun Zhang
  2010,22(8):1232-1238 [Abstract(1960)]  [View PDF]
Growth and photosynthesis responses of Phaeodactylum tricornutum to dissolved organic matter from salt marsh plant and sediment
  Yihua Xiao,Qinghui Huang,Ling Chen and Penghui Li
  2010,22(8):1239-1245 [Abstract(2637)]  [View PDF]
Genotypic variations in the accumulation of Cd exhibited by di erent vegetables
  Junxing Yang,Haitao Guo,Yibing Ma,Liqun Wang,Dongpu Wei and Luo Hua
  2010,22(8):1246-1252 [Abstract(1864)]  [View PDF]
Effect of lime application on microbial community in acidic tea orchard soils in comparison with those in wasteland and forest soils
  Dong Xue,Xiangdong Huang,Huaiying Yao and Changyong Huang
  2010,22(8):1253-1260 [Abstract(2122)]  [View PDF]
Simultaneous detection of enteroviruses from surface waters by real-time RT-PCR with universal primers
  Chongmiao Zhang,Xiaochang Wang,Yongjun Liu and Dangcong Peng
  2010,22(8):1261-1266 [Abstract(1923)]  [View PDF]


Preparation and characterization of biomimetic adsorbent from poly-3-hydroxybutyrate
  Xiaoxuan Zhang,Chaohai Wei,Qincong He and Yuan Ren
  2010,22(8):1267-1272 [Abstract(1882)]  [View PDF]
Application of activated carbon derived from scrap tires for adsorption of Rhodamine B
  Li Li,Shuangxi Liu and Tan Zhu
  2010,22(8):1273-1280 [Abstract(2144)]  [View PDF]
Optimization of parameters on photocatalytic degradation of chloramphenicol using TiO2 as photocatalyist by response surface methodology
  Junwei Zhang,Dafang Fu,Yunda Xu and Cuiyun Liu
  2010,22(8):1281-1289 [Abstract(2061)]  [View PDF]
Activated carbon supported TiO2-photocatalysis doped with Fe ions for continuous treatment of dye wastewater in a dynamic reactor
  Youji Li,Jun Chen,Jianben Liu,Mingyuan Ma,Wei Chen and Leiyong Li
  2010,22(8):1290-1296 [Abstract(2089)]  [View PDF]

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