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Effects of various pretreatment methods on mixed microflora to enhance biohydrogen production from corn stover hydrolysate
  Kun Zhang,Nanqi Ren,Changhong Guo,Aijie Wang and Guangli Cao
  Published December 15, 2011 (8 pages)
  2011,23(12):1929-1936 [Abstract(2581)]  [View PDF 1.92 M (4027)]
Heavy metal distribution of natural and reclaimed tidal riparian wetlands in south estuary, China
  Honggang Zhang,Baoshan Cui and Kejiang Zhang
  Published December 15, 2011 (10 pages)
  2011,23(12):1937-1946 [Abstract(2845)]  [View PDF 1.72 M (5797)]
Removal of trace arsenic(V) and phosphate from water by a highly selective ligand exchange adsorbent
  Md. Rabiul Awual,Sherif A. El-Safty and Akinori Jyo
  Published December 15, 2011 (8 pages)
  2011,23(12):1947-1954 [Abstract(2295)]  [View PDF 177.41 K (4110)]
Synthesis and adsorption performance of lead ion-imprinted micro-beads with combination of two functional monomers
  Linyan Zhu,Zhiliang Zhu,Ronghua Zhang,Jun Hong and Yanling Qiu
  Published December 15, 2011 (7 pages)
  2011,23(12):1955-1961 [Abstract(2576)]  [View PDF 528.41 K (5702)]
Organic pollutants removal from 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) red water using low cost activated coke
  Mohe Zhang,Quanlin Zhao and Zhengfang Ye
  Published December 15, 2011 (8 pages)
  2011,23(12):1962-1969 [Abstract(2398)]  [View PDF 184.24 K (4858)]
Membrane flux dynamics in the submerged ultrafiltration hybrid treatment process during particle and natural organic matter removal
  Wei Zhang,Xiaojian Zhang,Yonghong Li,Jun Wang and Chao Chen
  Published December 15, 2011 (7 pages)
  2011,23(12):1970-1976 [Abstract(2305)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (3180)]
A new method of inhibiting pollutant release from source water reservoir sediment by adding chemical stabilization agents combined with water-lifting aerator
  Beibei Chai,Tinglin Huang,Weihuang Zhu and Fengying Yang
  Published December 15, 2011 (6 pages)
  2011,23(12):1977-1982 [Abstract(2121)]  [View PDF 174.52 K (2932)]
Removal of microcystin-LR from drinking water using a bamboo-based charcoal adsorbent modified with chitosan
  Hangjun Zhang,Guoying Zhu,Xiuying Jia,Ying Ding,Mi Zhang,Qing Gao,Ciming Hu and Shuying Xu
  Published December 15, 2011 (6 pages)
  2011,23(12):1983-1988 [Abstract(2367)]  [View PDF 936.08 K (4582)]
Adsorptive removal of heavy metal ions from industrial effluents using activated carbon derived from waste coconut buttons
  T. S. Anirudhan and S. S. Sreekumari
  Published December 15, 2011 (10 pages)
  2011,23(12):1989-1998 [Abstract(2919)]  [View PDF 748.22 K (5694)]
Characteristics and aluminum reuse of textile sludge incineration residues after acidification
  Manhong Huang,Liang Chen,Donghui Chen and Saijie Zhou
  Published December 15, 2011 (6 pages)
  2011,23(12):1999-2004 [Abstract(2173)]  [View PDF 129.03 K (3740)]
Computing payment for ecosystem services in watersheds: An analysis of the Middle Route Project of South-to-North Water Diversion in China
  Zhengju Dong,Yan Yan,Jing Duan,Xiao Fu,Qingrong Zhou,Xiang Huang,Xiangen Zhu and Jingzhu Zhao
  Published December 15, 2011 (8 pages)
  2011,23(12):2005-2012 [Abstract(2330)]  [View PDF 805.75 K (3432)]


Effects of relative humidity on the characterization of a photochemical smog chamber
  Gaoshuo Hu,Yongfu Xu and Long Jia
  Published December 15, 2011 (6 pages)
  2011,23(12):2013-2018 [Abstract(2740)]  [View PDF 161.63 K (3556)]
Ambient air quality trends and driving factor analysis in Beijing, 1983-2007
  Ju Zhang,Zhiyun Ouyang,Hong Miao and Xiaoke Wang
  Published December 15, 2011 (10 pages)
  2011,23(12):2019-2028 [Abstract(2127)]  [View PDF 226.52 K (3503)]


Preliminary report on methane emissions from the Three Gorges Reservoir in the summer drainage period
  Fei Lu,Le Yang,Xiaoke Wang,Xiaonan Duan,Yujing Mu,Wenzhi Song,Feixiang Zheng,Junfeng Niu,Lei Tong,Hua Zheng,Yongjuan Zhou,Jiangxiao Qiu and Zhiyun Ouyang
  Published December 15, 2011 (5 pages)
  2011,23(12):2029-2033 [Abstract(2055)]  [View PDF 286.61 K (3506)]
Effects of humic acid on phytodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil simultaneously contaminated with heavy metals
  Soyoung Park,Ki Seob Kim,Jeong-Tae Kim,Daeseok Kang and Kijune Sung
  Published December 15, 2011 (8 pages)
  2011,23(12):2034-2041 [Abstract(2792)]  [View PDF 178.52 K (3656)]
Mercury in leaf litter in typical suburban and urban broadleaf forests in China
  Zhenchuan Niu,Xiaoshan Zhang,Zhangwei Wang and Zhijia Ci
  Published December 15, 2011 (7 pages)
  2011,23(12):2042-2048 [Abstract(2149)]  [View PDF 249.03 K (3491)]


Comparison of bacterial community structures in two systems of a sewage treatment plant using PCR-DGGE analysis
  Abd El-Latif Hesham,Rong Qi and Min Yang
  Published December 15, 2011 (6 pages)
  2011,23(12):2049-2054 [Abstract(2332)]  [View PDF 608.67 K (4389)]
Removal of Crystal Violet from aqueous solution using powdered mycelial biomass of Ceriporia lacerata P2
  Yonghui Lin,Xingbing He,Guomin Han,Qijian Tian and Wenyong Hu
  Published December 15, 2011 (8 pages)
  2011,23(12):2055-2062 [Abstract(2476)]  [View PDF 298.81 K (5013)]
Biodegradation of aniline by Candida tropicalis AN1 isolated from aerobic granular sludge
  Dianzhan Wang,Guanyu Zheng,Shimei Wang,Dewei Zhang and Lixiang Zhou
  Published December 15, 2011 (6 pages)
  2011,23(12):2063-2068 [Abstract(2089)]  [View PDF 957.86 K (3437)]


Bioaccumulation of metals in human blood in industrially contaminated area
  F. Akbar Jan,M. Ishaq,S. Khan,M. Shakirullah,S. M. Asim and I. Ahmad
  Published December 15, 2011 (9 pages)
  2011,23(12):2069-2077 [Abstract(2225)]  [View PDF 315.21 K (4101)]


Catalytic oxidation of benzene over nanostructured porous Co3O4-CeO2 composite catalysts
  Chunyan Ma,Zhen Mu,Chi He,Peng Li,Jinjun Li and Zhengping Hao
  Published December 15, 2011 (9 pages)
  2011,23(12):2078-2086 [Abstract(2142)]  [View PDF 2.09 M (3359)]
A kinetic model of Ti(IV)-catalyzed H2O2/O3 process in aqueous solution
  Shaoping Tong,Shuqin Zhao,Xiaofei Lan and Chunan Ma
  Published December 15, 2011 (6 pages)
  2011,23(12):2087-2092 [Abstract(1928)]  [View PDF 168.32 K (3827)]

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