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Rapid removal of bisphenol A on highly ordered mesoporous carbon
  Qian Sui,Jun Huang,Yousong Liu,Xiaofeng Chang,Guangbin Ji,Shubo Deng,Tao Xie and Gang Yu
  2011,23(2):177-182 [Abstract(2663)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of disinfection byproduct formation potential in 13 source waters in China
  Junzhi Zhang,Jianwei Yu,Wei An,Juan Liu,Yongjing Wang,Youjun Chen,Jia Tai and Min Yang
  2011,23(2):183-188 [Abstract(2465)]  [View PDF]
A model and experimental study of phosphate uptake kinetics in algae: Considering surface adsorption and P-stress
  Bo Yao,Beidou Xi,Chunming Hu,Shouliang Huo,Jing Su and Hongliang Liu
  2011,23(2):189-198 [Abstract(2511)]  [View PDF]
Removal of phosphate by Fe-coordinated amino-functionalized 3D mesoporous silicates hybrid materials
  Jianda Zhang,Zhemin Shen,Zhijian Mei,Shanping Li and Wenhua Wang
  2011,23(2):199-205 [Abstract(2599)]  [View PDF]
Effects of overlying water aeration on phosphorus fractions and alkaline phosphatase activity in surface sediment
  Jianjun Chen,Shaoyong Lu,Yikun Zhao,Wei Wang and Minsheng Huang
  2011,23(2):206-211 [Abstract(3011)]  [View PDF]
Influence of flooding and vegetation on carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus dynamics in the pore water of a Spartina alterniflora salt marsh
  Vanesa L. Negrin,Carla V. Spetter,Ra′ul O. Asteasuain,Gerardo M. E. Perillo and Jorge E. Marcovecchio
  2011,23(2):212-221 [Abstract(2407)]  [View PDF]
Long-term joint e ect of nutrients and temperature increase on algal growth in Lake Taihu, China
  Chun Ye,Zhemin Shen,Tao Zhang,Maohong Fan,Yangming Lei and Jianda Zhang
  2011,23(2):222-227 [Abstract(2486)]  [View PDF]


Characteristics of air pollution by polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in the typical industrial areas of Tangshan City, China
  Zhiyuan Ren,Bing Zhang,Pu Lu,Cheng Li,Lirong Gao and Minghui Zheng
  2011,23(2):228-235 [Abstract(2711)]  [View PDF]
A numerical study of summer ozone concentration over the Kanto area of Japan using the MM5/CMAQ model
  Mai Khiem,Ryozo Ooka,Hong Huang and Hiroshi Hayami
  2011,23(2):236-246 [Abstract(2644)]  [View PDF]


Mobilities and leachabilities of heavy metals in sludge with humus soil
  Rui Zhu,Min Wu and Jian Yang
  2011,23(2):247-254 [Abstract(2837)]  [View PDF]
Cadmium pollution enhanced ozone damage to winter wheat: biochemical and physiological evidences
  Yong Li,Caihong Li,Yanhai Zheng,Guanglei Wu,Tana Wuyun,Hong Xu,Xinhua He and Gaoming Jiang
  2011,23(2):255-265 [Abstract(2441)]  [View PDF]
Seedling growth and metal accumulation of selected woody species in copper and lead/zinc mine tailings
  Xiang Shi,Xiaolei Zhang,Guangcai Chen,Yitai Chen,Ling Wang and Xiaoquan Shan
  2011,23(2):266-274 [Abstract(2635)]  [View PDF]
Chemical fractionations and bioavailability of cadmium and zinc to cole (Brassica campestris L.) grown in the multi-metals contaminated oasis soil, northwest of China
  Yiming Yang,Zhongren Nan,Zhuanjun Zhao,Shengli Wang,Zhaowei Wang and Xia Wang
  2011,23(2):275-281 [Abstract(2654)]  [View PDF]


Role of nutrients in the utilization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by halotolerant bacterial strain
  Pugazhendi Arulazhagan and Namsivayam Vasudevan
  2011,23(2):282-287 [Abstract(2733)]  [View PDF]
Mechanism of Cd(II) adsorption by macrofungus Pleurotus platypus
  R. Vimala and Nilanjana Das
  2011,23(2):288-293 [Abstract(2430)]  [View PDF]


Behavior toxicity to Caenorhabditis elegans transferred to the progeny after exposure to sulfamethoxazole at environmentally relevant concentrations
  Zhenyang Yu,Lei Jiang and Daqiang Yin
  2011,23(2):294-300 [Abstract(2595)]  [View PDF]
Estrogen-related receptor disruption of source water and drinking water treatment processes extracts
  Na Li,Weiwei Jiang,Kaifeng Rao,Mei Ma,Zijian Wang and Satyanarayanan Senthik Kumaran
  2011,23(2):301-306 [Abstract(2647)]  [View PDF]
Effect of nutrient conditions on the toxicity of naphthalene to Chlorella pyrenoidosa
  Qingxia Kong,Lizhong Zhu and Xueyou Shen
  2011,23(2):307-314 [Abstract(2467)]  [View PDF]
In vitro fluorescence displacement investigation of thyroxine transport disruption by bisphenol A
  Jie Cao,Liang-Hong Guo,Bin Wan and Yin Wei
  2011,23(2):315-321 [Abstract(2559)]  [View PDF]
Effects of stable aqueous fullerene nanocrystal (nC60) on Daphnia magna: Evaluation of hop frequency and accumulations under di erent conditions
  Xianji Tao,Yiliang He,Bo Zhang,Yongsheng Chen and Joseph B. Hughes
  2011,23(2):322-329 [Abstract(2755)]  [View PDF]
Toxicity of copper, lead, and cadmium on the motility of two marine microalgae Isochrysis galbana and Tetraselmis chui
  Guangxu Liu,Xueliang Chai,Yanqing Shao,Lihua Hu,Qilang Xie and Hongxi Wu
  2011,23(2):330-335 [Abstract(2709)]  [View PDF]
Risk assessment for the daily intake of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the ingestion of cockle (Anadara granosa) and exposure to contaminated water and sediments along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia
  Seiedeh Aghileh Mirsadeghi,Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria,Chee Kong Yap and Azadeh Shahbazi
  2011,23(2):336-345 [Abstract(2677)]  [View PDF]


Silver nanoparticles tolerant bacteria from sewage environment
  Sudheer Khan,Amitava Mukherjee and Natarajan Chandrasekaran
  2011,23(2):346-352 [Abstract(2611)]  [View PDF]

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