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Simultaneous removal of hydrogen sulfide and toluene in a bioreactor: Performance and characteristics of microbial community
  Min Gao,Lin Li and Junxin Liu
  2011,23(3):353-359 [Abstract(2732)]  [View PDF]
Reaction kinetic model for a recent co-produced water treatment technology
  Abdulwahab M Ali Tuwati,Maohong Fan and Mark A. Bentley
  2011,23(3):360-365 [Abstract(2630)]  [View PDF]
Nitrification performance of nitrifying bacteria immobilized in waterborne polyurethane at low ammonia nitrogen concentrations
  Yamei Dong,Zhenjia Zhang,Yongwei Jin,Zhirong Li and Jian Lu
  2011,23(3):366-371 [Abstract(2732)]  [View PDF]
Simultaneous removal of chromium and arsenate from contaminated groundwater by ferrous sulfate: Batch uptake behavior
  Xiaohong Guan,Haoran Dong,Jun Ma and Irene M. C. Lo
  2011,23(3):372-380 [Abstract(2422)]  [View PDF]
Removal of bentazone from micro-polluted water using MIEX resin: Kinetics, equilibrium, and mechanism
  Zequn Liu,Xiaomin Yan,Mary Drikas,Danong Zhou,Dongsheng Wang,Min Yang and Jiuhui Qu
  2011,23(3):381-387 [Abstract(2952)]  [View PDF]
Treatment and remediation of a wastewater lagoon using microelectrolysis and modified DAT/IAT methods
  Qiong Wu,Tao Hua and Qixing Zhou
  2011,23(3):388-395 [Abstract(2732)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of acrylamide by Enterobacter aerogenes isolated from wastewater in Thailand
  Kanokhathai Buranasilp and Jittima Charoenpanich
  2011,23(3):396-403 [Abstract(2851)]  [View PDF]
Removal of copper ions from aqueous solution by calcium alginate immobilized kaolin
  Yanhui Li,Bing Xia,Quansheng Zhao,Fuqiang Liu,Pan Zhang,Qiuju Du,Dechang Wang,Da Li,Zonghua Wang and Yanzhi Xia
  2011,23(3):404-411 [Abstract(3274)]  [View PDF]


Characterization of condensed phase nitric acid particles formed in the gas phase
  Long Jia and Yongfu Xu
  2011,23(3):412-418 [Abstract(2837)]  [View PDF]
On-road pollutant emission and fuel consumption characteristics of buses in Beijing
  Aijuan Wang,Yunshan Ge,Jianwei Tan,Mingliang Fu,Asad Naeem Shah,Yan Ding,Hong Zhao and Bin Liang
  2011,23(3):419-426 [Abstract(2549)]  [View PDF]
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers in atmosphere and soil of a production area in China: Levels and partitioning
  Jun Jin,Ying Wang,Weizhi Liu,Congqiao Yang,Jicheng Hu and Jian Cui
  2011,23(3):427-433 [Abstract(3168)]  [View PDF]


Effect of moisture regime on the redistribution of heavy metals in paddy soil
  Shunan Zheng and Mingkui Zhang
  2011,23(3):434-443 [Abstract(2823)]  [View PDF]
Selective uptake of major and trace elements in Erica andevalensis, an endemic species to extreme habitats in the Iberian Pyrite Belt
  Fabrizio Monaci,Eduardo O. Leidi,Maria Dolores Mingorance,Benito Vald′es,Sabina Rossini Oliva and Roberto Bargagli
  2011,23(3):444-452 [Abstract(2557)]  [View PDF]
Plant coexistence can enhance phytoextraction of cadmium by tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) in contaminated soil
  Ling Liu,Yuefang Li,Jianjun Tang,Liangliang Hu and Xin Chen
  2011,23(3):453-460 [Abstract(3272)]  [View PDF]
Remediation of copper polluted red soils with clay materials
  Gangya Zhang,Yunqing Lin and Mingkuang Wang
  2011,23(3):461-467 [Abstract(2722)]  [View PDF]
Nitrogen sink in a small forested watershed of subtropical China
  Laiming Huang,Jinling Yang and Ganlin Zhang
  2011,23(3):468-475 [Abstract(2661)]  [View PDF]
Diversity of free-living nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in wastelands of copper mine tailings during the process of natural ecological restoration
  Jing Zhan and Qingye Sun
  2011,23(3):476-487 [Abstract(2789)]  [View PDF]
Factors a ecting trace element content in periurban market garden subsoil in Yunnan Province, China
  Yanqun Zu,Laurent Bock,Christian Schvartz,Gilles Colinet and Yuan Li
  2011,23(3):488-496 [Abstract(2746)]  [View PDF]


Microbial population dynamics and changes in main nutrients during the acidification process of pig manures
  Dongdong Zhang,Xufeng Yuan,Peng Guo,Yali Suo,Xiaofen Wang,Weidong Wang and Zongjun Cui
  2011,23(3):497-505 [Abstract(2774)]  [View PDF]
Effect of chromium on accumulation and antioxidants in Cucumis utillissimus L.: Response under enhanced bioavailability condition
  Geetgovind Sinam,Sarita Sinha and Shekhar Mallick
  2011,23(3):506-512 [Abstract(2672)]  [View PDF]


Effects of UV/Ag-TiO2/O3 advanced oxidation on unicellular green alga Dunaliella salina: Implications for removal of invasive species from ballast water
  Donghai Wu,Hong You,Jiaxuan Du,Chuan Chen and Darui Jin
  2011,23(3):513-519 [Abstract(2706)]  [View PDF]
Conversion of the refractory ammonia and acetic acid in catalytic wet air oxidation of animal byproducts
  Virginie Fontanier,Sofiane Zalouk and St′ephane Barbati
  2011,23(3):520-528 [Abstract(2652)]  [View PDF]

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