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Chemical cleaning of fouled PVC membrane during ultrafiltration of algal-rich water
  Yan Zhang,Jiayu Tian,Heng Liang,Jun Nan,Zhonglin Chen and Guibai LiGuibai Li, Heng Liang, Jiayu Tian, Jun Nan, Yan Zhang, Zhonglin Chen
  2011,23(4):529-536 [Abstract(2783)]  [View PDF]
Effects of activated sludge flocs and pellets seeds on aerobic granule properties
  Huacheng Xu,Pinjing He,Guanzhao Wang and Liming ShaoGuanzhao Wang, Huacheng Xu, Liming Shao, Pinjing He
  2011,23(4):537-544 [Abstract(2605)]  [View PDF]
Destruction of methylphosphonic acid in a supercritical water oxidation bench-scale double wall reactor
  Bambang Veriansyah,Eun-Seok Song and Jae-Duck KimBambang Veriansyah, Eun-Seok Song, Jae-Duck Kim
  2011,23(4):545-552 [Abstract(2587)]  [View PDF]
Petroleum hydrocarbons and their effects on fishery species in the Bohai Sea, North China
  Sisi Xu,Jinming Song,Huamao Yuan,Xuegang Li,Ning Li,Liqin Duan and Yu YuHuamao Yuan, Jinming Song, Liqin Duan, Ning Li, Sisi Xu, Xuegang Li, Yu Yu
  2011,23(4):553-559 [Abstract(2453)]  [View PDF]
Coupling of zero valent iron and biobarriers for remediation of trichloroethylene in groundwater
  Mullika Teerakun,Alissara Reungsang,Chien-Jung Lin and Chih-Hsiang LiaoAlissara Reungsang, Chien-Jung Lin, Chih-Hsiang Liao, Mullika Teerakun
  2011,23(4):560-567 [Abstract(2626)]  [View PDF]
Inhibition and recovery of nitrification in treating real coal gasification wastewater with moving bed biofilm reactor
  Huiqiang Li,Hongjun Han,Maoan Du and Wei WangHongjun Han, Huiqiang Li, Maoan Du, Wei Wang
  2011,23(4):568-574 [Abstract(2677)]  [View PDF]
Cyanobacteria-/cyanotoxin-contaminations and eutrophication status before Wuxi Drinking Water Crisis in Lake Taihu, China
  Yongmei Liu,Wei Chen,Dunhai Li,Zebo Huang,Yinwu Shen and Yongding LiuDunhai Li, Wei Chen, Yinwu Shen, Yongding Liu, Yongmei Liu, Zebo Huang
  2011,23(4):575-581 [Abstract(2504)]  [View PDF]
Changes in different organic matter fractions during conventional treatment and advanced treatment
  Chao Chen,Xiaojian Zhang,Lingxia Zhu,Wenjie He and Hongda HanChao Chen, Hongda Han, Lingxia Zhu, Wenjie He, Xiaojian Zhang
  2011,23(4):582-586 [Abstract(2417)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of reusing alum sludge for the coagulation of industrial wastewater containing mixed anionic surfactants
  Siriprapha Jangkorn,Sinchai Kuhakaew,Suwapee Theantanoo,Harit Klinla-or and Tongchai SriwiriyaratHarit Klinla-or, Sinchai Kuhakaew, Siriprapha Jangkorn, Suwapee Theantanoo, Tongchai Sriwiriyarat
  2011,23(4):587-594 [Abstract(2749)]  [View PDF]
Development and application of a water pollution emergency response system for the Three Gorges Reservoir in the Yangtze River, China
  Qiang He,Shujuan Peng,Jun Zhai and Haiwen XiaoHaiwen Xiao, Jun Zhai, Qiang He, Shujuan Peng
  2011,23(4):595-600 [Abstract(2713)]  [View PDF]


Arsenic uptake, accumulation and phytofiltration by duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza L.)
  Xin Zhang,Ying Hu,Yunxia Liu and Baodong ChenBaodong Chen, Xin Zhang, Ying Hu, Yunxia Liu
  2011,23(4):601-606 [Abstract(2716)]  [View PDF]
Mineral materials as feasible amendments to stabilize heavy metals in polluted urban soils
  Mingkui Zhang and Jincheng PuJincheng Pu, Mingkui Zhang
  2011,23(4):607-615 [Abstract(2803)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of wastewater sludge amendments in restoring nitrogen cycle in p-nitrophenol contaminated soil
  F. Olcay Topac SagbanF. Olcay Topac Sagban
  2011,23(4):616-623 [Abstract(2614)]  [View PDF]
Speciation and bioaccessibility of lead and cadmium in soil treated with metal-enriched Indian mustard leaves
  Yanshan Cui,Jin Fu and Xiaochen ChenJin Fu, Xiaochen Chen, Yanshan Cui
  2011,23(4):624-632 [Abstract(2873)]  [View PDF]
Effect of water regimes and organic matters on transport of arsenic in summer rice (Oryza sativa L.)
  Sefaur Rahaman,Ashim Chandra Sinha and Dibyendu MukhopadhyayAshim Chandra Sinha, Dibyendu Mukhopadhyay, Sefaur Rahaman
  2011,23(4):633-639 [Abstract(2762)]  [View PDF]
Effect of pH on transport of Pb2+, Mn2+, Zn2+ and Ni2+ through lateritic soil: Column experiments and transport modeling
  Srilert Chotpantarat,Say Kee Ong,Chakkaphan Sutthirat and Khemarath OsathaphanChakkaphan Sutthirat, Khemarath Osathaphan, Say Kee Ong, Srilert Chotpantarat
  2011,23(4):640-648 [Abstract(3032)]  [View PDF]


Characterization of the e ective cellulose degrading strain CTL-6
  Yucai Lv,Xiaofen Wang,Ning Li,Xiaojuan Wang,Masaharu Ishii,Yasuo Igarashi and Zongjun CuiMasaharu Ishii, Ning Li, Xiaofen Wang, Xiaojuan Wang, Yasuo Igarashi, Yucai Lv, Zongjun Cui
  2011,23(4):649-655 [Abstract(2737)]  [View PDF]
Competition of bloom-forming marine phytoplankton at low nutrient concentrations
  Hanhua Hu,Jun Zhang and Weidong ChenHanhua Hu, Jun Zhang, Weidong Chen
  2011,23(4):656-663 [Abstract(2774)]  [View PDF]


Differential response of multiple zebrafish hepatic F-box protein genes to 17α-ethinylestradiol treatment
  Hongping Zheng,Shifeng Li,Zhili Wu,Yunbin Zhang,Shengnan Hu,Yuanchang Yan and Yiping LiHongping Zheng, Shengnan Hu, Shifeng Li, Yiping Li, Yuanchang Yan, Yunbin Zhang, Zhili Wu
  2011,23(4):664-670 [Abstract(2440)]  [View PDF]
In vitro thyroid disrupting e ects of organic extracts from WWTPs in Beijing
  Na Li,Mei Ma,Kaifeng Rao and Zijian WangKaifeng Rao, Mei Ma, Na Li, Zijian Wang
  2011,23(4):671-675 [Abstract(2512)]  [View PDF]
Individual and combined toxic effects of cypermethrin and chlorpyrifos on earthworm
  Shiping Zhou,Changqun Duan,Wong Hang Gi Michelle,Fazhong Yang and Xuehua WangChangqun Duan, Fazhong Yang, Shiping Zhou, Wong Hang Gi Michelle, Xuehua Wang
  2011,23(4):676-680 [Abstract(2767)]  [View PDF]


Experimental and density functional theory study of the adsorption of N2O on ion-exchanged ZSM-5: Part II. The adsorption of N2O on main-group ion-exchanged ZSM-5
  Bo Zhang,Yongan Lu,Hong He,Jianguo Wang,Changbin Zhang,Yunbo Yu and Li XueBo Zhang, Changbin Zhang, Hong He, Jianguo Wang, Li Xue, Yongan Lu, Yunbo Yu
  2011,23(4):681-686 [Abstract(2841)]  [View PDF]
Effect of platinum on the photocatalytic degradation of chlorinated organic compound
  Chih Ming Ma,Ya Wen Lee,Gui Bing Hong,Te Li Su,Je Lueng Shie and Chang Tang ChangChang Tang Chang, Chih Ming Ma, Gui Bing Hong, Je Lueng Shie, Te Li Su, Ya Wen Lee
  2011,23(4):687-692 [Abstract(2854)]  [View PDF]


Improved method for analyzing the degradation of estrogens in water by solid-phase extraction coupled with ultra performance liquid chromatography-ultraviolet detection
  Minggang Zheng,Ling Wang,Yuandui Bi and Feng LiuFeng Liu, Ling Wang, Minggang Zheng, Yuandui Bi
  2011,23(4):693-698 [Abstract(3218)]  [View PDF]


Catalytic oxidation of gas-phase elemental mercury by nano-Fe2O3
  Fanhai Kong,Jianrong Qiu,Hao Liu,Ran Zhao and Zhihui AiFanhai Kong, Hao Liu, Jianrong Qiu, Ran Zhao, Zhihui Ai
  2011,23(4):699-704 [Abstract(2545)]  [View PDF]

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