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Chemical cleaning of fouled PVC membrane during ultrafiltration of algal-rich water
  Yan Zhang,Jiayu Tian,Heng Liang,Jun Nan,Zhonglin Chen and Guibai Li
  2011,23(4):529-536 [Abstract(2655)]  [View PDF]
Effects of activated sludge flocs and pellets seeds on aerobic granule properties
  Huacheng Xu,Pinjing He,Guanzhao Wang and Liming Shao
  2011,23(4):537-544 [Abstract(2474)]  [View PDF]
Destruction of methylphosphonic acid in a supercritical water oxidation bench-scale double wall reactor
  Bambang Veriansyah,Eun-Seok Song and Jae-Duck Kim
  2011,23(4):545-552 [Abstract(2421)]  [View PDF]
Petroleum hydrocarbons and their effects on fishery species in the Bohai Sea, North China
  Sisi Xu,Jinming Song,Huamao Yuan,Xuegang Li,Ning Li,Liqin Duan and Yu Yu
  2011,23(4):553-559 [Abstract(2320)]  [View PDF]
Coupling of zero valent iron and biobarriers for remediation of trichloroethylene in groundwater
  Mullika Teerakun,Alissara Reungsang,Chien-Jung Lin and Chih-Hsiang Liao
  2011,23(4):560-567 [Abstract(2513)]  [View PDF]
Inhibition and recovery of nitrification in treating real coal gasification wastewater with moving bed biofilm reactor
  Huiqiang Li,Hongjun Han,Maoan Du and Wei Wang
  2011,23(4):568-574 [Abstract(2494)]  [View PDF]
Cyanobacteria-/cyanotoxin-contaminations and eutrophication status before Wuxi Drinking Water Crisis in Lake Taihu, China
  Yongmei Liu,Wei Chen,Dunhai Li,Zebo Huang,Yinwu Shen and Yongding Liu
  2011,23(4):575-581 [Abstract(2363)]  [View PDF]
Changes in different organic matter fractions during conventional treatment and advanced treatment
  Chao Chen,Xiaojian Zhang,Lingxia Zhu,Wenjie He and Hongda Han
  2011,23(4):582-586 [Abstract(2305)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of reusing alum sludge for the coagulation of industrial wastewater containing mixed anionic surfactants
  Siriprapha Jangkorn,Sinchai Kuhakaew,Suwapee Theantanoo,Harit Klinla-or and Tongchai Sriwiriyarat
  2011,23(4):587-594 [Abstract(2626)]  [View PDF]
Development and application of a water pollution emergency response system for the Three Gorges Reservoir in the Yangtze River, China
  Qiang He,Shujuan Peng,Jun Zhai and Haiwen Xiao
  2011,23(4):595-600 [Abstract(2560)]  [View PDF]


Arsenic uptake, accumulation and phytofiltration by duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza L.)
  Xin Zhang,Ying Hu,Yunxia Liu and Baodong Chen
  2011,23(4):601-606 [Abstract(2581)]  [View PDF]
Mineral materials as feasible amendments to stabilize heavy metals in polluted urban soils
  Mingkui Zhang and Jincheng Pu
  2011,23(4):607-615 [Abstract(2660)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of wastewater sludge amendments in restoring nitrogen cycle in p-nitrophenol contaminated soil
  F. Olcay Topac Sagban
  2011,23(4):616-623 [Abstract(2473)]  [View PDF]
Speciation and bioaccessibility of lead and cadmium in soil treated with metal-enriched Indian mustard leaves
  Yanshan Cui,Jin Fu and Xiaochen Chen
  2011,23(4):624-632 [Abstract(2736)]  [View PDF]
Effect of water regimes and organic matters on transport of arsenic in summer rice (Oryza sativa L.)
  Sefaur Rahaman,Ashim Chandra Sinha and Dibyendu Mukhopadhyay
  2011,23(4):633-639 [Abstract(2617)]  [View PDF]
Effect of pH on transport of Pb2+, Mn2+, Zn2+ and Ni2+ through lateritic soil: Column experiments and transport modeling
  Srilert Chotpantarat,Say Kee Ong,Chakkaphan Sutthirat and Khemarath Osathaphan
  2011,23(4):640-648 [Abstract(2891)]  [View PDF]


Characterization of the e ective cellulose degrading strain CTL-6
  Yucai Lv,Xiaofen Wang,Ning Li,Xiaojuan Wang,Masaharu Ishii,Yasuo Igarashi and Zongjun Cui
  2011,23(4):649-655 [Abstract(2584)]  [View PDF]
Competition of bloom-forming marine phytoplankton at low nutrient concentrations
  Hanhua Hu,Jun Zhang and Weidong Chen
  2011,23(4):656-663 [Abstract(2624)]  [View PDF]


Differential response of multiple zebrafish hepatic F-box protein genes to 17α-ethinylestradiol treatment
  Hongping Zheng,Shifeng Li,Zhili Wu,Yunbin Zhang,Shengnan Hu,Yuanchang Yan and Yiping Li
  2011,23(4):664-670 [Abstract(2303)]  [View PDF]
In vitro thyroid disrupting e ects of organic extracts from WWTPs in Beijing
  Na Li,Mei Ma,Kaifeng Rao and Zijian Wang
  2011,23(4):671-675 [Abstract(2322)]  [View PDF]
Individual and combined toxic effects of cypermethrin and chlorpyrifos on earthworm
  Shiping Zhou,Changqun Duan,Wong Hang Gi Michelle,Fazhong Yang and Xuehua Wang
  2011,23(4):676-680 [Abstract(2616)]  [View PDF]


Experimental and density functional theory study of the adsorption of N2O on ion-exchanged ZSM-5: Part II. The adsorption of N2O on main-group ion-exchanged ZSM-5
  Bo Zhang,Yongan Lu,Hong He,Jianguo Wang,Changbin Zhang,Yunbo Yu and Li Xue
  2011,23(4):681-686 [Abstract(2703)]  [View PDF]
Effect of platinum on the photocatalytic degradation of chlorinated organic compound
  Chih Ming Ma,Ya Wen Lee,Gui Bing Hong,Te Li Su,Je Lueng Shie and Chang Tang Chang
  2011,23(4):687-692 [Abstract(2714)]  [View PDF]


Improved method for analyzing the degradation of estrogens in water by solid-phase extraction coupled with ultra performance liquid chromatography-ultraviolet detection
  Minggang Zheng,Ling Wang,Yuandui Bi and Feng Liu
  2011,23(4):693-698 [Abstract(3053)]  [View PDF]


Catalytic oxidation of gas-phase elemental mercury by nano-Fe2O3
  Fanhai Kong,Jianrong Qiu,Hao Liu,Ran Zhao and Zhihui Ai
  2011,23(4):699-704 [Abstract(2374)]  [View PDF]

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