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Modeling assessment for ammonium nitrogen recovery from wastewater by chemical precipitation
  Tao Zhang,Qiucheng Li,Lili Ding,Hongqiang Ren,Ke Xu,Yonggang Wu and Dong Sheng
  2011,23(6):881-890 [Abstract(2976)]  [View PDF]
Using fluorescence-based microplate assay to assess DOM-metal binding in reactive materials for treatment of acid mine drainage
  Carmen Mihaela Neculita,Yves Dudal and Gerald J Zagury
  2011,23(6):891-896 [Abstract(2916)]  [View PDF]
Formation of disinfection byproducts in typical Chinese drinking water
  Wenbo Liu,Yanmei Zhao,Christopher WK Chow and Dongsheng Wang
  2011,23(6):897-903 [Abstract(2976)]  [View PDF]
Distribution and origin of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in surface sediments from an urban river basin at the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, Brazil
  Natalicio Ferreira Leite,Patricio Peralta-Zamora,Marco Tadeu Grassi and Yutao Zhang
  2011,23(6):904-911 [Abstract(2541)]  [View PDF]
Effect of dissolved organic matter on mercury release from water body
  Xi Chen,Yongkui Yang,Dingyong Wang and Xiao Liu
  2011,23(6):912-917 [Abstract(2199)]  [View PDF]
Kappaphycus alvarezii waste biomass: A potential biosorbent for chromium ions removal
  Oon Lee Kang,Nazaruddin Ramli,Mamot Said,Musa Ahmad,Suhaimi Md Yasir and Arbakariya Ariff
  2011,23(6):918-922 [Abstract(2400)]  [View PDF]
Stepwise superposition approximation approach for analytical solutions with non-zero initial concentration using existing solutions of zero initial concentration in contaminate transport
  Hongtao Wang,Rong Han,Yan Zhao,Wenjing Lu and Yaxin Zhang
  2011,23(6):923-930 [Abstract(2838)]  [View PDF]


Application of the AERMOD modeling system for environmental impact assessment of NO2 emissions from a cement complex
  Kanyanee Seangkiatiyuth,Vanisa Surapipith,Kraichat Tantrakarnapa and Anchaleeporn W. Lothongkum
  2011,23(6):931-940 [Abstract(3272)]  [View PDF]
Emissions of C2 – C12 hydrocarbons in the Hsuehshan tunnel, Taiwan
  Chia-Hsiang Lai and Yen-Ping Peng
  2011,23(6):941-948 [Abstract(2313)]  [View PDF]
Forest soil CO2 fluxes as a function of understory removal and N-fixing species addition
  Haifang Li,Shenglei Fu,Hongting Zhao and Hanping Xia
  2011,23(6):949-957 [Abstract(2627)]  [View PDF]
Nitrogen cycle of a typical Suaeda salsa marsh ecosystem in the Yellow River estuary
  Xiaojie Mou,Zhigao Sun,Lingling Wang and Chuanyuan Wang
  2011,23(6):958-967 [Abstract(2784)]  [View PDF]


Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi alter the response of growth and nutrient uptake of snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to O3
  Shuguang Wang,Zhaozhong Feng,Xiaoke Wang and Wenliang Gong
  2011,23(6):968-974 [Abstract(2859)]  [View PDF]
Desulfurization of dibenzothiophene (DBT) by a novel strain Lysinibacillus sphaericus DMT-7 isolated from diesel contaminated soil
  Ashutosh Bahuguna,Madhuri K. Lily,Ashok Munjal,Ravindra N. Singh and Koushalya Dangwal
  2011,23(6):975-982 [Abstract(3230)]  [View PDF]


Levels of synthetic musk fragrances in human milk from three cities in the Yangtze River Delta in Eastern China
  Xiaolan Zhang,Gaofeng Liang,Xiangying Zeng,Jing Zhou,Guoying Sheng and Jiamo Fu
  2011,23(6):983-990 [Abstract(2584)]  [View PDF]
Comparative study of heavy metal and pathogenic bacterial contamination in sludge and manure in biogas and non-biogas swine farms
  Phitsanu Tulayakul,Alongkot Boonsoongnern,Suwicha Kasemsuwan,Srisamai Wiriyarampa,Juree Pankumnoed,Suwanna Tippayaluck,Hathairad Hananantachai,Ratchaneekorn Mingkhwan,Ramnaree Netvichian and Sutha Khaodhiar
  2011,23(6):991-997 [Abstract(2686)]  [View PDF]


Photoelectrochemical degradation of Methylene Blue with -PbO2 electrodes driven by visible light irradiation
  Guoting Li,HoYin Yip,Kin Hang Wong,Chun Hu,Jiuhui Qu and Po Keung Wong
  2011,23(6):998-1003 [Abstract(2667)]  [View PDF]
Combining material characterization with single and multi-oxyanion adsorption for mechanistic study of chromate removal by cationic hydrogel
  Irene M. C. Lo,Ke Yin and Samuel C. N. Tang
  2011,23(6):1004-1010 [Abstract(3275)]  [View PDF]


N2O and NH3 emissions from a bioreactor landfill operated under limited aerobic degradation conditions
  Pinjing He,Na Yang,Huili Gu,Hua Zhang and Liming Shao
  2011,23(6):1011-1019 [Abstract(2510)]  [View PDF]


Application of waste frying oils in the biosynthesis of biodemulsifier by a demulsifying strain Alcaligenes sp. S-XJ-1
  Jia Liu,Kaiming Peng,Xiangfeng Huang,Lijun Lu,Hang Cheng,Dianhai Yang,Qi Zhou and Huiping Deng
  2011,23(6):1020-1026 [Abstract(3197)]  [View PDF]
Voltammetric response of ferroceneboronic acid to diol and phenolic compounds as possible pollutants
  Shigehiro Takahashi,Naoyuki Abiko,Nobuhiro Haraguchi,Hiroyuki Fujita,Eriko Seki,Tetsuya Ono,Kentaro Yoshida and Jun-ichi Anzai
  2011,23(6):1027-1032 [Abstract(2457)]  [View PDF]
Effect of manufacturing methods of AgCl/Al2O3 catalyst on selective catalytic reduction of NOx
  Satoshi Kishida,Dong-Ying Ju and Hirofumi Aritani
  2011,23(6):1033-1037 [Abstract(2982)]  [View PDF]
Tyrosinase-modified carbon felt-based flow-biosensors: The role of ultra-sonication in shortening the enzyme immobilization time and improving the sensitivity for p-chlorophenol
  Yue Wang and Yasushi Hasebe
  2011,23(6):1038-1043 [Abstract(2544)]  [View PDF]
Mineralization of aqueous pentachlorophenolate by anodic contact glow discharge electrolysis
  Haiming Yang and Meguru Tezuka
  2011,23(6):1044-1049 [Abstract(2806)]  [View PDF]
Electropolymerized poly(Toluidine Blue)-modified carbon felt for highly sensitive amperometric determination of NADH in flow injection analysis
  Yasushi Hasebe,Yue Wang and Kazuya Fukuoka
  2011,23(6):1050-1056 [Abstract(2504)]  [View PDF]

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