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Kinetics and equilibrium of adsorption of dissolved organic matter fractions from secondary effluent by fly ash
  Liangliang Wei,Kun Wang,Qingliang Zhao,Chunmei Xie,Wei Qiu and Ting JiaChunmei Xie, Kun Wang, Liangliang Wei, Qingliang Zhao, Ting Jia, Wei Qiu
  2011,23(7):1057-1065 [Abstract(2283)]  [View PDF]
Removal of antimony from antimony mine flotation wastewater by electrocoagulation with aluminum electrodes
  Jing Zhu,Fengchang Wu,Xiangliang Pan,Jianyang Guo and Dongsheng WenDongsheng Wen, Fengchang Wu, Jianyang Guo, Jing Zhu, Xiangliang Pan
  2011,23(7):1066-1071 [Abstract(2828)]  [View PDF]
An investigation of roof runoff during rain events at the Royal Military College of Canada and potential discharge to Lake Ontario
  David G. Kelly,Ron D. Weir and Steven D. WhiteDavid G. Kelly, Ron D. Weir, Steven D. White
  2011,23(7):1072-1078 [Abstract(2871)]  [View PDF]
Effects of advanced oxidation pretreatment on residual aluminum control in high humic acid water purification
  Wendong Wang,Hua Li,Zhenzhen Ding and Xiaochang WangHua Li, Wendong Wang, Xiaochang Wang, Zhenzhen Ding
  2011,23(7):1079-1085 [Abstract(2599)]  [View PDF]
Nutrient distribution within and release from the contaminated sediment of Haihe River
  Min Wu,Suiliang Huang,Wei Wen,Xueming Sun,Xianqiang Tang and Miklas ScholzMiklas Scholz, Min Wu, Suiliang Huang, Wei Wen, Xianqiang Tang, Xueming Sun
  2011,23(7):1086-1094 [Abstract(2211)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of adsorption capacities of humic acids extracted from Algerian soil on polyaniline for application to remove pollutants such as Cd(II), Zn(II) and Ni(II) and characterization with cavity microelectrode
  Achour Terbouche,Chafia Ait Ramdane-Terbouche,Didier Hauchard and Safia DjebbarAchour Terbouche, Chafia Ait Ramdane-Terbouche, Didier Hauchard, Safia Djebbar
  2011,23(7):1095-1103 [Abstract(3161)]  [View PDF]
Biosorption of cesium(I) from aqueous solution by a novel exopolymers secreted from Pseudomonas fluorescens C-2: Equilibrium and kinetic studies
  Yanli Mao,Hongwei Hu and Yongsheng YanHongwei Hu, Yanli Mao, Yongsheng Yan
  2011,23(7):1104-1112 [Abstract(2403)]  [View PDF]
Modification of nitrifying biofilm into nitritating one by combination of increased free ammonia concentrations, lowered HRT and dissolved oxygen concentration
  Ivar Zekker,Ergo Rikmann,Toomas Tenno,Anne Menert,Vallo Lemmiksoo,Alar Saluste,Taavo Tenno and Martin TomingasAlar Saluste, Anne Menert, Ergo Rikmann, Ivar Zekker, Martin Tomingas, Taavo Tenno, Toomas Tenno, Vallo Lemmiksoo
  2011,23(7):1113-1121 [Abstract(3003)]  [View PDF]
Preparation and coagulation efficiency of polyaluminium ferric silicate chloride composite coagulant from wastewater of high-purity graphite production
  Xiaoxia Niu,Xili Li,Jihong Zhao,Yigang Ren and Yanqin YangJihong Zhao, Xiaoxia Niu, Xili Li, Yanqin Yang, Yigang Ren
  2011,23(7):1122-1128 [Abstract(3037)]  [View PDF]
Petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations in eight mollusc species along Tamilnadu coast, Bay of Bengal, India
  S. Veerasingam,R. Venkatachalapathy,S. Sudhakar,P. Raja and V. RajeswariP. Raja, R. Venkatachalapathy, S. Sudhakar, S. Veerasingam, V. Rajeswari
  2011,23(7):1129-1134 [Abstract(3055)]  [View PDF]
Catalyzed degradation of disperse dyes by calcium alginate-pectin entrapped bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) peroxidase
  Rukhsana Satar and Qayyum HusainQayyum Husain, Rukhsana Satar
  2011,23(7):1135-1142 [Abstract(2698)]  [View PDF]


Developing chemical signatures of particulate air pollution in the Pearl River Delta region, China
  Mei Zheng,Yuan Cheng,Limin Zeng and Yuanhang ZhangLimin Zeng, Mei Zheng, Yuan Cheng, Yuanhang Zhang
  2011,23(7):1143-1149 [Abstract(2969)]  [View PDF]
Ozone sensitivity analysis with the MM5-CMAQ modeling system for Shanghai
  Li Li,Changhong Chen,Cheng Huang,Haiying Huang,Gangfeng Zhang,Yangjun Wang,Minghua Chen,Hongli Wang,Yiran Chen,D. G. Streets and Jiamo FuChanghong Chen, Cheng Huang, D. G. Streets, Gangfeng Zhang, Haiying Huang, Hongli Wang, Jiamo Fu, Li Li, Minghua Chen, Yangjun Wang, Yiran Chen
  2011,23(7):1150-1157 [Abstract(2736)]  [View PDF]


Source attributions of heavy metals in rice plant along highway in Eastern China
  Jinfei Feng,Yinxi Wang,Jian Zhao,Liqun Zhu,Xinmin Bian and Weijian ZhangJian Zhao, Jinfei Feng, Liqun Zhu, Weijian Zhang, Xinmin Bian, Yinxi Wang
  2011,23(7):1158-1164 [Abstract(3366)]  [View PDF]


Synergistic removal of aniline by carbon nanotubes and the enzymes of Delftia sp. XYJ6
  Hai Yan,Xiaojing Yang,Jian Chen,Chunhua Yin,Chengbin Xiao and Hao ChenChengbin Xiao, Chunhua Yin, Hai Yan, Hao Chen, Jian Chen, Xiaojing Yang
  2011,23(7):1165-1170 [Abstract(2393)]  [View PDF]
Assessment of air pollution genotoxicity by RAPD in Evernia prunastri L. Ach. from around iron-steel factory in Karab¨uk, Turkey
  Demet Cansaran-Duman,Orhan Atakol and S¨umer ArasDemet Cansaran-Duman, Orhan Atakol, S¨umer Aras
  2011,23(7):1171-1178 [Abstract(2775)]  [View PDF]


Estrogenic effects of water from the Yangtze River (Nanjing section) on goldfish (Carassius auratus) after an early life stage exposure
  Wenting Song,Guanghua Lu,Pengde Qi and Chao WangChao Wang, Guanghua Lu, Pengde Qi, Wenting Song
  2011,23(7):1179-1185 [Abstract(2480)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of arsenate transformation and identification of arsenate reductase in a green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
  Xixiang Yin,Lihong Wang,Guilan Duan and Guoxin SunGuilan Duan, Guoxin Sun, Lihong Wang, Xixiang Yin
  2011,23(7):1186-1193 [Abstract(2964)]  [View PDF]
A fate model of pathogenic viruses in a composting toilet based on coliphage inactivation
  Shinobu Kazama,Narue Tameike,Naoko Nakagawa and Masahiro OtakiMasahiro Otaki, Naoko Nakagawa, Narue Tameike, Shinobu Kazama
  2011,23(7):1194-1198 [Abstract(3017)]  [View PDF]
Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) in blood from children (age 9–12) in Taizhou, China
  Xiaoyou Zhang,Xianli Ruan,Minchan Yan,Yaxian Zhao,Wuji Wei,Yongjian Yang,Haiming Xu and Yan LiHaiming Xu, Minchan Yan, Wuji Wei, Xianli Ruan, Xiaoyou Zhang, Yan Li, Yaxian Zhao, Yongjian Yang
  2011,23(7):1199-1204 [Abstract(2514)]  [View PDF]


Preparation methods and thermal stability of Ba-Mn-Ce oxide catalyst for NOx-assisted soot oxidation
  Xiaodong Wu,Fan Lin,Lei Wang,Duan Weng and Zhou ZhouDuan Weng, Fan Lin, Lei Wang, Xiaodong Wu, Zhou Zhou
  2011,23(7):1205-1210 [Abstract(2962)]  [View PDF]
Stabilization of Fe0 nanoparticles with silica fume for enhanced transport and remediation of hexavalent chromium in water and soil
  Yongchao Li,Tielong Li and Zhaohui JinTielong Li, Yongchao Li, Zhaohui Jin
  2011,23(7):1211-1218 [Abstract(2651)]  [View PDF]
Preparation of InYO3 catalyst and its application in photodegradation of molasses fermentation wastewater
  Zuzeng Qin,Yi Liang,Zili Liu and Weiqing JiangWeiqing Jiang, Yi Liang, Zili Liu, Zuzeng Qin
  2011,23(7):1219-1224 [Abstract(2602)]  [View PDF]


Effects of calcined aluminum salts on the advanced dewatering and solidification/stabilization of sewage sludge
  Guangyin Zhen,Xiaofei Yan,Haiyan Zhou,Hua Chen,Tiantao Zhao and Youcai ZhaoGuangyin Zhen, Haiyan Zhou, Hua Chen, Tiantao Zhao, Xiaofei Yan, Youcai Zhao
  2011,23(7):1225-1232 [Abstract(2596)]  [View PDF]

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