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Special Issue: Progress & prospects of atmospheric environmental science

The Second Sino-FrenchWorkshop on Atmospheric Environment (Orleans, December 2010): Preface
  Abdelwahid Mellouki,Fahe Chai,Yujing Mu and Tao WangAbdelwahid Mellouki, Fahe Chai, Tao Wang, Yujing Mu
  Published January 15, 2012 (1 pages)
  2012,24(1):1 [Abstract(2968)]  [View PDF 58.37 K (3830)]
Air quality management in China: Issues, challenges, and options
  Shuxiao Wang and Jiming HaoJiming Hao, Shuxiao Wang
  Published January 15, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(1):2-13 [Abstract(3281)]  [View PDF 1.09 M (13279)]
Particle number size distribution and new particle formation: New characteristics during the special pollution control period in Beijing
  Jian Gao,Fahe Chai,Tao Wang,Shulan Wang and Wenxing WangFahe Chai, Jian Gao, Shulan Wang, Tao Wang, Wenxing Wang
  Published January 15, 2012 (8 pages)
  2012,24(1):14-21 [Abstract(3327)]  [View PDF 7.68 M (3080)]
A tunable diode laser absorption spectrometer for formaldehyde atmospheric measurements validated by simulation chamber instrumentation
  V. Catoire,F. Bernard,Y. Mébarki,A. Mellouki,G. Eyglunent,V. Daële and C. RobertA. Mellouki, C. Robert, F. Bernard, G. Eyglunent, V. Catoire, V. Daële, Y. Mébarki
  Published January 15, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(1):22-33 [Abstract(2478)]  [View PDF 1.89 M (3741)]
Characteristics and recent trends of sulfur dioxide at urban, rural, and background sites in North China: Effectiveness of control measures
  Weili Lin,Xiaobin Xu,Zhiqiang Ma,Huarong Zhao,Xiwen Liu and Ying WangHuarong Zhao, Weili Lin, Xiaobin Xu, Xiwen Liu, Ying Wang, Zhiqiang Ma
  Published January 15, 2012 (16 pages)
  2012,24(1):34-49 [Abstract(2286)]  [View PDF 1003.89 K (3683)]
Sensitivity analysis of surface ozone to emission controls in Beijing and its neighboring area during the 2008 Olympic Games
  Yi Gao and Meigen ZhangMeigen Zhang, Yi Gao
  Published January 15, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(1):50-61 [Abstract(2235)]  [View PDF 5.52 M (3711)]
A case study of Asian dust storm particles: Chemical composition, reactivity to SO2 and hygroscopic properties
  Qingxin Ma,Yongchun Liu,Chang Liu,Jinzhu Ma and Hong HeChang Liu, Hong He, Jinzhu Ma, Qingxin Ma, Yongchun Liu
  Published January 15, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(1):62-71 [Abstract(2228)]  [View PDF 1.62 M (3277)]
Aerosol scattering coefficients and major chemical compositions of fine particles observed at a rural site in the central Pearl River Delta, South China
  Xinming Wang,Xiang Ding,Xiaoxin Fu,Quanfu He,Shaoyi Wang,Francöis Bernard,Xiuying Zhao and Dui WuDui Wu, Francöis Bernard, Quanfu He, Shaoyi Wang, Xiang Ding, Xiaoxin Fu, Xinming Wang, Xiuying Zhao
  Published January 15, 2012 (6 pages)
  2012,24(1):72-77 [Abstract(3280)]  [View PDF 838.65 K (4553)]
Atmospheric and kinetic studies of OH and HO2 by the FAGE technique
  D. Amedro,K. Miyazaki,A. Parker,C. Schoemaecker and C. FittschenA. Parker, C. Fittschen, C. Schoemaecker, D. Amedro, K. Miyazaki
  Published January 15, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(1):78-86 [Abstract(2105)]  [View PDF 412.87 K (3620)]
Size distributions and sources of elements in particulate matter at curbside, urban and rural sites in Beijing
  Jingchun Duan,Jihua Tan,Shulan Wang,Jimin Hao and Fahe ChaiFahe Chai, Jihua Tan, Jimin Hao, Jingchun Duan, Shulan Wang
  Published January 15, 2012 (8 pages)
  2012,24(1):87-94 [Abstract(2381)]  [View PDF 195.45 K (4000)]
Characterization of volatile organic compounds in the urban area of Beijing from 2000 to 2007
  Yuesi Wang,Xiyan Ren,Dongsheng Ji,Junqang Zhang,Jie Sun and Fankun WuDongsheng Ji, Fankun Wu, Jie Sun, Junqang Zhang, Xiyan Ren, Yuesi Wang
  Published January 15, 2012 (7 pages)
  2012,24(1):95-101 [Abstract(2486)]  [View PDF 154.50 K (4321)]
An air quality forecasting system in Beijing - Application to the study of dust storm events in China in May 2008
  Qijie Zhang,Benoit Laurent,Fanny Velay-Lasry,Richard Ngo,Claude Derognat,B¢éatrice Marticorena and Armand AlbergelArmand Albergel, B¢éatrice Marticorena, Benoit Laurent, Claude Derognat, Fanny Velay-Lasry, Qijie Zhang, Richard Ngo
  Published January 15, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(1):102-111 [Abstract(2200)]  [View PDF 6.71 M (2178)]
Vertical characteristics and source identification of PM10 in Tianjin
  Zhimei Xiao,Jianhui Wu,Suqin Han,Yufen Zhang,Hong Xu,Xiaoyong Zhang,Guoliang Shi and Yinchang FengGuoliang Shi, Hong Xu, Jianhui Wu, Suqin Han, Xiaoyong Zhang, Yinchang Feng, Yufen Zhang, Zhimei Xiao
  Published January 15, 2012 (4 pages)
  2012,24(1):112-115 [Abstract(2226)]  [View PDF 118.11 K (3094)]
Source and deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to Shanghai, China
  Lili Yan,Xiang Li,Jianmin Chen,Xinjun Wang,Jianfei Du and Lin MaJianfei Du, Jianmin Chen, Lili Yan, Lin Ma, Xiang Li, Xinjun Wang
  Published January 15, 2012 (8 pages)
  2012,24(1):116-123 [Abstract(2012)]  [View PDF 408.77 K (3600)]
Levels, sources and health risks of carbonyls and BTEX in the ambient air of Beijing, China
  Yujie Zhang,Yujing Mu,Junfeng Liu and Abdelwahid MelloukiAbdelwahid Mellouki, Junfeng Liu, Yujie Zhang, Yujing Mu
  Published January 15, 2012 (7 pages)
  2012,24(1):124-130 [Abstract(2644)]  [View PDF 239.92 K (4570)]
Rush-hour aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons in selected subway stations of Shanghai, China
  Yanli Zhang,Chunlei Li,Xinming Wang,Hai Guo,Yanli Feng and Jianmin ChenChunlei Li, Hai Guo, Jianmin Chen, Xinming Wang, Yanli Feng, Yanli Zhang
  Published January 15, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(1):131-141 [Abstract(2182)]  [View PDF 668.88 K (3738)]
SO2 emission cap planning for Chengdu-Chongqing economic zone
  Peng Yi,Ning Duan,Fahe Chai,Yaxuan Xu and Youjiang HeFahe Chai, Ning Duan, Peng Yi, Yaxuan Xu, Youjiang He
  Published January 15, 2012 (5 pages)
  2012,24(1):142-146 [Abstract(2019)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (3359)]
Theoretical study on the reaction mechanism of ozone addition to the double bonds of keto-limonene
  Lei Jiang,Yisheng Xu,Baohui Yin and Zhipeng BaiBaohui Yin, Lei Jiang, Yisheng Xu, Zhipeng Bai
  Published January 15, 2012 (5 pages)
  2012,24(1):147-151 [Abstract(2366)]  [View PDF 428.60 K (3875)]
A preliminary study on measurements of black carbon in the atmosphere of northwest Qilian Shan
  Shuyu Zhao,Jing Ming,Cunde Xiao,Weijun Sun and Xiang QinCunde Xiao, Jing Ming, Shuyu Zhao, Weijun Sun, Xiang Qin
  Published January 15, 2012 (8 pages)
  2012,24(1):152-159 [Abstract(2224)]  [View PDF 2.73 M (2999)]
Nitrous oxide emissions from a maize field during two consecutive growing seasons in the North China Plain
  Yuanyuan Zhang,Junfeng Liu,Yujing Mu,Zhu Xu,Shuwei Pei,Xiaoxiu Lun and Ying ZhangJunfeng Liu, Shuwei Pei, Xiaoxiu Lun, Ying Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Yujing Mu, Zhu Xu
  Published January 15, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(1):160-168 [Abstract(2654)]  [View PDF 192.17 K (3705)]
Smog chamber study on the evolution of fume from residential coal combustion
  Chunmei Geng,Kun Wang,Wei Wang,Jianhua Chen,Xiaoyu Liu and Hongjie LiuChunmei Geng, Hongjie Liu, Jianhua Chen, Kun Wang, Wei Wang, Xiaoyu Liu
  Published January 15, 2012 (8 pages)
  2012,24(1):169-176 [Abstract(2175)]  [View PDF 293.30 K (3589)]
Ammonia volatilization and availability of Cu, Zn induced by applications of urea with and without coating in soils
  Zhaohui Jiang,Qingru Zeng,Boqing Tie,Bohan Liao,Hejie Pi,Xiaoyou Feng and Yulin SunBohan Liao, Boqing Tie, Hejie Pi, Qingru Zeng, Xiaoyou Feng, Yulin Sun, Zhaohui Jiang
  Published January 15, 2012 (5 pages)
  2012,24(1):177-181 [Abstract(2243)]  [View PDF 118.38 K (4670)]

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