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Influence and mechanism of N-(3-oxooxtanoyl)-L-homoserine lactone (C8-oxo-HSL) on biofilm behaviors at early stage
  Siqing Xia,Lijie Zhou,Zhiqiang Zhang and Jixiang Li
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (10 pages)
  2012,24(12):2035-2040 [Abstract(1932)]  [View PDF 4.14 M (3306)]
Metals in sediment/pore water in Chaohu Lake: Distribution, trends and flux
  Shengfang Wen,Baoqing Shan and Hong Zhang
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (14 pages)
  2012,24(12):2041-2050 [Abstract(2047)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (3319)]
Distribution of heavy metals in the water column, suspended particulate matters and the sediment under hydrodynamic conditions using an annular flume
  Jianzhi Huang,Xiaopeng Ge and Dongsheng Wang
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(12):2051-2059 [Abstract(2002)]  [View PDF 6.43 M (3114)]
Optimization of H2O2 dosage in microwave-H2O2 process for sludge pretreatment with uniform design method
  Qingcong Xiao,Hong Yan,Yuansong Wei,Yawei Wang,Fangang Zeng and Xiang Zheng
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(12):2060-2067 [Abstract(2041)]  [View PDF 653.06 K (2850)]
Spectroscopic studies of dye-surfactant interactions with the co-existence of heavy metal ions for foam fractionation
  Dongmei Zhang,Guangming Zeng,Jinhui Huang,Wenkai Bi and Gengxin Xie
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(12):2068-2074 [Abstract(2113)]  [View PDF 535.59 K (2881)]


A VUV photoionization mass spectrometric study on the OH-initiated photooxidation of isoprene with synchrotron radiation
  Gang Pan,Changjin Hu,Mingqiang Huang,Zhenya Wang,Yue Cheng,Zhi Liu,Xuejun Gu,Weixiong Zhao,Weijun Zhang,Jun Chen,Fuyi Liu,Xiaobin Shan and Liusi Sheng
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(12):2075-2082 [Abstract(2180)]  [View PDF 516.86 K (2821)]
Mercury oxidation and adsorption characteristics of potassium permanganate modified lignite semi-coke
  Huawei Zhang,Jitao Chen,Peng Liang and Li Wang
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(12):2083-2090 [Abstract(2263)]  [View PDF 611.82 K (3239)]
Effects of building aspect ratio, diurnal heating scenario, and wind speed on reactive pollutant dispersion in urban street canyons
  Nelson Y. O. Tong and Dennis Y. C. Leung
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (17 pages)
  2012,24(12):2091-2103 [Abstract(2018)]  [View PDF 7.31 M (1898)]


Soil warming effect on net ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide during the transition from winter carbon source to spring carbon sink in a temperate urban lawn
  Xiaoping Zhou,Xiaoke Wang,Lei Tong,Hongxing Zhang,Fei Lu,Feixiang Zheng,Peiqiang Hou,Wenzhi Song and Zhiyun Ouyang
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(12):2104-2112 [Abstract(2189)]  [View PDF 868.94 K (3339)]
Dynamics of arsenic in salt marsh sediments from Dongtan wetland of the Yangtze River estuary, China
  Yongjie Wang,Limin Zhou,Xiangmin Zheng,Peng Qian and Yonghong Wu
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (13 pages)
  2012,24(12):2113-2121 [Abstract(1822)]  [View PDF 428.48 K (3117)]
Photocatalytic degradation of phenanthrene on soil surfaces in the presence of nanometer anatase TiO2 under UV-light
  Jiali Gu,Dianbo Dong,Lingxue Kong,Yong Zheng and Xiaojun Li
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (9 pages)
  2012,24(12):2122-2126 [Abstract(2198)]  [View PDF 514.78 K (3661)]


Responses of protists with different feeding habits to the changes of activated sludge conditions: A study based on biomass data
  Bo Hu,Rong Qi,Wei An and Min Yang
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(12):2127-2132 [Abstract(1977)]  [View PDF 307.40 K (2668)]
Bacterial community succession during the enrichment of chemolithoautotrophic arsenite oxidizing bacteria at high arsenic concentrations
  Nguyen Ai Le,Akiko Sato,Daisuke Inoue,Kazunari Sei,Satoshi Soda and Michihiko Ike
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(12):2133-2140 [Abstract(1995)]  [View PDF 284.48 K (2716)]
Degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by Pseudomonas sp. JM2 isolated from active sewage sludge of chemical plant
  Jing Ma,Li Xu and Lingyun Jia
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (12 pages)
  2012,24(12):2141-2148 [Abstract(1832)]  [View PDF 460.51 K (3108)]
Comparative proteomic study and functional analysis of translationally controlled tumor protein in rice roots under Hg2+ stress
  Feijuan Wang,Yongshen Shang,Ling Yang and Cheng Zhu
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (14 pages)
  2012,24(12):2149-2158 [Abstract(1897)]  [View PDF 2.98 M (3514)]


Antioxidant and modulatory role of Chlorophytum borivilianum against arsenic induced testicular impairment
  Garima Sharma and Madhu Kumar
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(12):2159-2165 [Abstract(2003)]  [View PDF 2.62 M (2723)]


Selective adsorption of silver ions from aqueous solution using polystyrene-supported trimercaptotriazine resin
  Shiming Wang,Hongling Li,Xiaoya Chen,Min Yang and Yanxing Qi
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(12):2166-2172 [Abstract(1899)]  [View PDF 4.03 M (2906)]
Preparation, characterization and application of CuCrO2/ZnO photocatalysts for the reduction of Cr(VI)
  Wahiba Ketir,Gharib Rekhila,Mohamed Trari and Abdelatif Amrane
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(12):2173-2179 [Abstract(2100)]  [View PDF 6.97 M (2583)]
Synthesis of surface sulfated BiWO with enhanced photocatalytic performance
  Yongming Ju,Jianming Hong,Xiuyu Zhang,Zhencheng Xu,Dongyang Wei,Yanhong Sang,Xiaohang Fang,Jiande Fang and Zhenxing Wang
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (15 pages)
  2012,24(12):2180-2190 [Abstract(2157)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (2761)]


Determination of 3,4-dichlorinated biphenyl in soil samples by real-time immuno-PCR assay
  Hanyu Chen and Huisheng Zhuang
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(12):2191-2197 [Abstract(1912)]  [View PDF 551.28 K (2895)]
Enantioseletive bioaccumulation of tebuconazole in earthworm Eisenia fetida
  Dingyi Yu,Jianzhong Li,Yanfeng Zhang,Huili Wang,Baoyuan Guo and Lin Zheng
  Published 12月 15日, 2012 (11 pages)
  2012,24(12):2198-2204 [Abstract(2198)]  [View PDF 324.68 K (3221)]

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