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A review of polybrominated diphenyl ethers and alternative brominated flame retardants in wildlife from China: Levels, trends, and bioaccumulation characteristics
  Jiangping Wu,Ying Zhang,Xiaojun Luo,Yazhe She,Lehuan Yu,Shejun Chen and Bixian Mai
  2012,24(2):183-194 [Abstract(2440)]  [View PDF 704.16 K (4628)]
Histological observation on unique phenotypes of malformation induced in Xenopus tropicalis larvae by tributyltin
  Junqi Liu,Qinzhen Cao,Jing Yuan,Xiaoli Zhang,Lin Yu and Huahong Shi
  2012,24(2):195-202 [Abstract(2145)]  [View PDF 737.41 K (2944)]
Atrazine accumulation and toxic responses in maize Zea mays
  Xiuying Li,Tong Wu,Honglin Huang and Shuzhen Zhang
  2012,24(2):203-208 [Abstract(2365)]  [View PDF 190.99 K (3243)]
Effects of rare earth elements La and Yb on the morphological and functional development of zebrafish embryos
  Jun'an Cui,Zhiyong Zhang,Wei Bai,Ligang Zhang,Xiao He,Yuhui Ma,Yan Liu and Zhifang Chai
  2012,24(2):209-213 [Abstract(1940)]  [View PDF 968.84 K (3391)]
Mineral nutrient imbalance, DNA lesion and DNA-protein crosslink involved in growth retardation of Vicia faba L. seedlings exposed to lanthanum ions
  Chengrun Wang,Kegui Zhang,Mei He,Chuanjun Jiang,Liumin Tian,Yuan Tian and Xiaorong Wang
  2012,24(2):214-220 [Abstract(2009)]  [View PDF 193.14 K (3271)]
Polybrominated diphenyl ether levels in wild and farmed Chilean salmon and preliminary flow data for commercial transport
  Monica Montory,Evelyn Habit,Pilar Fernandez,Joan O. Grimalt and Ricardo Barra
  2012,24(2):221-227 [Abstract(1953)]  [View PDF 301.79 K (3034)]


Degradation behavior of 17αup-ethinylestradiol by ozonation in the synthetic secondary effluent
  Zheyun Zhang,Hongtao Zhu,Xianghua Wen and Xiurong Si
  2012,24(2):228-233 [Abstract(1868)]  [View PDF 1.28 M (3284)]
Effect of wastewater COD/N ratio on aerobic nitrifying sludge granulation and microbial population shift
  Lei Wu,Chengyao Peng,Yongzhen Peng,Lingyun Li,Shuying Wang and Yong Ma
  2012,24(2):234-241 [Abstract(2370)]  [View PDF 628.00 K (3971)]
Removal of tetracycline from water by Fe-Mn binary oxide
  Huijuan Liu,Yang Yang,Jin Kang,Maohong Fan and Jiuhui Qu
  2012,24(2):242-247 [Abstract(2642)]  [View PDF 215.22 K (4452)]
Removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and phenols from coking wastewater by simultaneously synthesized organobentonite in a one-step process
  Zhenhua Wu and Lizhong Zhu
  2012,24(2):248-253 [Abstract(2312)]  [View PDF 146.47 K (3703)]
Photolysis of chlortetracycline in aqueous solution: Kinetics, toxicity and products
  Yong Chen,Hua Li,Zongping Wang,Tao Tao,Dongbin Wei and Chun Hu
  2012,24(2):254-259 [Abstract(1967)]  [View PDF 409.98 K (3930)]
Acid Blue 25 adsorption on base treated Shorea dasyphylla sawdust: Kinetic, isotherm, thermodynamic and spectroscopic analysis
  Megat Ahmad Kamal Megat Hanafiah,Wan Saime Wan Ngah,Shahira Hilwani Zolkafly,Lee Ching Teong and Zafri Azran Abdul Majid
  2012,24(2):261-268 [Abstract(2017)]  [View PDF 370.68 K (4141)]
Photodegradation of amoxicillin by catalyzed Fe3+/H2O2 process
  Xiaoming Li,Tingting Shen,Dongbo Wang,Xiu Yue,Xian Liu,Qi Yang,Jianbin Cao,Wei Zheng and Guangming Zeng
  2012,24(2):269-275 [Abstract(1931)]  [View PDF 323.73 K (4571)]
pH modeling for maximum dissolved organic matter removal by enhanced coagulation
  Jiankun Xie,Dongsheng Wang,John van Leeuwen,Yanmei Zhao,Linan Xing and Christopher W. K. Chow
  2012,24(2):276-283 [Abstract(1815)]  [View PDF 259.88 K (4194)]
Quantification of microcystin-producing and non-microcystin producing Microcystis populations during the 2009 and 2010 blooms in Lake Taihu using quantitative real-time PCR
  Daming Li,Fanxiang Kong,Xiaoli Shi,Linlin Ye,Yang Yu and Zhen Yang
  2012,24(2):284-290 [Abstract(2010)]  [View PDF 753.11 K (3574)]
Decolorization of Orange II using an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor with and without co-substrates
  Soon-An Ong,Eiichi Toorisaka,Makoto Hirata and Tadashi Hano
  2012,24(2):291-296 [Abstract(1998)]  [View PDF 149.44 K (4796)]
Optimum conditions for the formation of Al13 polymer and active chlorine in electrolysis process with Ti/RuO2-TiO2 anodes
  Chengzhi Hu,Huijuan Liu and Jiuhui Qu
  2012,24(2):297-302 [Abstract(1772)]  [View PDF 187.26 K (3325)]
Nitrogen removal and simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in a fluidized bed step-feed process
  Bing Wang,Wei Wang,Hongjun Han,Hongbo Hu and Haifeng Zhuang
  2012,24(2):303-308 [Abstract(2279)]  [View PDF]
Risk assessment of Giardia in rivers of southern China based on continuous monitoring
  Wei An,Dongqing Zhang,Shumin Xiao,Jianwei Yu and Min Yang
  2012,24(2):309-313 [Abstract(2569)]  [View PDF 1.44 M (3925)]
Oxidative removal of acetaminophen using zero valent aluminum-acid system: Efficacy, influencing factors, and reaction mechanism
  Honghua Zhang,Beipei Cao,Wanpeng Liu,Kunde Lin and Jun Feng
  2012,24(2):314-319 [Abstract(1778)]  [View PDF 164.43 K (3505)]
Assessment of source water contamination by estrogenic disrupting compounds in China
  Weiwei Jiang,Ye Yan,Mei Ma,Donghong Wang,Qian Luo,Zijian Wang and Senthil Kumaran Satyanarayanan
  2012,24(2):320-328 [Abstract(4543)]  [View PDF 163.38 K (4175)]
Probabilistic ecological risk assessment for three chlorophenols in surface waters of China
  Liqun Xing,Hongling Liu,John P. Giesy,Xiaowei Zhang and Hongxia Yu
  2012,24(2):329-334 [Abstract(2399)]  [View PDF 167.26 K (3422)]
Concentration and source identification of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and phthalic acid esters in the surface water of the Yangtze River Delta, China
  Lifei Zhang,Liang Dong,Lijun Ren,Shuangxin Shi,Li Zhou,Ting Zhang and Yeru Huang
  2012,24(2):335-342 [Abstract(2191)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (3598)]
Biological sulfate removal from acrylic fiber manufacturing wastewater using a two-stage UASB reactor
  Jin Li,Jun Wang,Zhaokun Luan,Zhongguang Ji and Lian Yu
  2012,24(2):343-350 [Abstract(1854)]  [View PDF 1.96 M (3778)]

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